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on 23 July 1999
I have always been an advocate of the principles of high intensity training, but I never before had an open view to how you should perform a rep.I always just presumed that there had to be movement of the weight for there to be a resistance to my(or anyones)muscles.How wrong I was!Where as before when training, I was happy with as little progress as a one rep increase per workout,I now realised that this was far too slow.I am now progressing faster than ever before and I am training less often than ever.If you like the writings and scientific principles of Mike Mentzer, then this book is for you,as the authors are like mentzer in many ways.Buy it now,progress now.
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on 20 May 2003
Static Contraction Training (SCT) may not be perfect but it does represent something of a giant leap forward in getting across good methods and underlying principles for strength training that can be applied by everyone.
Unfortunately the book contains quite a few pictures of some well known bodybuilders. Whether the aim is just window dressing or a serious attempt to link the 'look' of these bodybuilders with SCT the fact remains that these people did not achieve that look by training in this manner, and the authors acknowledge that, but only in a roundabout way. Indeed, as you read the book you will learn why using SCT without all the 'supplements' used by the top bodybuilders cannot make you look like them, and after reading the chapter on 'Reality Versus Perception in Bodybuilding' you may not WANT to look like them! Personally I would have preferred it if pictures of the trainees who went through the SCT testing procedure had been used, much as Ellington Darden did in some of his books. That way you gain a more realistic idea of what can be achieved by following the protocol for the same length of time as the original experiment.
However, this does not really take much away from the real meat of the book, which is the presentation of the SCT method. The authors have gone to some length to test the method scientifically, although I have some doubt over just how valid their testing procedure was, and have some reservations about how they presented the results of their testing, that in no way acted as a barrier to testing the method on myself!
From my own experience of training in a SCT manner for the last few months I have seen very large increases in the weights I use, with greatly reduced training time. I have seen a greater return in terms of increases in my strength for each SECOND of exercise using this method than I have ever experienced using any other method. Perhaps the most significant thing though is the psychological effect of using much heavier weights than with 'normal' training regimes. It really has make a huge impression to find the weight I can hold has gone up by twenty kilos a week, or more in some cases, and that the total weight on the bar is now far in excess of what I ever thought was possible for me to even move, let alone hold using my own strength.
So as far as my experience goes, the method works. I have been using it in good faith, and thinking things through rather than just following what the book says for the sake of doing so. Although please don't think that your results will be the same as mine if you buy the book. As the book clearly indicates there is a spectrum of improvement, not everyone will get the same results.
So there you have it. Buy it and give it a go. It takes less time than other methods of weight training, and training this way might just vastly improve your strength, what more could you ask?
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on 18 June 2004
I felt i had to come & write a few things about this book to share with other people interested in body building.
I first heard about the book through Anthony Robbins ( a motivational speaker in the USA). He was telling people that this is the way to body build not by doing reps. Because what the basic theory is you don't do reps. If you do them whilst training you don't stimulate the muscle enough. So then it won't bring in the other muscles - which are the ones that cause you to develop muscle! What you do is get a dumbell that you can rep quite easy then get the second one above and HOLD the dumbell for no less than 15secs and no more than 30 secs.
You do this with you abs, thighs etc. Then the next week you do the higher one up and your muscles grow along side all this.
It explains it more and better detail in the book. I can't recommend it enough. If i could post a before and after picture on the site, to show you the results by doing this method, i would. Buy the book, develop the training method and enjoy. Because you'll love the results I do!
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on 23 April 2004
I thought this was a very interesting book similar in
principle to the old style bullworker only more intense.
My major faults with this book are that it is extremeley
repetitive, and does not mention many exercises in too much
detail. In fact I got the impression that this was done on
purpose so that anyone who is interested will feel compelled
to keep buying books by the same author. I do however agree
with the basic principles behind this technique and just
wishthe author would have spent a little more time on the
actual exercises so that readers would know what to do
with this knew found knowledge. One example of this is the
cable barbell curl(p77) which is instructed to be at
90 degree's which contradicts another part of the book
which states normal curls should be about 2 inches up from
vertical. This is however a good book on the mechanics of
muscles growth, it just does not show the reader how to
do itor at least not in this book.
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on 16 November 2007
Yes you can end up lifting huge weights as Pete Sisco suggests his 8 year old daughter is capable of now doing. This is itself is a warning bell to me. However, comparing the trainng regime to any of the main competitors in the worlds strongest man competition from the past few years shows that they are lifting considerably less weight, but are winning such competitions. Agains speaks volumes. Finally, I tried this exactly as prescribed and found that when I tried to go back to my old regime I couldnt complete even one normal sessions workout. My funcional strength had gone (relatively speaking). I wouldnt touch this again if they paid me.
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on 19 December 2003
I found this book to be good if you like, the science of bodybuilding and strength Training but it only gives one exercise routine and does not give any pictures of the correct positions of the exercises. You will find it difficult to adapt the workouts if you do not have access to the equipment and you may not know if you are using the wrong position, as you may not know what the right position feels like leaving you with the chance of getting all the exercises wrong. The other down point is that the book contains allot of pictures that serve no purpose. This in effect will beef up the book to look more than it is. I would recommend that if you are thinking of going for this book you change to the new book "Max Contraction Training" instead as this should give you the most up to date information on this new form of weight training exercise.
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on 16 February 2011
Even if a muscle could be fully stimulated by a static hold in a single position, which is doubtful, this has to be the least effective way to achieve it. Holding close to the lockout puts a muscle in it's weakest, not strongest position. The apparent strength is a result of favorable leverage i.e. the load is resting on the bones, this is where the impressive poundages come from.
I am still waiting for someone to display an impressive physique produced by this training system.
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