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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2013
When it arrived, it came in a big box which was inside a massive box. Personally i think it was too much packaging but it arrived safe and sound and on release day aswell so top marks for that!
After wrestling with the plastic wrap, i found that he box for the guides was lovely and sterdy. It opens at the top and it's held down by magnets. Once open, the bookmark, which is beautiful, is in a plastic pouch on the inside of the lid, which is nice. On top of the guides, there is an envelope which contains a message from Eiji Anouma himself. It is in Japanese but there is an english translation below. It's a nice certificate which also shows what number the boxset is out of 50,000. It has a replica signature from the man himself in gold whch is a nice touch, however, i wish the english translation was in a larger font as it's quite small. There's a hint about a link between worlds in there too!
There are six guides and all look lovely. There is also a piece of material which goes under the books and allows the books to be pulled up to get them out of the box easier. The pages of the guides were stuck together but i put that down to the way they are packed in the box. The pages have a lovely gold edge to them and the books look like they will last. One of the best things is that the Skyward Sword guide is now much bigger and from my brief look, has been revised and vastly improved with better pictures. This will be great since i'm still playing the game and greatly appreciate the updated information included. I have to say i never expected the twilight guide to be so thick! I'm unsure if the others have been updated but they all look great.
Now to the very big downside- NONE of the extras have been included. This includes parchment and cloth maps. Whoever decided that is daft. The point of a collectors edition is to have extras like that yet these are missing. I was lucky and grabbed this set when amazon had it for £67.41 so had i paid the full amount, i would have been seriously disappointed. You will also notice a link between worlds is not included. In a way i'm very glad since the lithiograph would have been missing too. It is a very big oversight so be aware when ordering this set!
Is it worth £119.99? On the one hand these guides are £20 rrp each and some are hard to come by, so it makes sense, but, as lovely as it is, it's hard to recommend personally. I was very lucky to snag it at that price and should it come to £67 again i'd say go for it. Had i paid full price i would have been half tempted to get a refund as these books are incomplete. As it stands, there's not much difference between the paper guides and the hard backs, so if they are cheaper, go for those. At least those have everything included!
EDIT: Upon further inspection, i can also see that the free eguides are missing. I have no choice but to reduce to three stars. This still is a lovely set but with so much missing, unless you are a diehard Zelda fan, i'd avoid unless on sale. To release a boxset with so much missing is criminal and unfair. So glad now i paid half price otherwise i'd ask for a full refund!
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on 17 August 2014
I fell in love with it as soon as I opened it it's unbelievable for the money I was hasty at first but it works out at less than 20 a book and the quality of these books! there just fantastic not just a collectors dream but a book enthusiasts they are just beautiful, gold trimmed pages all the way through scaled hardback covers and in depth precise guides with the authenticity certificate is just a no brainer really. The box is well built and handsome featured just the whole composition is just superb to have. I could'nt be more pleased with it. And on the certificate it tells you your products number. I am the 15,722/50,000 really nice. Arrived in perfect condition in a really well handled box with two bulky poly. suspenders keeping it from any shock damage or knocks
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on 2 November 2015
recieved this off my other half for my birthday and it's ripped down one side. Absolutely gutted.
review image
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on 23 February 2014
This Legend of Zelda Box Set includes most of the collectors edition guides for the recent Zelda titles and also includes a never before released Ocarina of Time 3D guide. The guides a perfect quality with a faux-leather cover and gold calligraphy on the front. They are all placed neatly together in the box. It is also worth noting that the guide for Skyward Sword has been revamped and larger than its previous release!

The box itself is a further delight as its is shaped form the franchises legendary treasure chests and features a magnetic clasp to keep the lid shut. The set also comes with a gold etched book mark which is unique and very collectable! This box set is limited to 50,000 copies and so it arrives with a letter signed by Eiji Aonuma as well as a certificate of authenticity, numbering your edition!

Now the reason it hasn't obtained a full five stars is down to a few small collector gripes. None of these guides come sealed; they also don't come with the extras the originally released guides came with like cloth maps etc. Now these are very small problems and shouldn't sway you in deciding whether to purchase this great item. It is becoming rare and the price is sure to go up so make sure you get this piece of gaming memorabilia while you can!
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on 28 November 2013
So I must say, when I got the package it was big. Inside was another box which contain the box set, was really looking forward to this. Opened up the box set and there is a letter from the creator, The Legend of Zelda. So far I have used one guide which is the wind waker HD. And I have realised while following the guide. I may have missed a chest box in one of the dungeon. And the labels which tells you treasure chart 11 is wrong. It has been labelled as treasure chart 39, so these two numbers are swapped around. And while looking for an octopus while I was doing a detour. The book directs me to go south east, which in fact it is south west after watching a youtube video. Therefore wind waker strategy book has some slight errors. Seems they didn't check it over properly. I really hope the other guides are like that either.
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on 20 February 2014
To be honest I had a lot of issues actually getting this product to me in one piece sadly, the first two attempts it arrived to me with broken bottoms of the chest, but Amazon was very helpful in getting it sorted and to me on the last attempt where it arrived in one piece. The books look stunning, the detail into making the books, the gold leaf on the edges of pages the gold emboss on the front cover and spine of the books just make them look all that much more special.
It also comes with a metallic bookmark which again looks very beautiful and sturdy to hold.

The certificate saying which set out of the only available 50'000 of them just does the finishing touch. This is a must buy for anyone that is a Legend of Zelda fan and you'll be sorry if you miss out your chance!
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on 31 January 2014
Some of you might already own the collector's editions of some other Zelda guides.
I have the Skyward sword one as well before getting this Box.
The box does its job well. But if it had that OPEN CHEST jingle from the games it'd be UNREAL.

I compared this Skyward Sword book to the older Collectors edition I have. The new one is almost twice as thick! Don't really know why. But I prefer the older one, where there are more artwork and spreads (even just inside the cover - nevermind the cloth map which I didn't bother to hang on the wall).

The box doesn't look that nice on the shelf though, glossy thick printed card thing with magnetic lid... If it were a Wood/textured box I'd fangasm. But the costs for 50,000 of these would be too high... even if made in China :P

one for the fans, or if you really want a Zelda guidebook.

My only other gripe is the box doesn't have the games:
- Oracle of Seasons/Ages game
- Links Awakening DX
- Link to the Past
- Minish Cap

only the newer and 3d ones :
-Ocarina of Time 3D
-Phantom Hourglass
- Spirit tracks
- Windwaker HD
- Majora's Mask
- Twilight Princess
-Skyward Sword

I know - I'm greedy - but that's what a collector's box needs. ALL of them :P
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on 3 July 2015
Bought as a Christmas gift for a massive Zelda fan. Books are of great quality. It is pretty heavy weight wise too. The box is a nice touch. I just imagine the opening treasure chest theme as the box opens.
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on 1 January 2014
Fantastic aesthetically pleasing book set that comes in an awesome treasure chest case. It's a shame it includes the two DS Zeldas as they are not my favourite. I would have preferred the Majoras mask guide or A Link to the past or even minish cap. I did purchase the A Link between worlds book though which is the same design as this set so thats nice.
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on 4 January 2014
The set fully lives up to it's description. Every piece, from the box to the book mark is high quality and beautifully designed. The books are excellent both for reference and just for browsing. I appreciated the extensive packaging as the box arrived in perfect condition. Pre-ordered and well worth the long wait.
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