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on 3 October 2017
A well written and interesting read depicting the privations and day to day life of a foot soldier.
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on 12 March 2015
All items ok 👍
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on 28 February 1999
I agree with the reviewer from Nevada who said that this account adds a fullness and a human dimension to the war that is missing from all the other books on the war. While I can see where one reviewer got annoyed by the "holier than thou" parts, to me these were the best parts of the book. My father was also an infantryman during WWII and the parts that the other reviewer called "holier than thou" were exactly the same things my father told me about the war whenever I asked him about it. I think the thoughts that my father and Mr. Gantter had probably went through the minds of a lot of other G.I.s This book I think is a service and a tribute to the infantrymen of WWII. While they may have been trained to kill and had to kill, they never lost sight of the real tragedy of mass warfare, even as they participated in it.
A salute to Mr. Gantter for a fine book.
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on 29 November 1998
I've read other first-hand accounts and none other stacks up the way this one does. Others tell only of their experiences, Gantter's "holier-than-thou" approach (as another reviewer put it) in some of his philophizing is valid because it's humans who are at war, not robots. Humans question and wonder and review and it's completely natural. This book put a different, almost more human twist on the experiences of war. He's telling me not only how he feels through his experiences, but why. Not everyone will enjoy this format but to get a full picture I believe this book will fill many gaps.
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on 14 April 2007
I've read many personal accounts from both world wars. Some have had more combat action, others have described more well-known historical events, but few have had the clarity and honesty in the description of the life as an infantryman. Gantter's education (which appears to be higher than those of his fellow GIs), German ancestry and the fact that the account was written shortly after everything happened (and not 50 years later from dim recollections) makes the book feel very personal and fresh. The author vents his contempt at craven tank crewmen, opportunistic rear echelon troops and snobbish, corrupted officers, and his own experiences entitles him to it. He can find compassion for the defeated Germans, yet, when his rage for the things the Nazis did, one knows that it is well-deserved. Those looking for blow-by-blow accounts with detailed tactical descriptions of combat should look elsewhere, but if one wants to read a book about the very experience of being an infantryman fighting his way through a crumbling Third Reich, this is one of the best accounts one can read. Highly recommended!
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on 9 July 1998
This books suffers a bit too much from the author's chaotic musings about anything that just happens to pop into his mind. Based on notes he made in the field during World War II, the author spends too much time revisiting his every thought instead of describing what what going on. The book does provide a fairly good perspective of a well-educated infantryman in the war if you are willing to skim over page after page of annoying "holier-than-thou" philosophizing.
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on 30 April 1999
Ramond Gantter's "Roll Me Over, An Infantryman's World War II", is truley a wonderfull book. I have read it from cover to cover 4 times, and im working on my 5th. It includes reflection upon one mans thoughts and soul, as well as cant-put-the-book-down-action. It is a very powerfull book. So much so, when i get a snack, i feel lucky to be able to munch on what ever, instead of a D-bar, or C rations.
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on 21 January 2004
A superb book. Accounts for just a few months in the life of this man, but you feel that he ages and matures a great deal in that time. I would not agree with 'Holier than thou' comments made by previous reviewers. In my opinion this was just a decent, thoughtful and educated man doing his duty in the face of some horrendous difficulty.
I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to know what life was like for the ordinary Infantry soldier during World War II.
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on 8 April 1998
A revealing story about the infantrymen from 1943 - The Battle of the Bulge and beyond. Definately worth a read!
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