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on 30 May 2016
Book two of Time riders. As good as the first, with a twist at the end. A recommended read for all age's
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on 9 August 2017
Good read
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on 17 August 2017
Love all of this series
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 June 2011
I have been a fan of Alex's work for some time now, and have started with his adult thrillers all of which I have enjoyed immensely.
When I heard that he was going to do a children's series I thought "I'm not a Teen I don't read YA books" and I have always stuck
With the principle that I don't Read YA books. But something made me break that rule, I suppose its his skill at writing characters!

Anyway, I read TR1 and loved it and thought, yup this is good, but is it a flash in the pan? NO TR2 has shown that this is Alex's True niche
Don't get me wrong I hope he always writes adult thrillers as well, but Timeriders is his forte, and its not really Young adult, it really is something
for adults and teens and kids to share, it really spans the age groups appealing to all and not speaking down to anyone.

The main characters are once again brilliantly written, the story line is well paced and flows beautifully. I cant wait for TR3.4 5 6 7 etc...
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on 27 June 2015
While the novel's short chapters made this book a fast paced and easy read, I felt that it was a little weaker than the TimeRiders on the whole. It's middle section was a lot slower and it mainly flipped between the Cretaceous Period and 2001, leaving a lot less room for travelling between times.

I also still have some issues with Scarrow's version of time travel. I expect this is a personal gripe as I notice this novel has a huge fan base, but it just didn't make sense to me. It looks like it's a dynamic time travel story, yet no one treats it as such. Why couldn't Maddy or Sal just go back to 20 minutes before the accident and stop Liam from going into the building? Surely that would have caused less damage than allowing him to romp around in pre-history, felling trees and killing dinosaurs.

I also though the unnamed predators lacked some imagination. They're described as looking just like the xenomorphs from Alien (seriously, if you look closely at the cover you can see one of them in the bottom right) and are able to grasp concepts such as love and hindsight, yet can't suss the mechanics of a pointed stick. Seriously Broken Claw, you have claws that can punch holes in prey. Surely you can see that the spears do the same thing?

In terms of characterisation, I felt that Liam got far more than the girls. Through his interaction with Becks, we got to see his caring side and, in turn, it was interesting to see how this affected Becks's growth. The girls still felt like third wheels. Sal barely spoke in this novel and Maddy is still detestable, treating the support units like slabs of meat. I just don't like the way that Scarrow writes women in general - describing Becks as being 87% less efficient than Bob (except in situations that require a female operative...sigh) and making inferences that the female cast on the whole is weaker, more irrational and generally just not useful in a crisis.

All in all, this novel underwhelmed me. I'm hoping it picks up and resolves some of its issues in the next instalment.
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on 3 July 2012
The second in Alex Scarrows epic TimeRiders saga is just as exciting as the first, if not more so. A great book brimming with historical fact and fiction, action and adventure, gripping throughout.

While the omnipotent-all-knowing-God-like narration is something to get used to, leaving very few stones unturned, he still manages to keep me hooked as a reader with sparkling imagery and occasional moments of light, breezy humour. The description of areas are so vivid and real that you are practically there, but perhaps occasionally overwritten and at times you're waiting for the story to carry on.

The main issue I perhaps have with the book series is that it has taken me this long to actually form any sort of emotional bond with the characters. About halfway through the book Liam O'Connor became a little more real to me as he was put in danger and support unit Becks (a FANTASTIC addition to the character roster) also tugged on my heartstrings.

Maddy and Sal remain a little underdeveloped for me. It's part of the problem of having Liam as the main TimeRider who travels through time. It makes it awfully difficult to keep Maddy and Sal's lives exciting when they are pretty much just hanging out in NYC 2001 waiting for them to come back.

A few shocking moments within the plot, secret notes, government agencies and the most shocking final line kept me gasping and excited to start on the third installment. I am enjoying this series on the whole, Scarrow clearly knows the ins and outs of his world very well, the technology he has created coming through as if actual fact. A very clever series that I will ALWAYS recommend.
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Alex Scarrow is a master of the what if scenario and whilst this title is definitely aimed at the Young adult market its one that will enthuse as well as capture many an adult reader as well. It's got a great premise, the principle characters stand out and above all else Alex makes it so that the reader really cares for the characters within. This title has been a real breath of fresh air and is definitely one I'm lending to other friends who not only enjoy the What if Scenario but a great sense of story telling style. This author deserves to be noticed. I really can't wait for the third.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 June 2011
A real highlight of the first TimeRiders novel was the originality of the premise and the shock to the system that the youngsters suffered as they were wrenched out of their own time. With that inevitably missing from the sequel, Day of the Predators was always going to have to work harder. Nevertheless, Scarrow does a great job of letting us get to know Maddy, Liam and Sal that much better. And there are plenty of twists, some shocking.

Instead of support unit Bob, we have a female, Becks. Her interaction with Liam and the world around her is a treat here.

As before, Scarrow doesn't pull his punches for a young readership and he doesn't talk down. What will appeal to most, whatever age, is that this book is set in the time of the dinosaurs, some of whom may have been more intelligent than they've been given credit for. The world that Scarrow creates pulls the reader in. It's quite extraordinary. And, with time waves rippling, you never quite know what will happen next.

This is most definitely a series to be read in sequence.
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on 16 October 2013
This is the second timeriders book I have read, and just like the first, I could barely put it down. The characters have become like friends and the urge to see them safe is spellbinding.
It is not just a rerun of the first book though, we meet new characters and different situations,and the complexity of the story makes you appreciate the author and his ability to tie everything together.
I don't understand why these books are classed as young adult reading, as I am getting to be a rather old adult now, and don't know how anyone could not love them.
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on 19 February 2012
Time Travel. Sounds like fun right? Go back in time and see the dinosaurs? Maybe pick up a souvenir and get some pictures.

But what happens if something goes wrong? What if you get stuck? Dinosaurs might be fun to look at, but do you really want to live with them?

And while you're messing about in the past, what's that doing to the present? That little dinosaur adventure might turn into a whole world of trouble.

That's where the TimeRiders come in. Liam, Maddy and Sal all should have died, but they were pulled out of time and given a second chance. Now they fix broken history. If only they can figure out what went wrong.

And when?
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