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on 17 May 2001
Who is the One God? Why are the Great Dragons so different from their brethren? Exactly what happened to the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas? The answers to these and other questions lie in Dragons of a Lost Star.
Like its predecessor, the book works through several intertwining threads: Palin's continued efforts to discover what part Tasslehoff plays in Krynn's fall from grace; Goldmoon's search for the source of the River of the Dead; Gilthas' and Laurana's defiance of Beryllinthranox; and, of course, Mina's continued spreading of the word of the One God. These threads remain almost completely distinct throughout, with only minor overlap. I'm assuming that Dragons of a Vanished Moon will pull them all together...
The characters in the novel, both old and new, are well detailed and convincing. The writing is clear and fluid, with the story delivering well timed punches throughout. Weis and Hickman attack the setting with courage and conviction, never shying away from sweeping changes with Krynn-shaking impact.
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on 29 April 2001
This is a great book in a series that shakes the very foundations of Krynn. Follow as Wies & Hickman lead you through the new Fifth Age, the Age of mortals to discover some of the answers tosome of the questions from the last book. Who is Mina, and what is the source of her power this new god "The One", and what is happening to the magic and how many times if our favourite Kender going to keep coming back. If you like Sci-Fi you must read all the great books by Wies & Hickman especially this book, but only after you have read the first book in the War of Souls 'Dragons of a Fallen Sun'.
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on 22 April 2001
The cliff hanger of the last book is nothing compared to this one! Part one is like a starter meal with this being the feast before the glorious desert! I shall not spoil the book for you, but i must say that if you have any speculations about this book, you might be vilafied with you guesses as to the identity of the one god! see old faces return with new ones, as well as departures and shocks that will keep you reading nonstop! i bought this book and had to finish it with in the week!
The next chapter isnt out for another year, but this is building up to be the best chapter of krynns history yet! weis and hickmans story telling is spot on, as fresh as ever with turns and spills that will have to hoocked and oocasioanlly reaching for a kleenex!
read and enjoy!
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on 2 May 2001
I waited a long time for this book, and it was worth the wait. The humour and writing is spot on by Weis and Hickman. The ending is earth shattering, and i almost sorry i know, because i have to wait a whole year to know what happens next! If you love adventure and fantasy books, then you are going to love this.
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VINE VOICEon 23 January 2010
Lost Star, the second in the War of the Souls trilogy entertains from start to end. There's plenty of suspense, a little intrigue and a killer finale, something that usually lacks in the middle part of trilogies. The characters, already well established from the first entry continue to fight for survival, Weis & Hickman show no fear in making the lives of our heroes uncomfortable and miserable. The tone of Lost Star is dark, making for a great third book in which the good fight must come to an end. Lots of small encounters keep up the pace although there is a fair amount of padding at times. Definitely worth reading, thankfully the authors have offered more than just as a tease to the final book.
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on 29 November 2013
Every time I purchase another Margaret Weiss/Tracy Hickman Dragonlance book I have a job to put it down, & then when I have finished reading it I want to read another one!
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on 11 September 2015
Not one of the better series of books. I think this is just there to kill of all the original characters. Still a nice read but didn't really enjoy the series.
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on 27 February 2003
This book/novel is a remarkably well written piece of work...despite the story being incoherent and broken up like a rather smashed up piece of crockery. The plot races ahead in places leading you on into a false sense of the story actually getting somewhere; you begin to think, "hey! Wow! This is getting good!" when the brakes are suddenly activated and you are shot back in time to another place and situation in which you must attempt to revise what information you learnt about the situation ten chapters ago! The plot plods along without much punch at all...but don't get me wrong! The imaginations of Weiss and Hickman are certainly vivid, albeit together (or whatever their writing situation may be...) they don't hook the reader very well as both their styles are so very different, and that creates such a great differential in the overall style, that i was put off. But hey! Everyone's different so...if you like the fantasy genre i suppose you should give Weiss and Hickman a try...stick with it (if you can) as the ending is quite spectacular...(!) i am quite a contradictive person (lol)
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on 27 January 2015
Months of great reading. Always a page turner.
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on 6 January 2016
Good book, Enjoyable reading
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