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on 29 May 2000
I wasn't a big fan of Dragons of Summer Flame. I felt, like a lot of others, that it destroyed everything that made Krynn special, almost flippantly killing of key characters, and just as carelessly resurrecting others. So I didn't hold out much hope for Dragons of a Fallen Sun. To my suprise, I loved it! Weis and Hickman have turned Krynn into a dark, depressing post-apocolyptic world, with desperate charcters bereft of gods. Consequentely all the characters are hundreds of times more interesting, and the intensity of the novel is turned up full. Even the unexpected resurrection of yet another of the heroes of the lance didn't put me off - it's done in a more sensible way, and it's Tas, so who can argue about that, eh? All in all, a fantastic return to Krynn that re-made me into a fan!
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on 8 August 2001
Dragonlance if finally back! After the magic was lost in Dragons of Summer flame, I thought Krynn had become a dull world, I was curious about what Weiss-Hickman could do about it, and the result is most impresive, I just couldn't put the book down, I won't include any spoilers here, but I'll say that Mina is a most curious, interesting, and misterious character, this and the mistery of what happens to Goldmoon makes this book a must have for Dragonlance lovers (of course, our friend Tass plays a big part in everything!). Now I can't wait to read the next book to find out who's the new God (I've my own guess), what happens to Goldmoon, and if Lord Dalamar finally makes a come back.
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on 6 January 2016
Good book, Enjoyable reading
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on 16 January 2006
I just finished this book and felt the need to share my experiences with it. Strengths of this book are that, well it is dragonlance! We are given some new memorable characters, a very effective post apocalyptic feeling and we get to countinue the story of what is in my opinion the greatest series of books there is. The only negative point I can muster is that sometimes you feel the characters are a bit, well, LONELY in it. Each chapter details a few peoples exploits and then the next chapter usually shifts to another group or place. The only problem is each group or place usually only had a few of the charcters in at a time. This is not like chronicles where you had the whole gang fighting monsters and dragons and bouncing conversation off each other. That being said, it is also a plus because it adds to the whole feeling of the book that krynn has indeed changed a lot.
In conclusion, if your thinking of buying this book, go right ahead. You may find it is slighly better OR slightly worse than chronicles and legends, but you will be very hard pressed to make your mind up Im just off to start the next volume in this trilogy now after being left with quite a epic cliffhanger, and Im sure I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this book, plus at 600 odd pages long, you sure are getting your moneys worth.
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on 20 March 2000
well i recieved this book and 2 days later ive finished it thats how good it is ,just couldnt put it down.weis and hickman dont disappoint us with this superb sequel to dragons of summer flame.tasslehoff turns up and this causes confusion among old friends like palin ,jenna,even caramon.and the elves face a evil enermy from the past i wont give anymore away.this book deserves to be bought by everyone thumbs up weis and hickman
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on 20 August 2002
Dragons of a Fallen Sun is a book that's hard to compare to. It has a serious atmosphere, but there is comic relief here and there. There's one big surprise near the beginning that I think all readers are caught off guard for. In other places, the peoples' sorrow is so bad (but so well written), that you actually want to be there to try to make them feel better. You do have to recall things from Summer Flame, or you get confused by certain statements. Weis and Hickman have something serious going, and I can't wait to see what happens next. The only disapointment is that the story ends with a huge cliffhanger. You get so into the story that you just want it to keep going, but it just kind of, stops. All in all, the book Dragons of a Fallen Sun is truly worth adding to your collection.
Recomend: The Price of Immortality,its a great read
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on 11 May 2001
This book is excellent. I couldn't put it down. Weis and Hickman do not disappoint. After a disappointing end to dragons of a summer flame I thought this book would be nothing and the they come up with something twice as brilliant. They change the characters often to keep you interested. The only trouble is that it has very long chapters.
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on 30 January 2003
Well what can i say? The 'wars of lance' books completly captured and held me enthralled in my younger days. A world of genius design, harmonious characterisation, and glittering vividness! To re-create that would need you to be of the same fleeting optimistic age at which those grand novels impacted on me.
Could Weis and Hickman produce anything near as much quality as was shrouded in those tumultuous tales? The answer is nearly.
To say that this impressed upon me as strongly as the first novels would be a lie.But, and it is a rather large BUT.... this is a fine fine piece of fantasy storytelling. Whether you have no knowledge of the previous novels, or like me, hold them as imaginative flirts that dazzled and engrossed, the new books have the same edge. They are entrapping and enchanting, throwing you from one page to the next,the cover of mine does now bear finger print impressions from where my joints( that bones kids honest) failed to allow me to relieve from my grasp of the text.
For those of you who have read DL before but have never picked up another one since the first generation on the premise of not wanting to despoil the art, worry not things have changed ....yes but please try to put yours fears aside, if the next two books are anything like this one there is another generation of heroes and villians , plots and subterfuge waiting to surprise all lovers of good fantasy.
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on 2 June 2000
After Jean Rabe's disastrous introduction to the 5th Age, I wanted to see what Weis and Hickman could do with it. Thankfully, they completely ignored her works. New characters are introduced, with old favourites receiving additional depth. The storyline runs completely independently (and indeed is set four years later).
Once again, W&H don't disappoint with their willingness to put into print what other authors wouldn't dare for fear of changing the setting.
LOADS of loose threads remain at the end of the book, which kind of leaves makes it seem like an incomplete work (unlike Dragons of Autumn Twilight, which had to have an ending in case it didn't take off). Still, subscribers to the Hickman newsletter will be aware of the fact that it's all part of The Larger Plan...
Still, the reason as to _why_ the world's gone to hell since the dawning of the Fifth Age will leave you stunned.
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on 23 April 2003
I've been reading Weis & Hickman for over a decade now and when I found Dragons of ... in a book store in a Dutch version I was quite amazed as none of the preceding volumes (War of the Lance, Summer flame, ..) were even published in Dutch. After reading the book I was quite amazed that the two writers are capable of upholding such a high standard throughout all their Dragonlance books. This is a book that you cannot put down until you have finished it and it leaves you wanting for more! It is a real shame that publishers apparantly don't find it interesting to print the entire serie in Dutch as it would find a large market. Perhaps the only remark on the book is that it is hard to find a character you can really like and symphatise with, as was really easy in the previous books. The tale is a lot grimmer, but that is part of the charm. I certainly hope more is coming underway!
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