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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 11 November 2013
I first read the six books of this series when I was a teenager and have just re-read them. Not quite as good as I remember but still very good and worth reading if you enjoyed the LOTR films.
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on 15 February 1997
In this, the final installment of the DragonLance Legends, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman finished the story of the twins. They tell of Raistlin's journey through the Abyss, Caramon's knowledge of his brother's evil, and Tasselhoff's realization of life and it's tragedies. This book is an excellent example of perfect writing. As you read, you will be able to see yourself walking beside Raistlin, the sweet scent of rose petals and death in your nostrils. You may be trudging along beside Caramon in a life-less world, the mud sticking to you boots. Finally you could accompany Tanis and Dalamar, watching helplessly as Caramon enters the Abyss to deal with his brother, Raistlin.
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on 10 August 1997
I sincerely hope everyone who has reviewed this book and given it nines and tens is very young, because, come on, this book is not *that* great. When I read it as a sixth grader it was interesting... somewhat. Realistically, Test of The Twins is a pre-teen's low-maturity-needed kind of book. It is but one of seemingly millions of Dragonlance books produced to make lots of money off of young readers who have not yet found true literature. These Dragonlance "books" are form novels pumped out in incredible numbers to satisfy the blind thirst of readers drawn in by the flashy covers, readers looking for a quick, no-thought entertainment burst that takes about a day to read, at which point, they can tell all their friends (who are also entranced with the Dragonlance "saga") that they've read the latest book and are very cool. Now, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with wanting some quick entertainment when you're still young, but if you're in High School or above, and are enjoying this book at all, you sincerely need to get out a bit. Pick up some Vonnegut or Calvino at the nearest bookstore and immerse yourself in some *real* writing. Or better yet, go to a party. Geeze...
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on 28 October 1997
I started out my dragonlance hobby with this book now I almostown every single one of them. From Chronciles to Fifth Age, I love them all!
Raistlin Autrey

PS Raistlin Majere is the Bad Boy of them All!!
Here shares my name after all! END
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on 14 April 1999
Wow!!! THis is certainly the best book DragonLance has ever published, the first two legends lacked action and had their booring parts, but here it all comes together. THis was also the first DL book I ever read and it hooked me into reading a lot of other ones. The Raistlin character is my favorite ever out of all the books i've read.
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on 20 February 1999
Before I read the final book in this series, I was angry at how Raistin was treating his brother, Caramon, and the "holy one". He used her for his own benefits, even when he knew that it would end up with her losing her life. However, after I was done with this book, i was sad to read that Raistlin was bound in the Abyss with Takisis (sp), the Dark Queen. Even though Raistin was rejecting the love that he was feeling for and from Caramon, deep down inside he couldn't see his brother and the world dying. With the last effort at righting the wrong, he gave up his "life" to save them, forever sealing him in a world of torture and torment he has to endure in the Abyss, with the Dark Queen tearing his soul apart. Caramon had a difficult time as well when he saw Kitiara dead. She deserved it! She had a black heart all along! She didn't care about who she was hurting. At least Raistlin was "helping" along the way, even though his true reasons were masked. Kitiara ended up with Lord Soth, that serves her to mess with the true heroes!
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on 18 September 1997
I first read this trilogy whan I was in Jr. high. I was entranced, enamored, captivated. So when I read it again earlier this year, I expected to be disappointed. I've read a lot of books since, and have significantly upped my normal level of reading.

But guess what. I still love it. Maybe it's nostalga. Maybe it's just a damn good book if you take it at face value. Sure, it's no great work of adult literature. But here's the thing - I cared about these characters. More than any other characters in any other books I've read, probably. When a book has that, much of the rest is forgettable and forgivable. If you read it in your youth and want a flashback, read it again. If you haven't, try it. This is one of few I've read more than once - have read it three times now!
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on 3 June 1999
This whole trilogy is awesome (Legends). The War of The Lance's culmination and Raistlin's rise to power (and fall) are portrayed exquistely. Characters like Lord Soth and of course Tasselhoff make it even better. :)
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on 7 June 1996
After the first two books in the Legends trilogy I wasn't certain if I should read the third or not. The first two were dull and depressing and all together a big dissapointment after reading the Chronicles trilogy. But fear not, Weis & Hickman complete the trilogy wonderfully. There's plenty of action, adventure, and magic, and it almost has the feel of the first trilogy (that's a good thing)! The ending is depressing, but if you go on to read The Second Generation and Dragons of Summer Flame, you'll discover things change (He's Baaack)! It's worth reading the first two just for this book - You won't be dissapointed!
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on 19 July 1997
This book is one of the best books I have ever read. The plot is very fast pased, but not so that it lags in detail. I know most ppl dont agree with this, but I found the Legends series more interesting than the Chronichles, for one reason. I felt it dealt more with the characters on a personal level. You could actually imagina yourself walking along with the companions, and Tasslehoff is funnier than ever. Raistlin shows his true feelings, that he really does care. Take my word for it, this book is EXCELLENT
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