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on 2 May 2017
top creepy krimi!
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on 27 June 2001
Just before Christmas time of 1978 Rob Piest disappeared from his job at a drugstore, never to be seen alive again. This disappearance began an interest into a local businessman, John Wayne Gacy, known as a model citizen and a hospital volunteer clown. Interest in Gacy soon had the police suspicious enough of this Jaycee member to begin digging a little deeper. What the police investigation revealed bit by bit, was a sadistic maniac who tortured and killed 33 young boys, and then calmly disposed of their bodies-many of them underneath the crawl space of his own home. The book follows the policemen involved through their frustration,as with mounting horror they begin to realise the depth of the crimes that Gacy has committed. It takes you right up to and including Gacy's trial and the verdict. Was Gacy insane, mentally imbalanced or just pure evil and anti-normal? I would recommend anyone who is interested in true crime to read this book. It is well worth the purchase price.
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on 24 February 2003
This has got to be , one of the most boring true crime stories i have ever read!
Too much of the book is focused on the surveillence of Gacey , and not enough on the actual crime and the trial .
I was very disappointed with this book , and wouldn't recommend it to anyone
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on 6 April 2011
People familiar with the case know the shocking true story of John
Wayne Gacy who was known to Chicago as a model citizen who played
clown to hospitalised children,own three Kentucky Fried Chicken
Outlets and was a caring and loving neighbor.The other Gacy was a
mailcious sadist who stalked,tortured and murdered at least 33
men burying most of them beneath his crawlspace of his own home.

`Killer Clown` Illustrates both sides of the olate John Gacy,the first
(what many people jhere have complained of) 150 pages are mainly the
surveillance but I assure you it's essential for this story.The rest of it
are shocking details of Gacy's methods leading upto his trial.Highly recommended!
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on 21 January 2001
I had been searching for a John Wayne Gacy book for a while and all appeared to be deleted but finally this one came along. Having read a few bits and bobs about him here and there and watching the film 'To Catch A Killer' I knew the basic facts and wanted to know more about the investigation and the killer himself. This book could have been the book they based the film on as it reads almost as the script does! It uses the disappearance of one particular boy above the others, the disappearance which seemed to kickstart the investigation and brought attention to JWG. The book is a fascinating account of this investigation and is written in such a way that you can actually feel the frustration of the police as they fight to arrest the man they know is the killer of at least one boy. The only aspect of the story that this book lacks is an indepth insight into JWG. This is most definately a book that is a must have in any true crime collection and an eye opener into the police work that goes on in these cases. Especially when they are dealing with a man as deviant as John Wayne Gacy. A good follow up read to this is 'The Last Victim' which features actual interviews with JWG in prison and makes a perfect partner for this book.
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on 8 June 2015
I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this one and assumed I would've finished it over a few sittings but I was very wrong! I completely concur with the other reviewers who have stated that a large portion of the book is merely about the surveillance team, though not necessarily about them and Gacy, but detailed paragraphs on what they ate for dinner, what they drank, their topics of conversation, exact time they went to the toilet...well, maybe not the latter, but you catch my drift?!

I have to admit, I've not yet fully completed it, but I don't have long to go...thank God!

Ok, it's not awful and it does provide a somewhat general picture of Gacy but that is just it - 'somewhat general'.

I've found it hard to get through due to the detailed analysis and repetitiveness of the actual surveillance - this continues well into the last couple of chapters...

Disappointed - yes :-(
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on 7 March 2002
This covers the whole topic of John-Wayne Gacy and his crimes, but unfortunately this is ruined by three-quarters of the book being given over to a continual prose on the police surveillance operation. It does unintentionally perhaps make you realise just how inept the US police force are. I would have preferred something by Colin Wilson on the subject if he had written about it. Lets hear the facts and a diagnosis and in-depth look at Gacy's mind, but not 300 pages of police records on the 2-days of surveillance before they accidentally found the bodies.
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on 21 January 2012
Bought this book for my nephew and he is thrilled with it. He got it Christmas Day and had read most of it by Boxing Day !!!! Can't wait to borrow it now from him. !!! (It must run in the family)
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on 15 July 2015
A must for anyone who wants to get an insight into the life of a serial killer.
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on 3 February 2016
Book arrived on the 1st and was as described, thank you.
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