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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 December 2014
A great Hulk vs Hulk story. This looks at the emergence of the Red Hulk and Shield trying to figure out who he is, what he wants and who made him the way he is. Red Hulk is as strong as Green Hulk, mostly, and incredibly wrathful with no morals or conscience but complete awareness. The story looks then at Shield trying to contain the threat, with Stark in control now, and knowing that the only person who isn't going to be killed in a minute flat is currently still banged up after World War Hulk.

The opening story arcs are very good, the plot is believable (within Marvel logic obviously) and it has a nice progression even if it does feel like it ends quite abruptly. The lack of five stars, which is rare for me when writing about Loeb, is because once Red Hulk has been defeated there is a prevalence to start trawling the Marvel catalogues for C and D list heroes. It isn't bad in the Wendigo story which has Grey Hulk and even WendiHulk which was well written and didn't ruin my suspension of disbelief. However after that when Red and Green Hulk are fighting amongst the stars for the amusement of the Elder god while Galactus watches and Silver Surfer is brought in for some reason I honestly lost where the plot was going. It felt like a plot from half way through Planet Hulk was drawn out and stuck into this for no reason other than a major showdown across the biggest hitters of the Marvel universe. It could have been left out but wasn't badly written, it just didn't fit.

I would definitely get this as it is one of the best Hulk showdowns ever just don't expect the same quality for the last two stories
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The story running through issues #1-12 of Hulk (from 2007/8), is collected, along with King-Size Hulk #1 and Wolverine #50, as Hulk by Jeph Loeb: The Complete Collection Volume 1. This is an "oversized hardcover" edition, and the contents are also available a two paperback editions - Hulk Volume 1: Red Hulk TPB: Red Hulk v. 1 (Graphic Novel Pb) and Hulk Volume 2: Red & Green TPB (Graphic Novel Pb), and half of a third - Hulk Volume 3: Hulk No More TPB (Graphic Novel Pb). The story opens with a SHIELD team consisting of Iron Man, Maria Hill, Thunderbolt Ross, Doctor Samson and the She-Hulk investigating the murder of the Abomination, who was apparently beaten senseless by the Hulk - or a reasonable facsimile thereof, as Bruce Banner has imprisoned in a SHIELD facility somewhere since the end of World War Hulk - and then shot with a Hulk-sized gun, which is available from SHIELD's supply department. Unfortunately, this occurred in Russia, and the Red Guard turn up and invite the team to leave. There is the usual scuffle, started this time by Doc Samson - a clue to further plot development later in the story - before peace is restored, and a survivor from the destroyed village they are standing in is found, who keeps repeating the (Russian) word "red"...

The story then proceeds through a series of episodes where the Red Hulk pops up and punches someone out, while the mystery of his identity is slowly penetrated.

Issue #2 sees a fight on the SHIELD helicarrier with She-Hulk and Iron Man beaten by big Red, and the carrier brought down over New York, leading into...

Issue #3, which sees Rick Jones as the `Blue Hulk' - A-Bomb - battle the Red Hulk on the old Gamma Base where Bruce Banner is imprisoned... with a few Harpies joining in to even the odds.

Issue #4 has the Green Hulk emerge from his prison just in time for the Watcher to arrive and get flattened by big Red. We then get a big Hulk on Hulk battle, which ends on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the background, SHIELD finds agent Clay Quartermain dead, and evidence pointing to Leonard Samson being the Red Hulk...

Issue #5 sees the mighty Thor arrive in San Francisco to intercept the Red Hulk. Their battle finishes on the Moon, from which the Red Hulk jumps back to Earth, triggering the San Andres fault. Meanwhile Iron Man has been investigating further into the identity of the Red Hulk, but is interrupted by the West-Coast crisis. He rounds up a team of big guns and heads for San Francisco, where A-Bomb has just rescued the Green Hulk from the bottom of the bay...

Issue #6 sees the big gun team set-to to rescue San Francisco while the Hulk sets off to finish his battle with big Red in Monument Valley, with Thor and A-Bomb turning up to watch. After the battle, we see the two prime candidates for the identity of the Red Hulk walking around at the same time as the Red Hulk, just to confuse us...

Issue #7 opens with a `voice-over' from Bruce Banner sort of summing up what is currently happening, while the Red Hulk has a battle with the Wendigo, and we all discover that there is now a whole pack of them running around. Then, we are in Vegas, where the Grey Hulk - Mr Fixit - has just arrived, courtesy of Bruce Banner and that horde of Wendigos... Moon Knight is also there, quickly followed by Ms Marvel and the Sentry...

Issue #8 opens with the Sentry trying to retrieve Moon Knight from the upper atmosphere, where the Hulk had just thrown him, while Ms Marvel so annoys the Grey Hulk that he turns green... After a bit of slugging the big guns about, everyone realises that the Wendigos are still on the rampage, with only Moon Knight protecting their potential victims...

Issue #9 has two stories - the first sees the Wendigos finally sorted out with the help of Brother Voodoo; the second focuses on the She-Hulk, retelling her first encounter with the Red Hulk, and her resolution to hunt him down...

King-Size Hulk #1 sees the She-hulk round up a new team of Lady Liberators, guest staring a monstrous regiment of Marvel's female characters who beat up on big Red in a king size story. There is also a short story with Bruce Banner reminiscing about the career of the Abomination

There is also a short story from Wolverine issue #50, with Wolvie remembering his first fight with the Hulk. Or was it...?

Issues #10-12 are just a big Defenders non-reunion, staged by the Grandmaster and the Collector, that features a big fight with the Red Hulk's team of Offenders - starring Tiger Shark, Baron Mordo and Terrax. It is one of those cross-time get-togethers where no-one remembers what happened afterwards, and nothing changes.

These issues were an entertaining read, with excellent art and scripting, and the various guest characters behaving in-character. The mystery of the Red Hulk's identity is not revealed however, and we are none the wiser a to the how and why of it all...
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on 29 August 2014
An intriguing new character in the Marvel Universe, a Red Hulk, suddenly appears on the scene. He has a hidden agenda, immense powers, and a mysterious background. Cue for massive battles with the Green Hulk we all know and other superheroes such as Iron Man, She Hulk, Thor and many others. The story is gripping and entertaining. The art is explosive and fantastic. As a childhood fan of the Marvel comics of the 70s and 80s I am enjoying this recent redicovery of Marvel via new graphic novels and the movies. I enjoyed this book probably even more than my 10 year old son! We also liked the funny kid Hulks comic strip at the end.
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on 11 February 2016
Quick paced and action packed, part one of a two part series
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on 25 July 2014
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