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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars

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on 29 May 2013
Maybe it was the scene where Deadpool was watching an evangelical pastor try to raise the funds to hire a bounty hunter to murder him by making a monkey wearing a tutu juggle while sat in bed next to a fold out page of a naked lady cooing to himself "Ooo... monkeys", that made me love this book. Or maybe it was the scene where a room full of lunatics have a gun fight with drawings of guns on pieces of paper. Or maybe when Deadpool knocks himself out by hooking himself up to a knockout gas machine. Whichever scene it was - and maybe it was all of them - I read this book with a big silly grin the whole time and had a blast.

I'm not the world's biggest David Lapham fan but he nails Deadpool's voice in this book. Wade is off-the-wall nuts while being funny and entertaining the entire time.

The plot of "Second Cut" is that Deadpool's buddy, Hydra Bob, a reformed former Hydra member, has been framed for the death of several thousand people and is being hunted by everyone as a terrorist, while Deadpool tries to keep him alive and bring the real culprits to justice.

Along the way they meet lascivious and corrupt Christians, the X-Man Cable, Taskmaster, a monkey called Lazarus, the love of Hydra Bob's life Colleen, a pimp called Weasel, and an obese hooker called Ashley in a story reminiscent of a famous John Woo movie. Every issue here is a ton of fun though I would've liked to have seen more Deadpool and less Hydra Bob.

But - and this is a big one - I utterly absolutely hate Kyle Baker's art. I don't like being this superficial but MAN is it ugly! And seeing that he draws 75% of the book, it makes it really tough to read. Art is a big part of comics so if that sucks then, even if the script is dynamite, it's going to be tough to get through the book. The art's all watery and washed out and actually looks like it's been photocopied a bunch of times before being printed into this book. And his character design of Cable is horrible - he makes him look like an accountant (those spectacles!!). Ugh.

Aside from Baker's art and that scene where Deadpool beds an old lady (the one time I wished it wasn't a MAX comic as it was overly graphic and gross), this is an excellent Deadpool book. Lots of bloody action, lots of fun, silly, over-the-top comedy and full blown craziness, Lapham does a fine job with "Deadpool MAX: Second Cut". This is also the last book in the series so it's a shame to see there'll be no more from Lapham as he really had a great handle on the character. But if he does return, please leave Baker behind and team up with anyone else instead!
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on 21 September 2015
I can't really say that I enjoyed this; the art, if it can be called that was sub-par with an inchoate style throughout (my eyes kept trying to adjust to the jarring colours and outlines making me feel like I'd had a few too many to drink); the story was OK but as for the MAX element I can only say that it was only slightly more extreme than DP is usually. The humour wasn't very funny and the violence wasn't very violent; Frank Miller/Geoff Darrow's Hard Boiled this ain't. And that's unfortunate, with a better artist this would have been a four, with a tighter, funnier script it would have been a five. Luckily I didn't buy this at its retail price (in which case it would have got one star) but as a second hand copy. If you can grab a copy from your library then do so, but is it worth buying? Nope, unless you want to own a curiosity. Stick to the vanilla DP (no pun intended).
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on 8 April 2013
As with many comics that are trying to reinvent themselfs for new readers, and with new story tellers, some of the readers of the other lines may not take to this straight away. The drawings and the people differ somewhat. But as a stand alone series,MAX is not half bad. Won't blurt out the story line!
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on 10 February 2015
very good
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on 24 January 2016
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