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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2014
This volume contains the Avengers:The Illuminati drawn by Jim Cheung. On that basis it is the best of all the seven volumes in this series. The artwork, by Cheung, is outstanding and the colours are brilliant. I know that digital printing has added much to the production of comics (along with the much better paper stock) but this book well idemonstrates the quality which can be achieved. Whilst the book does contain some chapters which tie-in with other stories (and this can prove hard to follow) the Illuminati storyline is self-contained and conclusive.
A good read and beautifully illustrated. However, no idea why this volume is so much more expensive than all others.
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on 4 September 2014
Great story, I came to read this after reading Utopia: Dark Avengers vs Xmen.
So when a character called Michael Pointer going by the code name Weapon Omega turns up i'm like, who?

This New Avengers book helps fill in this blank for me.

The book mostly revolves around the appearance of Mr Pointer and follows the absolute chaos that follows him with Alpha Flight, the Avengers and Shield throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him.
What I love about this era of Avengers books and stories is the little things that writer Bendis adds, such as Luke Cage making the Avengers tackle small (by the Avengers standards) crime such as muggings or drug dealing, its great to watch these otherwise mismatched team of heros interact with each other. Never would you imagine Luke Cage and Spiderman speaking on level terms with Ironman and Captain America.

Spot on!
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The stories from issues #24-30 of the New Avengers are collected as New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis - Vol. 4 (AVX). These are all set at different stages of the AvX event. They are all very good, with excellent script and artwork. They fill in a lot of story that takes place during the main AvX event, with differing cast members, though Luke Cage's story is the dominant theme for the opening and closing episodes.

Issue #24 opens in the SHIELD helicarrier as the assembled Avengers watch Captain America confronting Cyclops below them on the shore of Utopia. The negotiation doesn't go well, and as the Avengers drop into combat, we flash back to the Mansion the day before, as Luke Cage goes looking for his family. There is much character development and interplay before we return to the beachhead, which of course continues in AvX.

Issue #25-#27 are set in K'un Lun, and begin with an earlier encounter between the Phoenix and the Iron Fist, in the days of Leonardo Da Vinci, which went quite well: "There are two paths". Now Hope has to be got ready for her encounter, and Spider-Man has been foretold as her mentor. All together now - "With great power..."

Issue #28 takes place in the dungeons of Utopia where Spider-Woman, Hawkeye and Luke Cage are imprisoned towards the end of AvX.

Issue #29 is a secret meeting of the Illuminati, called by Captain America in the hope of turning Namor back from the Dark Side. The various members bicker among themselves over whether the Phoenix 5 are actually in the right, before Steve Rogers is left to wait for Namor alone...

Issue #30 takes place during the "mopping up", as Luke Cage and Daredevil guard one of the Phoenix 5 on a prison transport that comes under attack from anti-mutant vigilantes. During the fracas, Luke makes the decision to leave the Avengers and spend more time with his family.
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This volume reprints New Avengers issues #15-20. The first nine pages of #15 are single-panel pages (OK, there is a double page spread in there as well, but you know what I mean) showing the approach from space of a new and mysterious power (which I thought looked a bit Phoenix-like, but that's ginormous energy signatures for you) which makes landfall in the town of North Pole, Alaska; the Post Office there, to be precise.
SHIELD Tech: "Maybe Santa Claus got on someone's naughty list."
Maria Hill, Director of SHIELD: "Get off my ship. I'm not even a little bit joking."
A human-like figure walks out of the fireball, and heads south, his radiating energy destroying everything in his path, including SHIELD aircraft and Alpha Flight.

Sub-plots: Maria Hill is questioning Tony Stark about the meaning of the phrase `House of M' that SHIELD intel has picked up, along with the Avengers and X-Men's trip to Genosha which resulted in there suddenly being `no more mutants'.
Stark: "Sorry I can't help you. The Genosha trip was for sightseeing."
She takes the opportunity during the evolving crisis to strip-mine the Vision's data-banks use the SHIELD Psi Division to discover more, while issuing warnings that when the new Superhuman Registration Act is passed "you'll probably all be working for me".

Meanwhile, the threat, whose name is Michael, makes his way to the USA, as the Avengers, over Maria Hill's protests, but at the President's insistence, are assembled to stop it. More and more big guns are called up, as each encounter reveals a new array of powers, until the secret is finally uncovered, and Magneto gets involved.

This is excellently written and supported with superb artwork, and the sub-plots are skilfully woven in to the narrative. The main story is resolved, though with questions still to be answered in succeeding volumes, as is the Marvel way.
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on 9 January 2013
There seems to be some confusion on this page regarding precisely which volume is on sale. To clarify in excessive detail, this is volume 4 of the "new" New Avengers run: the post-Siege/Heroic Age series taking place directly after Vol 3 wherein Norman Osborn assembled a new roster if Dark Avengers. Sound familiar?
Anyway, this is an AVX tie in and had every possibility of going south, fortunately it delivers or at least this is the opinion I've reached as I'm aware that Bendis seems to have fallen out of favour recently in comic fandom. The volume is divided into five separate stories each taking place at different intervals of the AVX crisis; the first addresses Luke Cage & Jessica Jones and their relationship/familial ties in the wake of Norman Osborn's recent escapade. For the sake of context you should read the last volume as it clothes this particular story in a frank and stunningly realistic tone, as Jones is also Bendis' creation I felt that this really showed the maturation of her character since her debut in Alias (which is awesome I might add).
The Following three volumes could be regarded as filler as they aren't essential to reconciling the AVX plotline but I thoroughly relished them: one shows Spiderman coaching Hope (more goes on than you'd think). The next is a last-minute gathering of the Illumanatii to deal with the immediate threat that draws poignant reference on Namor & Captain America's former friendship and the other is an amazing spotlight on the avengers captured by the X-men during the fight - the ending will blow you away.
Finally, without revealing what goes down in any of the books I've mentioned, the last issues of this volume show part of the quiet aftermath as various surviving avengers and a certain member of the X-men lick their wounds and ponder what comes next.
So the bottom line? Yes it's not a must read as Marvel comic, but as an AVX tie in it is by far the best I've found and it's a definite read for anyone whose poured over New Avengers with a fine toothed comb. And the art? What can I say, it's Mike Deodato Jr. And he is one of my top 5, if not 3 comic artists who never fails to astonish.
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on 2 January 2013
Ignore the first review, Amazon have wrongly attached it too this volume, its actually from 2006/7 volume.

very disappointing book, once again another event derails any sense of momentum from the previous arc. there wasn't many new or even good idea's in 12 disastrous issues of Avengers v X-Men, like every unfortunate and unnecessary tie in to this event the writer is forced to scrap the bottom of barrel for idea's. Sadly the only one worth caring about is Luke Cage's collapsing marriage, but that's maybe 10% of the story. the art is good, but what is good art with a good story.
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on 18 May 2010
Since this volume also collects Illuminati : #1-5, there are only half as many New Avengers issues collected here as there was in the previous volumes. And nothing really happens... They help the mighty avengers, they find out about The Hood, a sort of new vilain godfather, but the story about the skrulls doesn't go further at all... Plus the art is terrible, I don't like this messy sharp-lined drawing, you can't even tell who's who... Wolverine without his mask looks like Dr Strange, and Peter Parker looks like Hawkeye with dark hair... And finally the Annual #2, where more stuff happens than in all the 6 New Avengers issues collected here combined and with finally a good penciler... New Avengers to me was the best Avengers series, but with this volume 4, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm not a big fan of the Skrull story leading to The Dark Avengers, and I'm not a big fan of Civil War either. Let's hope they reassemble the real avengers soon enough, with the Captain America Reborn masquerade finally over. It started amazingly well with the Sentry story, the return of Xorn into the Collective, destroying the canadian avengers and all, but now it's going too slow in order to follow the other crossovers. Plus compared to the small TPBs, the big hardcover volumes are a year late, Marvel should pay more attention to that.
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on 12 January 2014
Thank you for quick delivery. The book arrived as described and was immaculate. Just as well because it was a present. My friend was thrilled.
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on 19 December 2015
Arrived very quickly and happy with the comic
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