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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2011
Iron Man Vol 1 is a great place to start for anyone who hasn't read anything to do with Iron Man before. The character is very similar to his movie counter-part, so if your a fan of the films, your more than likely going to be a fan of the book. The first issue is one of the single best issues I have read. Matt Fraction does an amazing job of not only setting up the story for the rest of the book, but also doing an amazing job of bringing in the key players of the story in a way where you learn what they are all about whilst still advancing the story.

Without giving anything away about the story, its crafted with such brilliance and is complete with a beginning, middle and end. Even though it does end, as soon as you have read the final issue you will be straight back on here to find volume 2.

My closing words are these: This may be one of the best Marvel graphic novel you buy and will stand proud amongst your collection, or as one of the best purchases to start one. No thought should be held as to wether you should buy this or not because the answer is simple. Buy it now.
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on 15 April 2012
The art in this book, full colour, vibrant and so detailed... Its just breath taking.
The last graphic novel I read was 'Ghost in The Shell' which was mostly all black and white and crudely drawn.
Imagine my amazement when reading this epic, with every page bursting with detail and colours.

So, it looks good. How was the read?
Well, I liked it, but I did find at time I kept looking back thinking I missed some dialogue because at times, The conversations just jump or spring up out of no where. It may just have been me reading it wrong as Im new to Graphic novels.
The last comics I read being back in the 90's when I was a kid reading The Beano, Dandy and Sonic The Comic (UK Archie version)

Ive given this 4 Stars, based on the sometimes confusing dialogue. After a second read, I might change it to a 5 star.
Though the text lost me in places. I love Art work, and this Comic, dialogue aside is like one big Fan collection of awesome epic Iron Man inspired artwork.

To any fans of the Movies and appearances in old MARVEL cartoons (like me) I recommend this comic.
Those new to the series, Check wiki-pedia for a little background, then buy this. Its brilliant.
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on 13 March 2016
Right, here's the thing. I'm a Captain America fan, he's my favourite character in Marvel. I don't really like Iron Man so much but I bought this run to give it a go. I've reviewed most of Ed Brubakers Captain America because it was my favourite series so I'm slightly bias.

This is better.

Seriously, the writing in this run is brilliant, the characterisation of Tony Stark and Pepper along with support characters, the dialogue is clever and very real, the art is consistently great. The whole series is excellent and not over crowded with characters.

Cap is my favourite and I didn't give any of his books 5 stars on here.
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on 20 June 2012
The Invincible Iron Man series is fantastic! I've bought all of these graphic novels in order, they are fantastically well illustrated and the story line is engaging throughout!

Invincible Iron Man was the first 'comic' that I had ever bought, I've not been disappointed once.
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on 28 September 2009
In a word; Fantastic.

This is possibly my favourite Iron Man series to date. Matt Fraction has written an excellent complex yet easy to pick up story and Salvador Larocca's artwork, though not as polished as in the current run of the title (World's Most Wanted) more than satisfies.

The story does so much to flesh out the character of Tony Stark from his relationship with Pepper Potts to his ongoing fight with alcoholism. I think it's this character development that makes The Five Nightmares such an easy title to pick up for those who's only experience of the character is the movie. The choice of villain couldn't be better for this purpose either. Ezekiel Stane is superbly written as the angry spoiled brat with a supercharged chip on his shoulder. The comic relief is great too. (look out for a little banter between Stark and Deputy Director Maria Hill.)

The only thing that perhaps lets the book down is a rather anti-climatic ending, although that can be somewhat overlooked if you consider that the "ending" is actually written in the pages of Secret Invasion and Dark Reign.
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on 6 January 2009
To give a bit of background to this review i have to mention that i am a big iron man fan and i generally by every book that is released.

The last few i have to say have been disappointing. The Five Nightmares has just turned that around. The hardcover (which i read) looks very nice from the outside, and under the paper cover its red with gold stamped printing, which is done well.

The writing is really good. It is my first experience of matt fraction and has set him up well wit me. It has seven episodes but they link together well, more like it was written with being novelised in mind rather than just a series. It doesnt have overtones of the secret invasion in it at all, which is a nice change because every other marvel book ive read over the last 6 months has involved nick fury or skrulls. This is a simple iron man book (although spider-man turns up in the last episode).

Without spoiling too much the main antagonist in this story is ezekial stane (isiah's son) who is out to get revenge on stark and stark industries for his fathers death. pepper potts is back to help with a few appearances of war machine.

The artwork is fantastic, brightly coloured and standing out well on the high-end glossy paper. I havent read a book drawn by Salvador Larroca before but he will be an artist ill be keeping an eye out.

The only downside i found was in the last chapter, in which tony stark tells spider-man he cant help unless he registers. Unless my memory serves me wrong i remember in the secret invasion peter parker publicly unveiling himself under the guidance of stark before turning sides.

This is a great marvel book, and i cant wait to see what volume 2 will bring
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on 27 April 2013
I'm not going to list exactly what the five nightmares of the title are because they're kind of the same thing - basically, Tony loses control of the Iron Man tech, they proliferate, and it gets used for evil. And whaddayaknow? It comes true. The son of Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges in the first Iron Man movie) goes nuts like his dad and uses his genius to subvert Stark Tech, incorporate it into his body alongside Extremis and becomes a terrorist out to sink Stark Enterprises and kill Tony.

Matt Fraction's an ok writer. I like his Fantastic Four stuff he's doing at the moment and I've heard nothing but good things about Hawkeye which I can't wait to read, but he also wrote some pretty terrible stuff in the 2007-10 period when this book is set, like his godawful Punisher and the brainless Fear Itself Event. Invincible Iron Man falls somewhere in the middle. It's not terrible but it's not that great either.

For me the best representation of Tony Stark has always been Warren Ellis' version from Extremis, Ultimate Human and Ultimate Armor Wars. His Tony is witty and pervy in just the right amounts, but also charming, funny and real. Fraction's Stark is a one-note character who's really kinda boring. He's the embodiment of liberal American attitudes from the Bush era where he feels he has to constantly apologise for all the suffering around the world as he feels somewhat responsible for it. Nice of you to acknowledge but it just doesn't make for a particularly likeable or interesting character.

Extremis makes an appearance because that's basically the best Iron Man book ever written and I think Marvel want to milk it for what's it worth, but it's not original, nor is Tony worrying about losing control of his tech which seems to be central to any number of Iron Man stories.

Salvador Larrocca's art is also very unimpressive. It's very heavily dependent upon computer imaging and it feels very polished and clean. It's so generic and bland that, while it looks professional, it also looks lifeless and dull. There was nothing about it that made me enjoy whatever I was looking at.

Iron Man is a surprisingly hard character to write. I was thinking about all of the Iron Man books out there and there is literally only one I could say is flawless - Extremis. Check that out for how Iron Man should be written but be warned - it will make you unsatisfied with every other Iron Man you read afterwards. Once you go Ellis you can never go back.
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on 10 September 2011
This book is great, and definetly the best Iron Man one I have read, but I do not think it is worth five starts, I am afraid. Matt Fraction is a great author, but Jason Aaron, it has to be said, is better. Salvador Larroca is also a pretty good artist, but Mike Deodato, Simone Bianchi and many others are better. For those reasons, I just do not feel like it is worth the top amount of starts.
The story, in the Marvel Universe timeline, is set when Iron Man is director of SHIELD and just before the Secret Invasion (which happens between this book and Invincible Iron Man Volume 2: Most Wanted - which is also a great read.)
The story itself follows darker issues than most Iron Man reades are probably used to, as it is about terrorist suicide-bombers lead by the terrorist son of one of Iron Man's old enemies who basically wants to kill Stark Industries and as many civilians as he can in the process.
Other main characters in the story are War Machine, Pepper Potts and Maria Hill. Dum Dum Dugan is also in it a bit and Iron Man and SHIELD have a REALLY big fight with AIM at one point which is really good.
Overall, definelty worth a read.
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on 25 May 2013
This is a brilliant book with great drawings and epic storylines - a must for any budding graphic novel readers, my 11 year-old is already saving for the rest of the series!!
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on 26 March 2013
Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Amazing artwork and very clever storyline but I was a bit disappointed that it was so expensive yet so short. Otherwise it was well worth it.
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