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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2016
Issue one is great, Ellis on top form.
Issue two is good.
Issue three is good, Ellis taking a leaf out of Greg Rucka's book.
Issue four rushes an ending that ultimately offers no pay off.

Feels a bit hollow by the end, I was disappointed considering how well it started.
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on 22 February 2013
This is a good filler of plot lines fills in small sections of the ultimate universe but I'd be dubious about its validity if you want to complete your collection buy it but I'm not entirely sure if all will enjoy it it but it was a bit drab unfortunately had good promise but a tad boring
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on 21 July 2011
This is a great little addition to the Ultimate series of titles, without being essential reading to keep up with the current events of that universe. If you are hoping for a hundred pages of Iron Man and Hulk taking it in turns to punch each other in the face then you will be disappointed by this book as it is actually a really good story! I won't include spoilers in this review but I think the 'vs' in the title is slightly misleading, it probably should have said 'and' instead. Recommended.
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on 22 June 2011
Iron Man fights Hulk after a failed experiment to infect Banner's blood with nanotech to control the Hulk genes. But the fight is cut short as another failed experiment, the Leader (dude with a big head), tries to take the blood of both Iron Man and Hulk!

Warren Ellis' Marvel work is very hit and miss and unfortunately Ultimate Human is one of his lesser books. This short four issue book is really a bridge between Mark Millar's first two Ultimates volumes where in Volume 1 Hulk goes on a rampage in Manhattan killing 300 people and Volume 2 where he's imprisoned, facing trial and a death sentence (by the by, Millar's Ultimates run is well worth checking out if you haven't read it).

There's also not as much Hulk/Iron Man in the book as I'd like. A whole issue (25% of the book) is devoted to the Leader's origin which was reallllly boring. Then the book comes to a swift and unsatisfying conclusion - basically the old Bond villain nonsense.

The artwork in the book is quite poor. Looking at it feels like I'm looking at the pages through a window with water pouring down it; it's very unpleasant to see page after page of.

While I usually love Warren Ellis' work, this is definitely one of his weaker efforts. If you're looking for a better Ellis/Marvel book I suggest Ultimate Iron Man: Armor Wars or the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy instead.
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on 19 January 2010
i quite liked this book, and was not really expecting to, although it is advertised as Ultimate Iron Man and Ultimate Hulk Fighting, that is really only a small part of the story, and the main story revolves around a top man in MI6 and his resistance to the plans for the European Superhuman Initiative seen in Ultimates 2. an experiment is carried out based on tiny amounts of Hulk blood found in Manhattan, and a small sample of Stark's DNA (that makes his body a biological computer) the experiment goes wrong, and Stark and Banner must be kidnapped to get larger samples to correct the mistake.
a good read, and very good art, and for the price, a must have for any ultimate universe affictionados
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on 27 January 2010
I have recently gotten into comic books/graphic novels, after only previously skimming through the occasional comic lying around in a friends house, or at another family members house.

I recently purchased the essential marvel saga books to get a more clear idea of the marvel universe, upon reading these 2 books, I asked a few people to recommend books in the marvel universe for me; Many recommended the "Ultimate Marvel" books.

If like me you have not read anything from the ultimate marvel universe, then you will know that there is now a lot to choose from! I did a little read over the background for the ultimate marvel universe and then ordered 2 books, this and Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.

This was by far my favourite of the two. As I have grown older my tastes have grown, I can no longer sit and read in amazement 10-20 solid pages of fighting. So I was pleased with this book, for the fact that, yes The Hulk and Iron Man fight, but it is a smaller part of the story.

(From here may contain minor spoilers!)

The story itself focuses on Bruce Banner coming to Tony Stark in seek of a cure, using nanotechnology to (basically) modify Bruce's blood to prevent transformation into the hulk.

Whilst this is going on we see "The Leader" (no longer Samuel Sterns from mainstream continuity, but an ex MI6 agent Pete Wisdom) who is bound to a wheelchair, and wearing a neck support, as he is unable to hold up his head due to his change into the leader; anyone who has read hulk comics before, or seen the 90's cartoon show, will know of the leaders enlarged Brain/Head.

The Leader wishes to use the blood of both men to improve himself further (super strength etc...). The cause of his change and his initial motives I won't spoil here.

Overall the book is story focused, and does not stray, flowing nicely from one scene to the next. The Art is great to look at, the only real downside I felt, was that the ending was a little abrupt, but it still worked.

Highly recommended for someone wanting a story as apposed to several pages of fighting.
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on 24 August 2009
Cary Nord does a brilliant job here. His art is beautifully detailed and expressive, it makes the charaters pop out of the page and engrose you. Unfortunately, the story is really lacking in comparison. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I just felt it was a bit like a soap-opera/sci-fi episode. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, i've read a lot worse, but it's not the best. I have to compare it to Extremis or World War Hulk, both of which I'd rate 5 stars and my score of 3 comes from a 4 for the artwork and a 2.5 for the story.
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on 22 March 2010
any potential purchaser of this book should be warned that hulk and iron man make only brief appearances. the bulk of the story is dialogue between bruce banner and tony stark followed by a (very boring) back story on 'the leader'. this all builds up quite nicely and i expected an explosive climax. but when the leader confronts stark and banner, it all ends in one page. i have searched the internet to see if this was part one of a series but it isn't. very disappointing, one to avoid.
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on 22 February 2015
Just a general enjoyable one, nothing bad but nothing special
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on 25 February 2011
The book is called "Ultimate Hulk Vs Iron Man". I do not like this title as they only fight once and the fight only lasts a couple of pages. The rest of the time they working together against the Ultimate Human. Also, Tony Stark only wears his Iron Man suit once in his short fight with Hulk and Hulk is actually Bruce Banner for most of the book. So really, if the title is to reflect the story, I would have called it "Ultimate Hulk And Tony Stark Vs Ultimate Hulk". I think that title fits the story better.
I was disappointed when the book arrived becuase I was expecting a big Hulk vs Iron Man fight, but it was really more of a Marvel Team-Up between Iron Man and Hulk. But even though the book was different to what I was expecting, it is still a good book with great art (especially of Iron Man and Hulk).
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