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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2008
If you are a fan of the X-men comic book then this is truly required reading. First off, make sure you are reasonably up to date with the main X story arcs of the last few years, namely House of M, Decimation, Deadly Genesis and Endangered Species otherwise you are going to have a real problem in following most of the action. While I readily admit that Messiah Complex is by no means perfect, it is most definately the best Marvel crossover in a long time, with most story arcs fitting together quite neatly. This book is also important as it marks the moment when the X-groups are no longer Xaviers responsibility and become Cyclop's X-men.
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on 4 June 2008

Thats what i thought and still think after finishing 'Messiah Complex' the first X-men event for ten years. So what makes this so special then? How does it stand out from the crowd? Well the truth is because it changes the status quo. Now many events make claims that they will do this to a franchise but 'Messiah Complex' manages to meet this claim and more.

So whats the story? Well to sum it up its the 'conclusion' so to speak of 'House Of M', (a marvel cross-over event that happened 4 years ago.) the mutant population has new hope rekindled through the birth of a new mutant. This may just sound like an average idea on paper, but it also uses many other plot lines through out X-men lore to create an event that surprises with each of its twists and turns. Its because of this that you realise how much time has been spent to create this event by the creators as by the end of it you realise that so many old plot points have been tied up but so many new ones have been opened.

Also through the use of the constant rotation of artists through out the event it makes it constantly refreshing to be reading with a different style of art. It is also helpful that each artist is able to play on their strengths through out the event to deliver the best experince of the reader.

Although by the end you may be confused or maybe even agitated by not a definate answer from the writers because of the last three pages. (you will no what i mean when you get there) You just have to remember that so many new storylines have been opened from this story. And it shows that this event is the messiah for the X-men franchise as it has saved it and now guiding it in a new direction.
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on 17 July 2016
I had high hopes for this. The story was crowed as was the artwork. The pages were so busy with shapes and colour that I found it hard to distinguish what was going on in a lot of spreads- usually just one fighting scene after another. The art work was largely over stylised- like anime- or cartoony in style which I personally do not like. I found myself reading super fast just to get the thing over with. I won't be going back for a second read. Too noisy and headache inducing- as if a teenage boy with no regard for page design just crammed all he could into each page and then used all the colours in his set to finish it with.
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on 18 September 2012
The first mutant to be born since Scarlet Witch's curse on "M-Day" (see "House of M" by Brian Michael Bendis) - No More Mutants - is named Hope and could signal the salvation of the mutant species. But the race is on to capture this baby: the X-Men want to protect her, Mr Sinister want to use her for his infernal plans, Cable is on a mission from the future to Sarah Connor the baby, and a mutant hunting beast called Predator X is on the loose.

There is a lot going on in the book that isn't really explained so if you're jumping in blind then you might find yourself a bit lost. Having too many series has always been a problem with X-Men: Uncanny X-Men, New X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor - there's too many storylines intersecting to have a standalone book make sense and reading "Messiah CompleX" I kept wondering what was going on. Why are Cyclops and Prof X fighting? Were Mystique and Rogue a couple? Mystique seems to be trying to save Rogue from some coma-type state - how and when did that happen? Is Hope Cyclops' daughter - who's the mother?

I felt there was too much going on which made the book seem overstuffed and more than a bit jumbled. For one thing, the futuristic mutants in concentration camps idea has been done many times before and is trotted out again here to no real effect. I think the point was that if Hope lived, this would become reality but it's unclear how or why - this is another storyline which I expect was addressed in future books. Predator X was one big Macguffin - what was the point in having this robotic dinosaur running rampant? What is it, who sent it, why is it included? That storyline just ends nowhere. As does the Mr Sinister storyline - I thought Sinister would play a much larger role than he actually did, and we never find out what his motives are anyway! It's another story point that ends in a cul-de-sac.

The best storyline was easily Cable's. He's a futuristic mutant fighter who's come to the present to save Hope (I know, it's basically T2 but I don't care). It's him and a baby against everyone, good and bad, and I really wanted to read more about his fight for survival against the odds. I thought the Predator X storyline was created just for Cable to fight at the end but no. Instead we catch brief glimpses of Cable throughout before the final pages where I really wanted to pick up a book devoted entirely to Cable and Hope's survival rather than read more of the convoluted adventures of the X-Men.

The book is a pretty decent and fun read as there's a lot going on so you're never bored. It's just that with so many questions about what's going on, I couldn't really enjoy it fully. I also thought there were far too many characters involved - I don't know who X-Factor or X-Force are, and frankly I don't care. If you've read all the books leading up to this event though I'm sure it's more satisfying.

And on a sidenote, a major character dies at the end. I won't say who but it's kind of laughable if you've been following the more recent "Avengers Vs. X-Men" title because that character dies again! I guess the old rule that only Peter Parker's Uncle Ben stays dead is well and truly still enforced. Kind of undermines the shock of the ending to "Messiah CompleX" though.
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on 23 June 2011
I am not an X-Men fan, but I borrowed this one from my friend when I had run out of Wolverine, Iron Man and Moon Knight books to read. I planned to only read one chapter (or comic or whatever you want to call it) per day, but I ended up reading thje whole thing in one day because every time I finished a chapter, I just wanted to know what happened next, and then it was over. The story is gripping and dramatic and the artwork fits right with it with well-drawn and detailed fight scenes and explosions and such. The story is one of the best, if not the best, I have read in a comicbook, full of mystery and betrayals and lots of different teams all fighting over the first mutant birth since M-Day (House of M): Cyclop's X-Men want to find the baby, Mr Sinister's Marauders want the baby for evil, the Purifiers want to kill the baby, Cable wants to protect the baby and take it into the future, Wolverine's X-Force wants to fight or attack anyone that Cyclops tells them to fight or attack, Bishop wants to kill the baby to change the future, Madrox the multiple man, Forge and Layla Miller want to investigate the future using Forge's time machine, Mystique and Gambit want to save Rouge, the Young Mutants want to attack the Purifiers, Lady Deathstrike wants to work with the Purifiers, Predator X wants to eat all the mutants, and X-Factor just want to protect whatever is left of mutantkind after M-Day. All this results in a great comicbook with an epic and dramatic story of mystery and betrayal matched with well-drawn fight scenes and artwork.
Five stars, and I might be convinced to start reading more X-Men and X-Force now.
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on 16 June 2008
Okay, I collected house of M and every other title with it, I bought Civil was and every other title with it and these two really made me sceptical about marvel's epic stories, I read World War Hulk which I wasnt expecting much from anyway but this story right here is brilliant. Firstly, when I was reading it, I didnt have to wait a month for the next story but more importantly secondly, it was a great story, some good twists and some great battles. Okay, People do die, though they arn't significant (and some have died before, lol).

I would definitly advise people to read it as it threads loads of different stories together to create an epic tale.
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on 28 December 2007
Remember the good old days of X-Men, when every hated them? They were confused? And they didnt always know who there enemy was going to be.

Well those times are back. This is the best story I have read for these guys in years, i am only on issue 7 mind, but still, so far it has been great, and i cant wait for the rest.
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on 6 August 2008
This is the best X-men story in a long time am not going to give anything away but with all the x-men teams X-Factor and various villains and certain betrayal's within the teams this is well worth the read. I recomend this to any new fan or old. Messiah Complex rules.
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on 9 March 2014
I read a library copy of the paperback.
I have kind of rediscovered the X-Men after many years of only being aware of them from a distance and I confess to picking this up mainly due to other’s reviews praising it.
So what can I add?
Well, what should be noted is the sheer size of this volume – the equivalent of over 13 ordinary comics and they cut across all of the various X-Titles being produced back in 2008 ish yet the storyline stays remarkable well structured and the pacing is spot on.
There are a few too many questions left for me to crown this with 5 stars but the option of 4 and a half would have been preferable.
This is where Cyclops finally and finally takes the reins of all the X-Men from Prof X and he does so in a measured and driven way.
The majority of the art is beautiful but I’ve never really appreciated Bachalo or Ramos and I cannot warm to the ‘New’ X-men here, all shouting adolescence and ridiculous powers!
I agree with others in that the monster ‘Predator X’ is only here for padding that the storyline didn’t need.
I loved the large cast with most members getting a look in and some action and character, no mean feat., but it does leave me wondering where most of the X-hangers-on are these days (after AvsX) ?
Did I just see references in this trade to the origins of Cable and the long ignored ‘X-traitor’ storyline?
It’s never perfect, but it really is very good indeed.
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on 7 June 2008
Deffentally a must have for any x-fan or comics fan.
the best x-men story ive enountered so far.
it never get as good as this now, so make the most of it when you read this. 5 stars!!
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