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on 26 July 2014
The film by award winning director 'Steven Spielberg' is based on a true story.
The year 1839 though many activists campaign to rid the World of slavery in
many places the trade was alive and well at this time.
This story tells of a group of enslaved 'Africans' on their enforced journey take
over the ship 'LA AMISTAD' with the intention of sailing her back to their
However, despite their efforts, the 'LA AMISTAD'' mutineers are recaptured...they
will now face a trial in 'America'
The court will hear claims of ownership of the defendants, the trial is followed by
the whole nation, it becomes an issue of Human Rights for the enslaved 'Africans'
A team is brought together to defend the defendants 'Mathew .S. Baldwin' played
by 'Mathew McConaughey' and 'Theodore Joadson' played by 'Morgan Freeman'
Language difficulties are a real problem between Council and Defendants'
For the Lawyers what starts as just another job soon becomes a mission, though
the defence's presentations are proven it is not and end to the ordeal for the
defendants as a new judge is appointed which means it all has to be done again.
'Mathew' and 'Theodore' desperately try to learn the basics of their clients language,
fortunately they stumble across a former slave that can act as a interpreter.
The spokesman for the enslaved defendants 'Cinque' (Djimon Hounsou) can for
the first time during the second trial tell the court his story of how he and others are
forcefully taken from their Homeland and then on a torrid journey, firstly on the ship
'The Tecara' to Cuba, and how many, the now defendants came to be on the 'LA -
The Judge rules in their favour concluding the defendants were in deed born in 'Africa'
and could not be looked upon as slaves,.
However as history records the celebrations of both the Defence Team and Defendants
are soon muted as the case is referred to 'THE SUPREME COURT'
Former President and lawyer 'John Quincy Adams' a well known abolitionist is persuaded
to join the defence team and lead the argument on behalf of the defendants.
This is a remarkable and well portrayed drama harbouring many great performances
from the cast involved.
The film is both moving and engaging.......well worth taking time out to view.
The picture and sound quality of this 1997 movie is excellent.
The Film on the Blu-ray format is only available from the U.S.(Import) on the Amazon site,
the good news is that the film is 'MULTI - REGION'
Special Features -
* The Making of 'Amistad'
* Theatrical Trailer HD
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on 27 July 2011
i find, as the creator of the summer blockbuster, spielberg is great at making blockbusters. but spielberg doesn't just make blockbusters he does another type of film a film like "the colour purple" a film like "munich" and a film like "amistad". unlike the blockbuster films, this type of film isn't guaranteed to be a enjoyable film for me, i think these non blockbusters are a bit hit and miss.

just as well then that spielberg generally releases a blockbuster the same year as a non blockbuster film e.g.. "jurrasic park" and "schindlers list", "war of the worlds" and "munich". "amistad" was the non blockbuster to "the lost world's" commercial success. not to say that "amistad" is any less of a film than "the lost world" but it would have always been less successful than a dinosaur adventure thriller with CGI around every corner. i think that is part of spielbergs success, release a film highlighting some very real very difficult issues to please the critics, then release a blockbuster to get bums on seats and make sure the money is made.

well that was a major digressional tangent wasn't it? shall i get on with actually reviewing this film? yes i think i should..

the opening scene was probably the highlight of the film for me it just looked amazing and i really got a feel for the hunger and passion for freedom that the slaves had in the revolt. the film, however, quickly devolves into a big-budget classroom documentary, albeit a reasonably gripping one. beautifully filmed, and well-acted (particularly by djimon hounsou), Spielberg's film loses momentum each time he halts for scenes of courtroom "drama".

the harrowing flashbacks to life aboard the Amistad provoked a feeling of disgust in me, which i am sure was the intention. but i did get a feeling of pride to find that the british were pretty much the freedom fighters of the time, and the scene where the british destroy the slave fortress made me smile, as in film, english people are all to often portrayed to be the bad guys but in real life we all know we're the good guys.

In its best moments, Amistad reveals Spielberg as a man committed to showing us how it really was, in its worst moments, the film reveals a director who is maybe a bit too devoted to informing the audience of the really inconsequential details of the time, making the whole pace of the film go a bit to slow for my tastes.

i would give "amistad" 3 out of 5 stars.
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on 23 April 2016
An excellent depiction of this truth-based story of rebellion by slaves on a west-bound square rigger. Male and female commercial 'products' to be sold to the highest bidders for various purposes turn - through force - into 'masters' of the vessel. Through clever devices, their lawyer eventually wins the day and the kidnapped find freedom. A refreshing, but very realistic representation of conditions are worthy of determined scrutiny. The acting is superb throughout, giving very satisfied reminders of top-notch actors and a wonderful, meticulous presentation from a first class director.
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on 27 May 2017
Good film well worth watching. Delivered on time, suitably packaged
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on 13 August 2016
the dvd came long before the expected date and in good condition. The story is very good and there are many subtitles to choose from. That is very useful for me. It seems this story to be a story based on true facts. The actors performed very well and the movie is well directed.
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on 24 September 2017
Not the usual standard from Stephen Spielberg, but it's still a good film with an impressive performance by Anthony Hopkins – especially the gripping courtroom scenes.
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on 14 August 2017
A fantastic film about the beginning of the end of slavery in the USA. Good performances all round and an educational history film.
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on 17 September 2017
It was o/k but most of it was filmed in a court room which was quite boring at times.
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on 17 June 2014
A moving true story of a moment in the slave trade. Not to be missed if you want to see, or wish to show others, how this abomnation of man's inhumanity to man affected all who came into contact with it.
Although slavery was not started by Europeans but by Africans, (and still is carrying on,see Nigeria) this film brings to the fore the effects, good and bad, and is a real cliffhanger as the end approaches. Top Marks for it.
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on 4 September 2017
Superb. As any Anthony Hopkins film is.
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