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on 1 September 2009
I bought this book due to the great reviews and am very disappointed. I'm not a vegetarian but like vegetarian food and have a lot of veggie family & friends. Firstly the recipes use American weights/measure, which are not impossible to translate, but is rather irritating. Secondly, many of the ingredients are not easily available except in specialist shops in Europe, so you need to think on your feet & improvise. Thirdly, many of the recipes are more side dishes than main dishes, which is fine if you're a light eater or have time to prepare multiple options, but not for busy families. I've found much more substantial and tasty dishes on the internet or via other cookery writers such as Delia.
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on 11 September 2000
Although it focuses on meatless cookery, this impressive volume belongs in the kitchens of vegetarians and nonvegetarians alike. It is packed with practical information and clearly written, appealing recipes for simple everyday meals as well as for entertaining. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" is bound to be a very useful addition to your library.
Also recommended: "Recipes and Remembrances from an Eastern Mediterranean Kitchen", by Sonia Uvezian. If you are fond of Mediterranean food (as I am), you will find this book a revelation. It is filled with extraordinary vegetarian recipes, many of them not available elsewhere.
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on 1 July 1999
This has become my culinary encyclopedia. I find myself referencing the text daily when preparing a meal. The vegetable/fruit information is very thorough - providing herbs & spices that combine well. It's also a dictionary of procedures & techniques, giving valuable information on anything from cooking rice to making crepes. Many of the recipes are fairly simple to prepare but surprisingly delicious. Recipes start from the very rudimentary, which makes it a primer for people who don't know much about cooking or food; but the information remains timeless and valuable to cooks of all levels. As a vegetarian, it has displaced Joy of Cooking as the number one guide in the kitchen.
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on 21 May 1999
As an avid vegetarian home cook this book is the one I turn to again and again. Deborah Madison has a gift not only for presenting recipies with well balanced flavors and textures but for clearly explaining the fundamental building-blocks of cooking which enable to home chef to create culinary delights of his/her own. I was especially fond of the notes found in the margins throughout the book which describe presentation and menue guides.
My only dissappointment in Madison was the dessert section which, apon reading, didn't make my mouth water. However, I must confess that I have yet to make even one of her desserts and the literature might not do the final product justice.
If for some strange and unimaginable reason I had to toss all of my cookbooks but one, it would be a toss up between Vegitarian Cooking For Everyone and the Escoffier cook book both of which I find indespensible.
I highly reccomend this book to herbavores and carnivores alike.
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on 22 January 1998
"Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" by Deborah Madison is one the finest cookbook, vegetarian or otherwise, I've ever used. Ms. Madison writes with simple elegance. "Vegararian Cooking..." is easy to read and a joy to use. My first criteria for cooking is how available are the ingredients. Relying on fresh and commonly found ingredients Ms. Madison has put together a cookbook that anyone can use. As I read the book, my first impression was the receipes might not be overly flavorful, however, cooking techniques and creative use of subtle flavorings creates dishes which are richly satisfying without being overwhelming. I was especially glad to read her comment about sensible eating of fat. With no fear of the Fat Police, Ms. Madison's common sense approach to cooking and eating fat results in a fine balance between healthy eating and moderate indulgenge. This book should be in the kitchen of anyone who enjoys good eating. This is truly a first-rate cookbook for vegetarians and meat-eaters like.
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on 5 January 1999
When I was 18 my mother gave me The Good Housekeeping Cookbook. This cookbook has been her guide most of her married life, and has served me well for more than ten years. Unfortunatly, as a mostly meatless eater I have struggled at times to "fix" the recipes so that they fit my lifestyle. For Christmas this year I was given Deborah Madison's book. I own many vegetarian cookbooks but they often contain complicated recipes that need a lot of prep time. Ms. Madison's cookbook will fill a long needed void by providing a reference cookbook, filled with classic reciepes and techniques, all geared towards a vegetarian lifestlye. It is a perfect book for a new vegetarian... or even my Mom! My Good Housekeeping Cookbook will always be a part of my kitchen shelf, but it will have a new permanent neighbor.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 21 November 2014
‘The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone’ prepared by Deborah Madison is a new edition of popular vegetarian cookbook that is often taken as the benchmark in this kind of cooking, which for this occasion was complemented by a number of new recipes and additional content.

The vegetarian diet, although usually perceived as willing decision of particular person, is often motivated by health reasons, prevention or necessary need. And I some time ago found myself in a similar situation when I literally overnight had to change my life, especially food I eat which has previously been dominated by meat, especially fried. So I was forced to seek help on Internet and diet books on this topic which are widespread in the market, not always the best quality. But very quickly someone mentioned one particular good book - Deborah Madison’s ‘Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone’ that although released almost 20 years ago is still an endless source of great tips and recipes in which ever since I enjoy.

So when I heard that a new release is coming out that immediately attracted my attention - what I've seen so far, this is definitely a book that is worth the purchase if you have previously used the old edition, and especially if you've never had the pleasure to own this great book.

All the original material is still inside, while the book was expanded with the additional 200 recipes, but equally important, both for old and new recipes the way they are showed is changed what make recipes now presented in 2 columns more convenient to read. Therefore it also had an impact on the number of pages and though the book was expanded with new materials it has fewer pages, so it is easier to handle and use in the kitchen

I am glad that the author stayed at the position that content of the book is much more important than turning it into a colorful picture book; this book that is not full of pictures will be especially appreciated by those who truly cook, not admire the colorful pictures of food for which is often difficult in practice to manage look like in the pictures.

Much could be written about this book, and yet do injustice to those things that would not be mentioned because the author managed to make a balanced manual for the best vegetarian cuisine can offer, a book that non-vegetarians can also easily use.

Therefore, besides the great recommendation for this new version of Deborah Madison book, I certainly suggest that if you would not decide to buy this one certainly try to find older edition whose price will now surely decline.
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on 1 December 1997
Not only are the recipes wonderful.
Not only are the pictures beautiful.
Not only are there directions for how to cook dozens of different vegetables in oodles of different styles.
But there's just an underlying sensibility to the whole book that makes you say, "Yes, not only could I do this sort of food, but I want to."
It's not preachy like _Laurel's Kitchen_, it's not way out of date with 90's tables like _Moosewood_, and it's not full of special interest food, like _Sundays at Moosewood_.
Even better, it doesn't constantly apologize for itself. Instead, you read it and find out how to make a perfect omelette. Exactly what goes into guacamole. How to pick a good parsnip. What goes well as a sauce for asparagus. How to make terrific desserts. What goes with roasted peppers.
This book reminds me a lot of _Mastering the Art of French Cooking_, by Julia Child, in that I just feel like my possibilities are expanded by reading it. But the recipes are much more contemporary in style than the wonderful French food from Julia.
Best of all, it's all there. All of the veggies you could imagine. Neat cheese recipes. Great baked goods. A chapter on breakfast. I have almost exclusively cooked out of this since I bought it a month ago, and am simply hooked.
Thank you, Deborah. I've been waiting for a book like this for a while!
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on 11 February 1999
This is an excellent cookbook geared for the openminded interested cook who takes pleasure in cooking with good whole local ingredients. It spans all levels of complexity and a wide range of foods and cuisine. My wife and I have found it most useful in learning how to make a lot out of very few simple ingredients we always have in our kitchen. We are meat eaters and wine drinkers. There is nothing "new age" or pretentious about this book. If you love food you'll love this book.
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on 26 June 1998
This book has become an essential part of my kitchen. The writing style is clear and simple. Sections address basics, like best ways to cook broccoli or roast peppers, as well as gourmet recipes for all occasions. I like most the "side notes" that give suggestions for how to serve the dish, what sauces might be complementary, and potential menus. By using this book, I'm becoming a more confident, creative cook. I can't praise Madison's book highly enough.
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