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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Blood Song
Format: Mass Market Paperback|Change

on 13 June 2010
BLOOD SONG is the work of amazing duo C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp, writing as Cat Adams.

In this story we meet Celia Graves, a bodyguard to the rich and famous who, although she is a regular human, knows about ghosts, demons, and other types of supernatural beings. While on assignment guarding a prince from a small European country, she is left wounded from a vampire attack.

This attack leaves her as an Abomination, not really vampire but not plain vanilla human, either. Celia must figure out her new limits, as well as destroy her maker before he can gain control over her - although this is the least of her worries.

Action, twists, and turns abound in this wonderful new series. The story flows like magic and the characters are very exciting. Celia Graves is definitely a character to watch.

For readers who are familiar with C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp, I think they'll be surprised at this new take on the old supernatural creature story. For those who are not familiar with them, I believe they'll go back and find their other stories just to get another taste of such wonderful storytelling.

This book is what urban fantasy is all about: fast-paced, mysteries galore, and a main character who is stubborn beyond belief even in the face of stronger creatures. Reading this book was like going on a roller coaster ride where the lever broke off and they can't find the off switch.

Cat Adams has crafted a story that will have others taking notice and scrambling to craft a story just as good. I think this will be one of the best series we'll see this year, and I would expect nothing less from the dynamic duo called Cat Adams.

Reviewed by: Breia "The Brain" Brickey
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on 3 July 2011
"Blood Song" is an entertaining read with a dynamic heroine you can really root for. In a world in which magic, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures exist; CA has created a tough, capable leading lady with an interesting past. During an assignment to protect a prince, Celia Graves is bitten by a vampire. Rather than doing the usual (either dying or becoming a feral bloodsucker) Celia instead becomes an abomination; retaining her humanity whilst developing vampire abilities.

This is fast paced urban fantasy story which sets the scene well for further books in this series. Celia has some great friends and colleagues; who she interacts well with, and there are plenty of supernatural and magical elements in a story line that twists and turns as Celia tries to uncover who tried to kill her and why. She's dealing with a new (and somewhat intense) interest in peoples' veins (particularly the blood pumping through them) plus an old childhood trauma, an alcoholic mother and an ex-fiancé who is only recently back in her life. Celia's relationship with her sister is particularly interesting, as is the secret revealed to her at the end of this book. The cliff hanger is great and I now look forward to sinking my teeth into the other books available, "Siren Song" and "Demon Song".
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on 19 August 2011
Celia Graves is a bodyguard and she is on a job protecting a Prince. It is whilst on this particular job that Celia is attacked by vampires. She wakes to find herself strapped down on a table in a lab where she is told that she is a half vampire after nearly being turned. Celia must now find out wo tried to turn her all vampy and who attacked the Prince.

Now this book sounded right up my street and I must admit I loved the cover too but I was disappointed with it. The beginning started out great so much so that I have pre-ordered the next two books but it went down hill. I haven't decided yet if I like Celia even after finishing the book and the other characters didn't really grab me either. It must be traumatic being half vamp but Celia cried a lot and I mean a lot. The vamps were meant to be very old and tough but it seemed very easy to dispose of them no real big fights scenes. I didn't take to the dream sequences where we learn about Celia's past and there were parts of the story that should have taken at least a chapter to write but were covered in two pages. I would like to give this book 3 stars.
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on 16 August 2011
Celia Graves was the human body guard to the rich and famous in a world where even the local mini mart sets up wards to keep vampires; werewolves and ghouls at bay. Her latest assignment is anything but normal as an attack in an ally that was meant to kill her results in her becoming an Abomination. Celia; though still herself in her mind and soul now possess the body of a vampire (or Bat as their referred to as.)

Celia now must find her sire and kill him before he seeks her out to try to finish her transformation into a true vampire while government official try to determine if she posses a threat to society in her new form or not. Lucky her friends (even the ghost of the dead ones) and family is standing by her side as she cope with her new powers and the fear she causes whenever she flashes her new fangs. She hope to prove herself stable enough to remain in society so she doesn't end up lock away forever.

Blood song is the first book in a new trilogy that is fact pace with a lot of funny situations to lighten up the cliff hanging action.
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on 30 September 2013
Although the premise of this book isn't anything new, its a really good read and I'm hoping setting up plot lines that will unfold later in the series - but not too much later please!

Why aren't any of these books available on Kindle???
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