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  • Relic
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on 11 January 2017
Picked this up in a cheap book sale years ago and over the years have read it quite a few times. I have been meaning to give it to a charity shop many times, but every time decided to read it before I did so. I now have the Kindle version as well so I can finally give it away. Easy read, interesting and perfect length for a long flight, a cold evening or a day on the beach. It made me read the rest of the Pendergast series, though this -with Reliquary and Cabinet of Curiosities- is by far the best. Some great characters are introduced in Relic that seem to lose their interesting charms as the series progresses. More and more midlife crises and angst is leaving me less and less captivated as time goes on.
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on 14 August 2017
I read this book because I love the film, Relic. The film is dark and creepy with some good characterisation.

The book is the first in a series of novels that feature Agent Pendergast - an extraordinary man who is an intellect, a philanthropist, and a detective whose speciality is unusual and prolific serial murderers. This mystery thriller is complex and fascinating which has, clearly, been researched thoroughly. The authors take care to explain the arcane and archaic details which underpin the mystery without being patronising. I love novels which educate me as well as take me through a fascinating story. This is one of those. And, it was a joy to find that this is the first in series of novels which feature Agent Pendergast.
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on 30 October 2014
Totally loved this book. I'd already read some other books from these authors & was enthralled by them so it was an easy decision to download Relic the first of the Pendergast series.

Who doesn't love a great lead character? Special Agent Pendergast is so unusually curious and his knowledge seems endless. He has a great way of making people do what he wants & allowing them to believe it was their own idea. He's always under control, very cool, calm & collected.

This is a story of fiction & it's great to be able to enjoy it as such but let's not kid ourselves it is not beyond the realms of science for this to actually happen for real. Who knows what creatures have still to be discovered.

Allow yourself to be entertained, I'm off to get the next book in the series.

If however you don't have time to read all the books in the Pendergast series then my advice would be not to miss

"Still Life With Crows" and "White Fire"
you will not be disappointed.
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on 4 December 2017
Love these two authors works, they always leave you wanting more. They stories have a twist that is surprising,well thought out characters and descriptive plots. Well worth reading all there books as each one stands alone
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on 8 September 2017
Excellent Book. Slightly different from the film, but very good.
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on 27 July 2009
I bought this book on the recommendation of a fellow James Rollins fan. Anyone who enjoys James Rollins, Daniel Silva and Steve Berry will, I'm sure, enjoy the Lincoln Preston "Agent Prendergast" series. The hero is as much of a mystery as the case he sets out to solve. The reader is treated to a hair raising chase through the bowels of the New York Museum of Natural History, involving a creature like no other seen before, in the company of a diverse and engaging group of protagonists that leaves you breathless and wanting more.
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on 13 December 2016
I read a later book so have gone back and started from the beginning - it's a bit predictable in some parts and sometimes a bit silly, but it's good entertainment and a change from what I usually read.
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on 23 August 2016
Like al, Pendergast this is a great read with very accurate technical background. Not even the best book ! ( Cabinet of curiosities or feast for crows if youre wondering ). I stumbled across this series in June and have now read up to book 8 :)
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on 6 May 2017
The story started a bit slow but gained speed finally. Could have been more compact. I'll probably read at least five to six books until I decide weather to read them all or quit.
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on 1 March 2017
Very entertaining, well written, thriller, even better than the film. An intricate story, involving science, prehistory, museum life, terror, and horror. I look forward to a sequel.
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