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on 17 November 2014
I love Mr Modesitt's work. He has created several colourful and rich worlds for us to discover and he can often show us that our perceptions are mistaken by showing us the other side of things (The Magic Engineer/The Colours of Chaos being the prime and best example of this). The World of Recluce and particulalry the continent of Candar have been mined deeply for stories, so Modesitt opens up the world and tells us a tale from another, smaller land, Austra, an Island in the north west.

This novel is part 2 of Kharl, former Cooper (Barrel maker) and now a minor lord, given his service in the previous novel, Wellspring of Chaos. Unfortunately all is not wellin his new homeland and soon Kharl is back in service, supporting the ruler of the island in a civil war. Once that is dealt with Kharl goes back to his former home, in part to look for his son who he left there with family when he was forced to flee and in part to let matters calm down at home and to do another service as all is not well there.

Usually with Modesitt's novel's we get the tale from a young man (or occassionally, a young woman), this time however we have the tale from an older man, approaching middle age. While this is a different touch, something about the novel fails to sparkle. All the usual elements are there, but for once it just doesn't jump of the page. I enjoyed the read, but i'll not likely go back to this as I have with others of Mr Modesitt's work.
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on 6 November 2014
What can I say, I read his books over and over.
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on 16 December 2005
I have a lot of admiration for Mr Modesitt.
Having read all of the Recluce books I would say this isn't as good as I expected. The main charater, Kharl, just doesn't draw me in the same way that Creslin, Lorn or Lerris did. That being said, I did enjoy the abilities he seems to have since they don't follow what we expect from the writer.
Besides this, I was pretty disappointed with the ending: after the first quarter of the book Kharl doesn't seem to be particularly stretched by anything that occurs.
All in all I would say get this as a paperback it's not worth buying the hardback and paying extra for.
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on 15 June 2013
This is the thirteenth book in the Saga of Recluse and is the second part of Kharl's story. He is no sooner in his new estate,Cantyl, when Lord Ghrant needs his help. After expanding his order powers further and ensuring that Lord Ghrant is secure in his position he returns to build his estate for a second time. Not long after his return he is visited by Hagen and asked as a trusted figure to be Lord Ghrant envoy to his homeland, Nordla. Here he attempts to right the wrongs from his earlier life while attempting to be an envoy for Lord Ghrant. I enjoyed this book. I note that many reviews make Kharl seem a weaker character, one people don't seem as drawn to although i didnt find this. Out of all off the main characters Creslin, Justin, Lorin, Lerris I found Kharl to be the most honest and flawed of all of them. His simplistic character was pure and in ways seemed more real. I also found the book give a good account of the various political, legal and cultural etiquettes and ethics of the time. I would certainly recommend it.
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on 31 March 2009
I really enjoy the novels of Recluce by L.E.Modesitt Jr and I've been a fan since the Magic of Recluce. I came to this book with the knowledge that Modesitt can and does write very good characters that are set in a very interesting world. One reviewer has already mentioned that the character of Kharl doesn't draw you in the same as previous characters such as Nylan, Creslin, Lorn or Lerris...I agree, what this book does do is give an insight into the political machinations of the Recluce world.

The only downside and the reason this book hasn't been given 5 stars is that Modesitt does tend to have characters that repeatedly do the same things. That said it is a very good book.
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on 23 January 2005
Ordermaster is the sequel to Modesitt's last novel in the Recluce saga (Wellspring of Chaos) and follows Kahl, a Cooper who fled his home after being accused of a Murder he did not commit.

In this book, Kahl is settling into his new life as a minor lord (Lord of Cantyl) in Austra. His title and lands were bestowed on him by Lord Ghrant after Kahl saved Ghrant's life in the previous book. Kahl is busy learning what it means to be a lord, when he receives an urgent summons back to the capital. Upon his arrival, he finds his friend Lord Ghrant in need of his help with rebellious lords.

If you like Modesitt's other Recluce novels then you will enjoy this. Modesitt has found a good formula and has stuck religiously to it here in his latest Recluce offering. Ardent fans will not be disappointed in this book. All the usual props and events occur, but newcomers might wonder why so many people love this series. There is little or nothing new here. To newcomers I say this: Start this saga with the first novel called Towers of Sunset, and then read the others in order.
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on 2 July 2014
This (book 13 of series) continues the tale started in Wellspring of Chaos, another classic Recluse Saga book, its no good me outlining story, you either love fantasy books & should read all of these Recluse ones & discover what happens in this wonderful, interesting world the writer has imagined yourself (i don`t want to spoil it) or you dislike fantasy & are reading a review of this book by mistake .. For the former, start reading these classic fantasy books from the beginning (The Magic of Recluse) right now, these are among some of the best fantasy ever written! .. For the latter, has your mouse broken? i`m sure you can buy a new one from Amazon.
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on 25 March 2014
Ordermaster (Saga of Recluce)
Karl is now part of the gentry not bad for an ex cooper, but he is not totally happy with what he has got.
then trouble is brewing in his old home and he is sent as an Envoy to the ruler. not only saves old friends but new loves, and ofcourse saves the day killing the baddies -quite forcefully- to make all safe
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on 31 October 2013
This author always delivers. great characters, action and a great ideas to ponder over, I have most of his books and will continue to collect them, he is one of the few authors you can re-read but he must be foody because nearly every book details what people eat, sounds good too.
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on 16 May 2006
Not a lot to say really, I bought, I read, I threw it away knowing I would never read it again......

He is one of my favourite authors and he writes fantastic books...so not sure what went wrong here but it is all a bit stilted, no real excitement, I even started skimming the pages.

In short read his other books but do not bother with this one. Harsh but fair.
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