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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 5 October 2014
Self explanatory
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on 14 January 1999
The iMac is my very first computer and as a middle-aged housewife I was dismayed that there was no "beginners manual" packed in the iMac box. My adult daughter was a great help at first but our long distance "consultation calls" were getting pretty expensive. I was delighted to find this book, a perfect "beginners manual" that answered many, many questions for me. The book is clearly written by a man who assumes you know nothing and it is very thorough but not at all boring. Sprinkles of humor keep the tone light and reading this book was the most painless learning experience I've had recently. I feel the iMac is a wonderful "contraption" and I know that Pogue's book gave me more confidence than I could have found even with a tutor at my elbow. This is a wonderful guide to the mysteries of the innards of an iMac as far as I am concerned.
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on 23 March 1999
Last night, I bought and began reading "iMac for Dummies" by David Pogue. OK, I'm no computer wizard. I'm from an older generation that has had to learn this stuff like a second language. Nonetheless, I must exclaim with glee that simply reading thie iMac for Dummies book is more fun than anything I've ever DONE on a Wintel machine and one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done with computers. I have purchased several different Dummies type books for Word, Windows, DOS, etc., over the years. Never, ever has one come close to being this readable. After one night and morning of reading, I feel I am user-friendly with Macs. Contrast this with the countless hours (years) I spent planted in front of Windows programs, jaw clenched, with three books spread in my lap and trying in vain to solve indecipeherable error messages, glitches and crashes. Suddenly, it seems absurd how simple computing might really be and could have been all along. I am beginning to get a feeling--a strong feeling--that one can actually have a good time on a computer. Mac fever. Bless Mr. Pogue and Apple for rescuing us from the dark side of the force. I can sleep safely now, iMac and Dummies book by my bed, knowing that my family is safe from the evil Wintel demon. Seriously, kudos to Mr. Pogue for writing an emminently successful and accessible book on personal computers "for the rest of us."
Jeffrey Teuber
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on 11 June 2000
this book is fabulous! i had already read a couple of books on macintosh computers and so wasn't even a complete idiot when i read this one. but i still learned ALOT and laughed out loud too. i cannot recommend this book enough! most computer books mention various things the computer can do but too often fail to give examples of why exactly you would want to do that and then always seem to be missing a step or two. whereas i was already feeling confident enough in what i was reading to zap my pram and rebuild my desktop the first day! get this book and as an extra bonus you too can be a hit at cocktail parties with his geek tips for witty responses.
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on 20 January 1999
This book saved me from a mental meltdown for I am a total computer novice and if it had not been for the long distance coaching from my adult daughter (from August until December) I would have been very frustrated. Now that I have read iMac For Dummies I am happy and my daughter is also happy, for long distance problem solving was not her favorite activity. The book assumes you know nothing about computers (so true in my case) and Pogue gently and humorously guides you through the maze within this clever computer. He tells you about things you can trash if you are not on a network; he shows you how to create deathless prose with the word processing program included (and uses very funny examples) and he also explains the games and other software that came with the iMac. This is an excellent book that I think should have been packed in the iMac box when it came from the factory.
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on 5 June 1999
I have two defining moments in my computer education. Before and after Imac for dummies. Before consisted of playing around on other peoples computers and a high school class on O/S2. This book is a godsend to anybody who has little or no mac experience. The Author has graciously kept the book simple without diving into "mind numbing" detail. The book gets alittle to simplistic at times. The chapter of Taking the Imac out of the box, I thought alittle childish. Then again, Who am I to judge? Overall it was a well thought out and Informitive book and should be standard issue with the Imac.
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on 5 July 1999
As a novice I found this a very helpful book. The slightly frustrating aspect is that it is really intended for readers in the US and contains a lot of information (particularly in relation to the Internet) which is of no interest to a British reader.
Also, there should perhaps be a warning that his descriptions of the various applications available may not match those contained on your iMac. I don't know if this is because I have a UK version of the computer.
Overall, fairly good, but I think it would be more helpful to have a version written by a British user.
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on 18 July 1999
I read the book cover to cover (although not front to back) in just a few days. I looked forward to reading it because I felt I was learning so much and it was fun to read because the author is so amusing. I learned a lot about my new imac and Macintosh in general. I also picked up some additional tips on MS Word and Excel that I didn't know. I wish David Pogue could write all the dummies books on the subjects I'm interested in reading. (By the way, is he married? (Just kidding)
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on 9 June 1999
This book is perfect for those people who know absolutely nothing about computers, or macs anyway. If the first computer somebody buys is an iMac, (which, by the way, would be wise) this is the book to get. It's got everything from how to turn the machine on, to turning it off, and EVERYTHING that you will do in between. And it's laid out so simply. If you've owned a mac before, and just bought an iMac, don't buy this book. It truly is a book for "dummies", or beginners.
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on 15 August 1999
I bought this book for my 71 year old Mother for whom we just bought an iMac. It was my first encounter with David Pogue. I sort of ho-hummed as I picked the book up with a highlighter in one hand. I didn't put it down until I finished it. It not only helped me with my own G-3, but you should se my Mom!It is funny and easy to follow & I promise you will search out all of Mr. Pogue's other works. Enjoy!! Siralewker@aol.com
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