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on 15 January 2009
This is a remarkable Sacred Tool of extraordinary power and versatility. When I first opened the handsome box, I was intrigued and frankly a bit puzzled as to how I might be able to use it.

But when a gay male pagan friend asked for a birthday oracular reading recently, and said he was looking for 12 Sacred Tasks which he could attempt in the coming year, I knew that no ordinary Tarot cards would suffice. I needed a truly out-of-the-ordinary tool. That turned out to be "The Sol Invictus -- The God Tarot".

This tool is highly versatile. It is fine for "as below" mundane questions about whether to buy that new home. But it is in the "as above" questions about Sacred Issues that the "Sol Invictus" cards really come into their own -- issues about your Spiritual Home, about which Spiritual Path you might choose to take to reach it.

The artistry of the cards may strike some as being a bit "naive" or "primitivistic". But, like much so-called "folk art", the art of these cards conveys powerful symbols in easily understood colours and forms without superfluous abstraction.

The hefty book which accompanies these cards is worth the purchase price by itself. I have never read such a concise yet scholarly compilation of pan-cultural myths. No matter how well-versed you believe you are in global mythology, this book will surprise you with new information you had never read before.

The presentation is erudite and yet quite personal. It is as though you have sat down with the authors for tea and they are excitedly telling you about their amazing discoveries about gods from all over the world.

And even if you are a jaded old Tarot reader who has "read it all before", you will delight at the mythological insights into the Tarot which this book offers. There will be times when you'll find yourself looking up from the book and saying, "Of course! Why have I never seen this connection before now myself?"

And don't let the "all-male energies" daunt you in the least. "Sol Invictus -- The God Tarot" is not just for men, and it is certainly not just for gay or transgender people. It is for anyone who wants to work with the God Energies which lie in each and every one of us, female or male, gay or straight.

There is a god or a hero or a saint or a character out of folk legend in each of us. "Sol Invictus -- The God Tarot" is a valuable tool to help us become acquainted with the many aspects of the Divine Masculine which lie largely dormant within ourselves.
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on 23 February 2008
This deck is a pleasure to read with. The imagery is rich and beautiful and the book is well-researched and more scholarly than most accompanying books for tarot decks, as well as being passionately written. I would recommend this deck both for reading and for pathworking, although it may surprise people whose only experience of Tarot is the Rider Waite. As a fairly experienced reader of tarot I have found its new take on traditional tarot imagery refreshing without being jarring. I think it would be equally good for a beginner, as its symbolism is immediate and evocative and lends itself to intuitive reading.
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on 1 February 2008
This is my favorites deck. The cards are very well researched and its nice to have a deck thats not just looking at the feminine aspect of tarot.
I recommend this to anyone who reads the cards.
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on 12 June 2008
Amongst the mass produced, completely for profit and totally boring dozens of tarot decks which are produced every year, this deck stands out and shines brightly. Both the artwork and the very detailed book which accompanies it has been produced with thought and much care. The concept of doing a deck dedicated to the masculine divine is equally good and thoughtful. Well done and I hope that there will be more from this dynamic duo!
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