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on 12 January 2014
The usual good standard as expected from this publishing team. A great help in guiding one through the tricky bits. Well worth having.
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on 18 January 2013
Yeah its not perrrrfect but as a general guide its great and i would not have been able to progress through the game without!
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on 4 July 2003
The book is a glossy A4 sized graphics-intensive Lara Croft AOD 'bible' for gameplayers. The guide contains sections such as Introduction and Training, Book of Monsters, Items and Weapons and the main part, the Walkthrough. Each of these areas covers detailed hints and tips on the gameplay and puzzles that Lara and Kurtis must face. Every paragraph seems to be accompanied by a screen shot - an invaluable assitance on those tricky situations. One must be careful not to browse the Walkthrough ahead of gameplay as it may spoil the surprises awaiting. Hence this review is limited in it's description. It also features artwork of Lara in various action poses and my edition has a cool poster of Lara and Kurtis, which would look good on any wall. I look forward to getting into this book more thoroughly.
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on 14 July 2007
When I got my first copy of Angel of Darkness five years ago, I decided to buy this walkthrough as well. Because of countless mistakes in the text I found it impossible to get through the first level!!!!! It told me to go down the wrong paths, it told me to break down the wrong door, and it told me the wrong code. And that was just for one level! It caused me to give up for five years and I only just started playing again!

More than a dozen times now I have followed the walkthrough thoroughly, but it always tells you to do the wrong thing. I tells you turn wheels that can't be turned yet.

In the Louvre, for example, it tells you that the only way to get past the red laser beams is through an almost impossible wall-shimmying method. After this failed repeatedly, I put the walkthrough down and looked for another way. I instantly spotted, using my own head, that you could simply jump the rest of the way, and I did it first time! In the second Louvre level, it claims that the laser beams are impossible to get through, and that you need to do a strange method of setting off the alarm and luring the guards, but I got through the beams easily without setting off the alarm!

Bottom line, do NOT - I repeat - DO NOT buy this guide. EVERY SINGLE PAGE contains an error that makes it almost impossible to proceed in the game if you follow it.

Trust me, every single time I have even picked up this walkthrough I have got completely stuck (sometimes literally "stuck"). But when I reload the level and just play it using my own head, I find it to be extaordinarily easy. Don't even consider buying this book. If you must use a walkthrough, you'll have MUCH better luck with the online ones.
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on 6 July 2003
Having recieved my ordered copy of TRAOD I was keen to get going in company with the programme I purchsed the "official guide", and whilst the guide is very useful and is on the whole easy to follow, giving valuable and useful information all of the way through.
I am unable to award 5 stars to this book as I have started to notice errors creeping into the text, at first I thought it was my mistake however they became more wide spread.
The code for "francines" apartment is wrong by one digit, at the beginning of the book you are encouraged to "bet" on a character called Carl, however the book then contradicts itself later on.
Pickups in the game bear on a regular basis little resemblance to that in the text.
It may be that the book was written and the the devlopment of the game moved on but it is definateley not up to the high standards of previous works.
Read the text a few scenes ahead as there is what appears to be a lot of unnecessary backtracking, early on especially in the sewers.
Overall a good guide but inconsistencies make the book just that little more hard work than necessary.
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