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on 11 December 1997
I bought this book about 3 hours after I first logged on to Ultima. It became painfully apparent that I needed some help to survive in such a new World. When I opened up the book, I was elated. It seemed to have everything I could want and more. The screen shots of every Britannian creature, the maps (Oh, what useful cartography!!), the hints, and the recipies for magery. However, I quickly realized that the book what not telling me truth, or at least not the whole truth. How could that be since this book was written by the creators of the game itself? Well, as it turns out the book was exactly right, but it was telling me about the game that was published, and not the game that it has evoled into. Since the delivery of the original product, the company has put out several patches that have tweaked various areas of the game. Not that there were many bugs, just that there were areas that were less than beleivable for role-players. So, the sections of the book that describe characteristics of weapons, armor and creatures have become all but useless. They are still accurate in helping you identify items by site, but the statistics have changed. I learned this lesson the hard way by spending my hard earned gold on an axe that the book said I was strong enough for, yet the game said I was not. Before I buy anything from another player or NPC I always check this resource and lightly mark in the book the latest stats for that item or creature. There is one aspect of this book that is worth every penny. The Cartography! The mapping is the most useful part of this book. And, as a Cartographer in trade myself, not to technically innacurate either. Yet, gratefully, this section is not immune to changes either. For recently, banks have been added to most of the major cities that previously had none. Again I resort to my pencil and mark in the location of these newly added features. On the whole this book offers great tips, great maps, and quite a bit of other useful information. But, by nature, static paper cannot keep up with the ever changing game. Buy the book for the hints and the maps, for the rest....read the online docs.
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on 4 August 1999
My friend Ed and I bought this book after a fine purchase of the game itself. After being PKed and loosing everything we work so hard to get in the adventurous game of UO, we decided this book may be are one and only answer. Well it was! It told us everything we needed to know! We read and read our brains out until school was long forgotten. Even good old Mr. N couldn't save us. My friend and I were feeling like UO masters until... a new client patch came and changed everthing around in the game, so the book had all wrong and old dated information. That is why I gave this book 3 stars. It is a well developed book to give you help in the game but since Ultima Online constanly uses patches to change everything (in there view for the better), the book becomes a useless puchase. Right now the book has only map use that is acurate with the game.
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on 4 November 1997
Though the layout can be a bit cumbersome at times, this book provides almost everything you need to survive in the Ultima Online Universe where thousands (not hundreds as the synopsis suggests) of players come together on the internet to play together or against each other as their lives and professions permit
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on 30 March 1998
When Ultima Online first came out this book was what every adventurer needed. However since then, the game has changed so much that the book will not help you much. It may still be useful for getting the absolute beginner to orient him/her self but not much more than that.
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on 6 December 1997
This book covers almost all of Ultima online you can imagine. From charts and pics of all the monsters with their stats to maps of the world, this easy-to-understand book will make your adventures in the online world much more exciting and easier!
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on 20 October 1998
This book contains a lot of information to help you get started in Ultima Online and build your character(s). It contains maps of the cities and dungeons of Britania and give you the statics of NPCs within the game.
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on 7 September 1998
The Book is totally outdated. The monsters you should encounter in Shame are long gone ! The armor ratings have changed a lot. The book may be useful for a newbie but it's no real help for a pro.
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on 4 June 1998
Go behind the scenes with this book. This is a must for all newbies to the game. It explains the game in full detail, almost every part of the massive game.
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on 28 July 1998
This book was virtually useless when it first came out, and now months later it is best used as a paperweight or kindling
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