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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 September 2011
I do love Shannon McKenna; she's an auto-buy for me. And maybe I was expecting too much here, but for me this book just isn't what the others in the series have been. When I started Behind Closed Doors, I knew right away I'd be pulling an all-nighter with that book. I didn't put that book down until my tired, crossed eyes made me, and most of the other books in this series were also like that for me, in different degrees. With this new book, that didn't happen.

For me, this book was not unputdownable. I actually had to make myself keep reading it, and I never thought that would be the case. This story just didn't grab me and pull me in. The first few chapters seemed to need tightening up and made more concise. It almost read more like rambling. I have a friend who is reading her copy at the same time, and she told me to hang in there and keep going. So I did, and the story did pick up, around p. 254 or so, about halfway through. That's when I felt it was hitting its stride.

I do think this book is maybe too similar to the last book, with the medical science slant of mind control and the mad, narcissistic scientist out to rule the world with his army of brainwashed drones. This zombie master stuff, as Bruno called it, I really felt like had been done before with Kev. Also, this part of the story, the bad guys, seemed too easy; the bad guys always seemed just too on top of things. And for me, King just wasn't scary or sinister or even interesting enough. By the time I got to p. 400, I was very ready for this to wrap up, yet it just kept going on. I feel this book could have been at least 100 pages shorter.

As for Bruno and Lily, I didn't feel a deep connection there. Unlike the other books in the series, most especially my favorite Seth, I did not feel the same sort of intensity here with these two characters. With the other books, I felt as if I could reach right into the story and touch and feel what those characters were feeling for each other. The others had a palpable chemistry and connection, but I didn't get that vibe with Bruno and Lily.

Yes, Bruno is sweet and sexy, Lily is ballsy and tough in her way, but I never really got beyond that. I didn't see more than that. When they did interact together, it was almost as if I were viewing that from a distance. It wasn't visceral like with Seth and Raine, Connor and Erin, etc. While I liked Bruno and Lily, I just didn't feel completely invested in what happened to them. I was more or less reading the story to see a glimpse of some of my favorite characters again and to be ready for the next book in the series.

I got this dtb for my keeper shelf, to put with all the others in the series, but I can honestly say that I won't be reading it again. I'm actually disappointed with it. There are elements of SM that do come through but just not enough. It's almost as if it's a toned down version of SM. If you've never read SM and this series, you'll probably be pleased with this book, as it is not a bad book, but if you're an SM fan and love and have read this whole series, you may be let down by this latest. Maybe not though. Might just be me who feels this story is just a little off and not quite what it could have been.

To end on some positives:
** possible spoilers **

If you were disappointed in Kev's reunion with his brothers in the last book, you will enjoy seeing that happen in this book. That was glossed over some before, and we readers didn't really get to see those feelings of opening up to his brothers, or at least it felt that way to me. But here Kev and Bruno and the boys finally have a heart to heart and let the jealousy out.

I also loved seeing Sveti again. I have long been intrigued with that girl and her story and her character, and I really feel SM should write a story for Sveti. I always thought she might reconnect with her crush Josh, but now I'm very curious about Det. Petrie. That man was way interesting and way hot. He seemed to be preoccupied with Sveti too.

And Alex Aaro. This next book should be really good, I hope. More Russian/Ukrainian bad guys and not mind control freaks. Alex has his own demons, and I really liked what I saw of him in this book, kind of dark and deep, surly but also vulnerable. I'm hopeful for the next book, that Alex will grab me and pull me right into that book with him.
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on 7 January 2012
i love shannon's book, but she needs to give herself a reality check, for anybody not familiar with the series set around the McCloud brothers, they are some of the best romantic suspense novels available, strong alpha heros, with women who can match them, some have suffered unimaginable horrors and have survived, keeping their honour and integrity. But how likely is it that a man who has been torured buy a mad scientist who worked for a secret society (Kevin McCloud) would end up with a foster brother who has a connection to a mad scientist who runs a secret society (Bruno Ranieri). This book is very well written, has a good fast pace and a heroine who is kick a** it ticks all the boxes and is a very good read, especially the part of the book where all the extended family come together, i loved that part. I would have given 5 stars but the villians are too predictable, you can see the big reveal coming halfway into the book, and the plot. The heroine came to Bruno for help, it could have been as simple as that.
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on 23 April 2015
Lilly is on the run from the people who killed her father and the only clues she has to why they are chasing her is bruno raineri so when she finds him and the people chasing her find them they end up on the run together.

This book is a good read although it isnt as good as the previous stories, there is still plenty of action and romance but i felt the romance had been cut short and tempered down compared to the other books in this series.
i still enjoyed this book but i did flick through some paragrahs about the bad guys especially King as i thought it became a bit repetitive. It was nice to finally read about the mclouds and bruno hashing their problems out with eachother and getting past their jealousy.
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on 23 November 2011
I really love SM's books. Seth & Raine and Connor and Erin are the best for me so far, although I loved all the rest. The story was too much like Kev's. Even the heart to heart with all the brothers was disappointing - I think because I was so disappointed with the reunion in Kev's story. It took quite a time to get really into this story. Normally I read them in one go and then re-read them to enjoy again. I very much doubt if I will re-read this one. The next book looks to be Alex and SM appears to have introduced another hero in the detective. All in all the book was OK but I hope SM get's back to top form with the next book.
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VINE VOICEon 19 November 2011
As a previous reviewer said, this is another mad-man mind control book, very like the Kevin McCloud book(s)and in my opinion McKenna did it to death in the Kevin novel(s).

I've read everything SM has written and enjoyed them all; I think that one of my favourites was/is Return to Me and as far as I'm concerned, it would be nice if she could get back to that style/type of plot.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this book, however in plot it was far too like the Kevin plot.
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on 1 November 2014
Recommended. Exactly the same formula as all the McCloud books. If you've enjoyed the others you will probably enjoy this but feel as though you have read it before but with characters with different colour hair. If you haven't read a McCloud novel before, try Behind Closed Doors which is the first and best (IMO) of the series. I like SM's writing style but I wish there was more variety in her characters and storylines.
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on 8 October 2011
I agree with the other reviews. I was soo looking forward to this book and when it came I had trouble finishing it. Don't get me wrong, it is okay, but not up to her earlier books.
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on 29 September 2011
love shannon mckenna books the mccloud brother books started a great series but while reading this i felt like i had read it a few times before just with different names, one of the things i liked about the series was the raw storys and of course the hot sex scences which are in blood and fire but not as many , i wanted to read brunos story from meeting him in the last mccloud brother kevs book and he fits right in with the brothers with the same kind of outlook on life and behaviour but i think thats the problam shannon mckenna seems to have tweaked a previous book to get blood and fire the story of lily finding bruno to help with the mystery of her dads murder and that murder maybe being connected to brunois mum's, was a different start but then the bads guys appeared and they were just like all the bad guys from the other books and nearly the same as osterman and his hit men from the last book, throw in the is lily mad or working with the otherside and we have a becca and nick story reminder the mccloud brothers are in this and great to see kev with his brothers again and tam and val are here love tam and although her book wasnt my favourite as a character in all the series i thought she was great, but there was something with this that just didnt make me want to keep reading i did! and i would 100% buy another shannon mckenna book i just hope if theres another one for this series that it will be 100% different.
Dont get me wrong this is worth a read lily is a strong woman, sometimes a little too strong and bruno is the perfect hunky hero throw in the mcclouds and you have the reason i gave this three stars i just wanted to be more excited one minute and hot and bothered the next while reading like i was with the first few books and with blood and fire i am sorry to say i enjoyed the book but didnt love the book
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