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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

VINE VOICEon 7 July 2008
The second outing for Georgina Kincaid and one that proves that Richelle's Succubus is here to stay with her witty way of looking at the world as a sex demon ensnared by true love. Enthralling, entertaining and downright hilarious in the witism exposed the only thing that does let it down to a certain degree is the descriptness of the sex within its pages. Rather than the way it glossed over a lot in the previous novel and knowing that Georgina is a reluctant Succubi these days, Richelle seemed to take great delight in allowing the reader to get the full uncensored act thrust beneath their eyes as if she was taking a leaf from Laurell K Hamiltons book(s) and going for a certain demographic. Don't get me wrong I still enjoyed the book but when the sex scenes came up I'd have accepted one or two of the pertenant ones but would have preferred to have had the others where she's just absorbing the partners energies glossed over with a discrete veil.

Although that said, the book is hard to put down and the plot extremely well done I just hope that Richelle doesn't try to take on LKH for scene by scene as I feel it would ruin what is quite a light fun Urban Fantasy series.
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on 28 January 2008
Basically, if you enjoyed the first one, you'll love this one too. Once again it's massive fun, well plotted and a quality bit of prose. Plus, of couse, more than a bit sexy - Georgina's love life is as tricky as you'd expect for a succubus, but at the same time it's all incredibly human. Highly recommended. I like the "urban fantasy" genre for its mix of supernatural fun in the modern world, often based around good old-fashioned crime novel plotting, and Richelle Mead is for me about as good as it gets.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 24 January 2010
Succubus Nights is the second book in Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series & I really loved both books. These books are probably easier to read as stand alone than some other series out there but I'd still recommend you read them in order to get the most out of them.

Georgina is a fantastic character - obviously as a succubus she is beautiful but she has a great sense of humor and a caring personality that shines through. She cares deeply about her friends - both immortal & human and does her best to look after everyone. As a succubus she has to have sex with humans in order to steal their life force & retain her immortality which she really hates doing. This makes life particularly difficult in regards to her relationship with Seth Mortensen her famous author human boyfriend.

If Seth & Georgina so much as kiss her succubus instincts will kick in & she'll end up taking years off his life. Now that they are officially an item this is a major issue within their relationship, not to mention the fact that Georgina has to sleep with other men in order to survive so she constantly feels like she is cheating on him.

Of course relationship issues aren't all Georgina has to deal with - her incubus friend Bastien is in town & needs her help to corrupt a local radio talk show host, her human friend Doug & his band are acting very strangely & she still has her day job at the bookstore to contend with. It's enough to drive anyone crazy.

Her immortal friends from the last book make regular appearances with all the humor they showed in the first book. They are constantly teasing Georgina about the fact she is dating a mortal and add a lot of comedy to the story. The book is fast paced and has plenty of twists and turns that are guaranteed to keep you reading right to the last page.
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on 2 June 2008
This book, apparently entitled either 'Succubus On Top' or 'Succubus Nights', is the follow-up to 'Succubus Blues' but a very enjoyable book in its own right, even if you haven't read the first in the series (as I haven't). Georgina Kincaid works in a bookstore, hangs out with her friends and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, famous author Seth Mortensen. But Georgina's not exactly what she seems. She's actually a succubus, her job is to seduce men and steal the life force from them so that she can continue to live. Seth knows exactly what she is but her job has an unfortunate side effect - she and Seth can barely touch safely and so their relationship is platonic, rather than physical. At the same time she has to continue her normal job, trying not to feel too bad for Seth and trying to shield him from some of her activities.

Georgina's a really fun character, despite her job. She clearly cares for Seth and for some of her other friends. In this story her colleague at the bookstore, Doug, starts to act oddly. When Georgina sees his band in action and discovers they are all hugely talented musically she comes across an unknown immortal and begins to wonder if there's something supernatural going on with regard to the success of Doug's band. Her life gets more complicated as she finds herself helping Bastien, an incubus, in his attempt to seduce a moral campaigner and finds herself succumbing to the temptations of Seth. When her colleagues start falling ill and she has to run the bookshop, as well as investigate a strange new drug and help Bastien with his seduction, it seems like she might have bitten off more than she can chew. And can she and Seth keep things going with all the disadvantages of their relationship?

I really enjoyed this book. Despite Georgina's succubus job - which I find horrendously icky - she's a very appealing character. She's caring and helpful and her relationship with Seth, despite its disadvantages, is rather touching. The other characters in this book are very well portrayed including Jerome the demon and Carter the angel, and the overall situation of the lines between good and evil being blurred makes for interesting reading. My only slight reservation is that the relationship between Georgina and Seth wasn't resolved by the end of the book, and in fact these characters appear in a short story in the anthology 'Eternal Lover' and are still unresolved at the end of that. But the author's writing style and interesting plot lines make this a worthwhile read in a crowded genre.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book © Helen Hancox 2008
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2009
Continuing the storyline from the first book, Succubus Nights deals with the fall-out of the happenings in the first novel and, naturally, throws in some more action and some more bad guys. Georgina, having started dating uber-famous author Seth Mortensen, is now struggling with the fact that she wants him badly - but can't have him. Well, she could - but she won't. If the pair have sex, then Georgina has got to live with the fact that she'll be shaving years off Seth's life, and that's definitely something she doesn't want to do. Their abstinent relationship causes much tension between the two, and much hilarity amongst Georgina's immortal crew of friends, who can't understand why a succubus would want to date a human.

Georgina, however, thinks it makes perfect sense. She's never fully embraced her immortal succubus self and has many human traits, i.e. the day job, supplying the bare minimum of 'conquests' to her superiors, and so on. She also wants the simplest thing there is - love. Seth has shown her just how much he cares about her, and there's no way she's willing to sacrifice it. Seth loves her for who she is, what she is, and even accepts what she must do to survive. He truly is her perfect man. But, as the saying goes, true love never did run smoothly. And here begins another crazy period in Georgina's life, where she must juggle her friends, both immortal and non-, her day job, and her more sinister occupation. It gets to the stage where Georgina feels it really will come crashing down around her ears and it's going to take more than a couple of double espressos to see it through.

If you enjoy reading books of this genre, then definitely grab yourself a copy of this and the others in the series. Absolutely top notch.
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VINE VOICEon 1 November 2010
Succubus On Top is the second book in the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead. If you are looking for adulterated sex scenes with plot twists that will tie your brains in knots then this is the book/series for you.

Georgina is becoming rather fickle in this book. She is head over heels in love with Seth but won't admit it to herself or to him and she keeps questioning her feelings for jim throughout the book. Also, she really wants to get physical with Seth but can't due to her contract with hell which will make her drain his life force if so much as plays tonsil tennis with the guy. So to try and overcome their physical problem, Georgina decides to take things to another level to try and share her with Seth by other means. What Georgina doesn't realise is that taking this step will cause her a whole lot of trouble. Unfortunately foresight is not one of her many immortal traits.

Succubus On Top brings us deeper into Georgina's demonic world. We begin to realise that the demonic system that Georgina lives in and works for is not the only one out there. Okay, that sounded a bit sci-fi there but it's true. Other immortals are out there too and they don't like playing by the rules and Georgina can't but help but try to stop them.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and I have enjoyed the series so far. I always find Georgina's attitude and interaction with other characters in the book, be it mortals or immortals, immensely entertaining. There was one plot twist I did kind of see coming, but I think it was more from a gut feeling than the clues left by Richelle Mead. I would recommend this book/series to anyone that isn't opposed to some hot and steamy, sexual and non-sexual moments between characters and enjoy having a right good giggle.

Disclaimer: I do not own this book, I borrowed it from my local library. I have not been paid to review this book and everything I have said is of my own honest opinion.
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on 24 October 2010
Second book of Georgina Kincaid series and new problems appeared. This time the book follows three plots, in a way. It's not cut in parts but there are more than one thing going on. We have Georgina's best friend coming in town,the incubus Bastien, and she needs to help him with his job, there is a weird immortal drug dealer who mess up with Georgina's friends and lastly is her relationship,with her now boyfriend, Seth. At least the last part is going smoother than the other two.

If i put it opposite of the previous book,i like it much better. I think it's usual at Mead's books to like the next ones more than the previous ones. Anyway, i think the book was more well written and since we already know most of the characters, Mead could move them easier. The plot is far more interesting,with more action and less circling around Georgina's sex life. I liked how she managed to match all the three small plots into one big one. It makes the book less boring since you change environment often.

It had one big wrong thing for me. Mead decides to leave some of the old characters, like all Georgina's immortal friends, in the corner. I got used at them at the first book and now they were a bit away from this one, for non certain reason, and i really disliked it. As i said at the review of Succubus Blues, i was expecting to learn more about them but they only appeared 2-3 times in this one. I really hope the next to be different at this certain part.

I feel like i enjoyed the book a lot. Something i didn't feel after Succubus Blues. Even i started to like Georgina more as a character! Let's see if the next books of the series will affect me the same :)
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on 28 May 2011
I'm a big fan of Richelle Mead's work on the Vampire Academy book series and as it came to an end I was recommended this series by a fellow VA fan girl as it had the same addict nature and engaging characters but with more `grown-up' aspects. By grown up I mean sex; lots of very explicit sex. So this is DEFINITELY not a YA book. After reading the first in these series I went out and bought the second straight away and it has been sitting on my To Be Read pile for an age and a day but I promised Krystal on Bookshelf Banter that I would read it next and I couldn't put it do. Quite literally as I was walking to work and reading it at the same time; risking grazed knee and falling flat on my face just because I couldn't stop reading!

Richelle's writing is so engaging for me as a reader and she is a writer that knows how to set up a mystery and let it unravel itself. It never feels forced and the characters have a natural feel to them that makes you want to learn about them and their woes. Georgia is a Succubus on the top of her game and her evolving relationship with Seth, the talented but socially shy writer she adores, makes her balancing act between her life in Seattle as a bookstore worker and her life in the world of immortals a hard line to follow. The real mystery this time is about this very thing for Georgina, when the immortal world crosses over into her mortal life and in very bad and dark ways. She has to work out how and why this dark element in ruining her friend's lives to explain who it is and stop them.

One of my favourite parts was the introduction of a new character from her past called Bastien who is a male version of a Succubus and Georgina's companion and friend in many of her past adventures. He's funny and lovable, almost like his spell is being cast on me just by reading about his character. As ever the plot is a mystery of sorts with many layers and threads that tie to together in the end but in unusal ways. I find myself feeling sorry for Seth so much as he just seems to bare the brunt of most of Georgia's exploits emotionally but doesn't have a reaction that justifies the errors or actions that she makes. It's almost annoying that he doesn't at least shout or get angry more. At least you'd expect it but Seth is a very different kind of guy. He is understanding to the extreme and I think because of this very unusual life they both lead and relationships with other people that they work so well. They have a balance in their lives and deal with things as head on as they can, mostly.

All in all I really enjoyed this book and how the characters didn't seem rehashed or uninteresting for a second book. They felt like old friends that were staying for a visit and even though they have gone you know that the next book will be another wonderful visit with delicious new antics and seductive scenes of Succubus 9-5 working days
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on 30 May 2011
I enjoyed the first book in this series 'Succubus Blues' but felt that too much time was taken up with character introductions and scene settings which left the book a little short on plot but with some great characters. Enter book two, with an already good set up of characters etc. and a bit more plot and action.
If you're looking for a book with a complex plot and many cliffhangers then this isn't the right sort of book at all. The main plot is really just Georgina living her life, she just has a few unusual problems to deal with in this book and they're only partially related to her being a succubus. Georgina has to try to help her long time friend Bastien, an Incubus, hook up with a not so nice lady, Dana and work out what could be causing the strange behaviour of her good mortal friend Doug. These don't appear to be story lines which will massively affect the rest of the books in the series but they make for a good read.
Mead's writing is witty as always and Bastien is a great additional character. Through him and in this novel in general we learn a lot more about being a succubus and their reminiscing is a nice touch. I worked out the Dana story fairly early on but it didn't spoil it as it wasn't too obvious, I just wanted to know I was right! Nice sideline plot that I enjoyed. The other plot where Georgina must unravel Doug's mystery behaviour is interesting but seems to end a bit too easily and I can't entirely work out either Mead or Georgina's viewpoints on this issue.
Throw Georgina's relationship with mortal Seth and their issues with regards to the fact they cannot have any sexual contact, including kissing without her draining his lifeforce and shortening his life for a few years. The relationship suffers further as even though she cannot have sex with Seth she has to seduce other men to replenish her life energy, makes for some awkward conversations at breakfast!
So there's still no major plot to speak of but I enjoy Mead's style of writing and I like the easy to read plots. If you enjoyed the first book, this one is much better and I hope the books continue to improve throughout the series. Looking forward to book three!
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2009
I was really excited to read this book after an excellent first one 'Succubus Blues'. However, 'Succubus Nights' was just not up to scratch. It still retained the clever humourous writing, and Georgina was as compelling as ever but her wonderfully colourful friends were barely featured in the book at all! Unfortunate as they're probably one of the strongest aspects of the series.

I was also sad that Carter barely featured and be didn't learn anything new about any of the supernatural characters -- they're still Georgina's friends but they lack three dimension. Instead, there was just pages and pages devoted Seth how he and Georgina can't have sex and other boring stuff.

The mystery of this book also lacked the personal impact that was so important in the first. Having said that, I did enjoy the mystery which involved Doug and his band mates acting very oddly all of a sudden. I like that Mead incorporates such a lot of mythology into the books, it's just a shame she didn't seize on the opportunity to do more world building. The demonic politics is fascinating and it's not addressed enough.
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