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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 January 2014
Myke Cole has created an entirely believable reaction to magic appearing in the world. Like the previous books there is no let up in the pace and the excitement. The switches of viewpoint keep it all moving and it brings together all the characters of the previous books. More than that it makes it very clear how they have been changed by their experience. Recommended to all!
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on 5 February 2014
Once again Myke Cole has impressed me with another immersion into a world changed by Magic & the source.
Fast paced, this is a war story more than the last two instalments, like the last two, set in the same view with a different protagonist’s viewpoint, we now experience the world from Harlequin the aeromancer.
Publically Harlequin is the poster boy for the US government, propping up the new President’s regime & latency laws (laws about people who manifest magical powers). Privately he’s been promoted to side line him & to punish him for bring down the previous president to rescue the 30,000 trapped servicemen in the Source.
The best laid plans fall through pretty much straight away, as Scylla launches a full scale invasion of Manhattan. Harlequin is the only available senior mage available to lead the defence.
Set only in New York, with only a few short pages in the Source this time the story is over far too quickly. It was a superb fun read, clearly concluding the series, I really hope Myke Cole writes more set in the same universe
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VINE VOICEon 12 February 2014
The Shadow Ops trilogy comes to a climatic and satisfying end with 'Breach Zone', and is definitely Cole's best yet.

The book is almost pure action, focusing on one big battle, but there's enough of a cast keeping busy in enough places to maintain the reader's interest, while interjecting here and there with a powerful backstory on the trilogy's main antagonist - Scylla. In fact, it's the backstory that really made this book for me.

There is no black and white in 'Breach Zone'. Even using the word 'villain' sounds problematic here. Beyond her devastating magical ability, Scylla hadn't made much of an impression on me in the fist two books. But now Cole gives us the woman she was before she turned up Latent, and the tragic web of events that created the eventual monster. It was almost hard to read because I expected Scylla to lose, but her reasoning was so understandable. All you want is peace for her.

A lot of reviewers for Book I of the trilogy really didn't like Oscar Britton, and I urge those people to give the other books a go - Britton shares the stage with Bookbinder (my favourite 'good guy') in Book II, and in Book III, he pretty much takes a back-seat till near the end. Harlequin takes centre stage in 'Breach Zone', and he's more than capable of carrying the book.

Great characters wouldn't mean much if the actual writing and the setting weren't good, but there are no problems in this regard. Cole's world(s) are crazily inventive, an LSD mix of mythical creatures, magic and human technology. I'm assuming the giant spiders are a tribute to Tolkien. One aspect that particularly impresses me is how the author manages to write so many battles without a sense of repetition to the descriptions of people wielding their magic (something I think I struggle with in my own writing). It helps that the spacing between the books has been about right (not too short, not too long), but it also reflects Cole's skill. And there are moments of true horror, maliciously described.

Although this is the trilogy's end, there seems to be plenty of potential for more forays into Cole's world. Even if they don't happen, consider me happy.
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I loved the first two parts to this magic meets military series so was very keen to read this. I was in no way disappointed by this third part. If it is the last in the series it is a very satisfying conclusion with plenty of the military and magical terms that are a part of its universe. The pace is still pleasingly fast. The characters may be a little stereotypical but are used so well it's hard not to feel the sense of camaraderie Myke Cole communicates so well. I am afraid to talk about the plot at all really for fear of spoiling it so please just make sure you have read the previous two first as they are superb fun. Myke Cole has established a universe much like in X-men and Heroes but with the idea of how magic/powers might be used practically by some authorities, abused by some and how science may search to understand it all. I would happily read more adventures in the established universe and characters if they were to continue the series. This would be perfect for a film or TV adaptation. Maybe even a graphic novel adaptation. More please!
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on 21 April 2014
First time in this genre and the whole trilogy was a great journey.

I only read it at weekends and the whole week without it, it was in my thoughts.

Great books, the action sequences were good enough to draw me in and the characters were excellent.

I recommend this book if you fancy a break from scifi but don't want to go in to full on fantasy mode
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on 13 February 2014
As a fan of the series from the start my only criticism is it seemed a long old slog right through then wrapped up in a chapter. I think there were some real missed opportunities to have all the different characters working and fighting together in at least one battle and some of the main characters from earlier in the series were (possibly) killed off with just one line you don't know and it's never really explored. I absolutely loved these books and maybe what I'm really trying to say is MOOOORRREEE We Want MOOOOORRREEE!
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on 24 April 2014

Scylla's background being fleshed out improved on an already compelling character. Could completely understand how someone could end up as she did.

Battle scenes were as usual well scripted and coherent.

Harlequin was an excellent choice as the protagonist and his journey through the 3 books reaches a satisfying conclusion.

Cole keeps the action interesting after 3 books and continues to come up with original ways the characters use their abilities.


Many of the characters from the first two books are reduced to mere cameo appearances or even left out all together and are greatly missed. The most glaring being Oscar Britton.

Many plot threads left unexplored, almost like Cole had too many ideas and tried to squeeze them all into one book.

The ending still doesn't offer a clear and decisive ending to the series despite it being billed as a trilogy.

Overall i enjoyed the book and was pleased to enter back into the World Cole has created however there was for me, far too much going on and many interesting ideas were never fully explored. I have heard rumours that there might be a fourth book on the way that will run parallel to the events of Breach Zone which would be very welcome.
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on 10 March 2016
Oh. My. Word.

I've long since loved this series, and quailed at the prospect of it coming to an end. However, if it had to end - it ends in style. There are very few properties in which the sequels are better than the originals, especially when the originals themselves are so very good. This is one such series.

I love this series. This is my favorite book in the series. Buy this series.

No, really. I mean it. Stop what you're doing. Buy this series.

Thank me later.
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on 9 February 2014
Having read Shadow Ops book 1 and been blown-away by such a remarkable, extraordinarily original new series I was incredibly excited to read this!

Myke Cole does not disappoint as Breach Zone was <u>even more</u> electrifying, even more suspenseful and especially unique. The merging together of eclectic, edgy Urban Fantasy with a futuristic, science-fiction feel to it is inspired and like no other series I have encountered. Masterfully crafted and written with such imaginative vision and intensity this book keeps you turning the pages and wanting to read on. Satisfying, thrilling and undeniably magnificent I was once again greatly impressed by this scintillating saga and mind-blowing volatile world.

*New* to shadow ops book 3 is the incorporation of magic as many of those with newfound powers are conscripted by the US Army. The divide between reality and illusory I found reminiscent of `The Matrix' as at times I was so transfixed and taken-in by the cleverly crafted plot and ingenuity of the narrative that it seemed almost too authentic. The writing was so compelling and so clever that I was instantly drawn back into this remarkable world with the dramatic, climatic ending as a perfect conclusion to a spectacular story.

*I won a copy of Shadow Ops {book 3} : Breach Zone by Myke Cole through a Goodreads, first-read giveaway *
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The third outing for Myke Cole’s Shadow Op’s and to be honest it’s his best to date as the prose has become sharper, the characters more accessible to the reader and when added to an overall arc that keeps you glued from the first page to the last and all round I was a more than happy reader.

Add to this some great twists, a high octane finish to the series and an author who has clear idea’s of what his readers were expecting makes this a cracking conclusion. Great stuff.
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