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on 18 November 2016
honestly to give this more than 1 star ( the minimum) you would have to be under the sway of the ardeur. this novella is just another pathetic attempt to "further" the story without actually doing anything of the sort. tbh i have not bought the latest few books from this author, ever since she went from writing horror/urban fiction and started down the adult fiction/teen angst road the series just bores me. if you took all the teen angst, anita being conflicted about the men in her life and richards constant hand wringing about how hard and unfair his life is then almost every book since the ardeur raised its ugly head would be a novella. seriously do not bother 0/100
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on 20 February 2012
Before I get into the meat of my review, buyers need to be aware that this is a novella pretending to be a novel. It took me a grand total of 2 hours (with bathroom and coffee breaks) to finish and is not even half the length of all the other books in the series (excluding Micah which, fair enough, is advertised as a novella).

Now for the review. First of all, apart from being short, its entirely fan service. No in depth plot-line, no continuation of the current plots and plots that we've had hints towards. Nothing special happens in the story. There is only one notable point in the entire book and I get the feeling it'd going to get mostly ignored or pushed aside.

The first 20% or so of the book is introduction, half of that being almost pointless. At around 20% we get something a little more interesting and admittedly, I enjoyed that, its not a bad story, not really. My main issue with the whole thing is the length, lack of detail and the fact that it felt like a filler episode in a tv series. Imagine a series based on a continual plot-line, and then they throw in an episode with no relation to the plot, with a weak story, fluff and eye candy. This is the Anita Blake version of a filler episode.

Its not worth the money to me. This is the first time ever I had paid so much for what is a novella... I avoid novella's unless they are cheaply bought and have a point to them. This was not cheap, most of the full length novels I buy do not cost this much. Worst of all, it had no real point to it.

And just when the series was starting to pick up again too. Really disappointing. Unfortunately I've already bought Bullet, the next in the series, as I expected both this and the next to be worth a read given the pick-up in the last few books... but now I'm dreading that I just paid for another novella... I really really hope this is a one off blip.
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This is not a stand alone book, i think it should of been in an anthology of stories as it is the thinnest and shortest book at only 177 pages.

Yes thats right 177 pages of rather large text if im honest, i have every single one of Laurells books and they take pride of place on my bookshelf, i honestly dont know what has happened to her as an author, its almost as if she cant be bothered to come up with any decent stories and its all soft porn from now on, i mean who cares about the stupid sex anyway, i want more basic anita necromancy and the suspense stories we got at the beginning with all twists and turns it made compulsive reading and quickly became my fav book anthology ever. Now ? not so much.

The story was ok, not great, and certainly not her best, and i only bought it now as it had dropped down to £3.50 and didnt feel as though i was getting ripped off.

The story itself as i mentioned was only 177 pages, read in 74 minutes, the rest of the book is an afterword and the 1st few pages of bullet.

Bullet is the next purchase for me, im hoping that's better..
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on 3 October 2012
[[ASIN:0755374371 Flirt (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter 18)]
Well, I thought that with the previous novel: Skin Trade, matters were improving. But No! This is a weakly constructed, simply plotted novella, that disappears among all the adjacent books on my shelf, as it is so thin (200 pages of large font).
It is not worth purchasing and she must be "laughing all the way the bank" at the poor suckers like myself who paid money for it.
I thought having exhausted the excesses of the graphic sex in the recent members of this series she would return to the decent more complex crafted style of the early ones.
I am terribly disappointed and can only hope that the next one in the series: Bullet (just bought) will be better; at least it is over 400 pages long and in a SMALL font!
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on 10 June 2011
I am an avid reader of the Anita Blake series and always eagerly await the next book, however this isn't a book it is a short story... a novella. This isn't made clear when you buy it and I paid a whopping £7.99 for it when it was released. I realise that the author is busy writing both the Meredith Gentry and Blake books, but I really feel as if she has short changed herself and her fans with this edition. Other supernatural writers write Novellas or companion stories...but at least they tell you what they are, as opposed to this book, which is sold as a full novel. Obviously this will be the publishers fault and not the authors. This will not stop me from buying the next books, I remain an interested reader and recommend Laurell K. Hamiltons books
Flirt (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter 18)
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on 23 July 2012
I bought this after reading the many reviews of disappointment, and outcries that Laurell K. Hamilton is failing her fan base.

To be honest, I still read the series because after the first few books got me hooked, I'd been an avid reader. And, quite frankly, I've had worse disappointments with books.

I just think that, as an author, Hamilton has been slowly digging Anita's proverbial grave. It doesn't look like there's much possibility of a bright future for Anita, and it's sad. It's sad because, in a weird way, it makes sense. Or, at least, for me it did.

I feel that, even though my curiosity and intrigue with the character wants and wishes for a continuation of the story... as it goes on, it seems that Anita's character has developed in such a way that she's almost a completely different person. Occasionally, you'll find the old Anita peeking through, but the other characters almost bully her into a 'new and improved' version of herself.

From a less general angle, I liked the comic strip at the end - that was a nice touch - I liked the beginning... and the restaurant with the waiter... give or take a few parts. My main problem with it is it's almost like as soon as we get to a new arch in the story, where new characters are introduced, she has to have some sort of sexual relations with them. I feel like I can't relate to her any more because it's almost like for Anita, being 'intimate' has become like going to the bathroom - with strangers, no less! - also distancing her relationship from the other leads such as Jean-Claude or Richard.

Sometimes I wonder whether those two are even main characters anymore. Sometimes I wonder if Anita'll end up as an angry, more powerful version of Belle Mort - an unknowing dictator in both vampire and lycanthrope worlds. Another part of me is waiting for her to die by one means or another.

Depressing, no?

And after I read the synopsis for Hit List, I started to wonder whether Hamilton was just continuing Anita Blake's story for the sake of continuing a 'Bestselling Series' - in which case, that just makes me mad. As the plot continues to spiral downwards, it seems less and less likely that Anita will ever be able to overcome the power that hath consumed her.

I miss the spine tingling chill from the laughing corpse, as the derranged Dominga Salvator attacks her with the living dead. I miss the fighting spirit Anita had when she nearly killed herself to prevent herself from becoming a human servant. That Anita was consumed.

In that sense, it's almost reminiscent of a Jacobean tragedy - as Anita grows in power, she loses herself. Hence, now it's just a matter of waiting for her to fall.
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on 13 August 2016
Having read books 1-17 with relish, I was really disappointed with this - expensive for what is in effect just a novella, and, due to its brevity, weaker and more shallow than all the others.
What a shame.
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on 22 April 2012
I thought this book was enjoyable, but short. I weren't expecting it to end as soon as it did, I feel that maybe she could have put more into it. I've been looking at the reviews and I personally think they're pretty harsh from most. I can understand the anticipation of waiting for another book to come out to just recieving 224 pages, and not all of it being the story. I didn't think it was one of her best, and I do like a good long book, the story was predictable... anita always seems to succeed, I think it would be refreshing to see her fail at something. However, I am an anita blake addict, I don't think I could ever get disappointed unless they ended.
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on 26 July 2017
Loved this book, though it seemed shorter than the normal length. Gripped me from beginning to end and this was the second time I read the book. Enjoyed reading more about Anita's powers to raise the dead.
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on 3 February 2016
Really enjoyed this series of books but they are beginning to get repetitive as though the author has run out of good plot ideas so fills the book with yet another sex scene.
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