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I have read several novels written by Martina Cole - DANGEROUS LADY, THE TAKE, THE KNOW and TWO WOMEN and I must admit that I thought each one was good, if not better than good. This one however is in a different league. I rarely order books months in advance of the publication date but CLOSE was one of the few I chose in 2006 for this costly indulgence. I have been annoyed ever since! If I had written my review back when it arrived (I read the book immediately) I am afraid that censorship controls would have prevented my words being published here. I was angry because I spent hard-earned money on a book which, now that I have had more than 18 months to collect my thoughts, is complete and utter rubbish and when I think of the number of trees that were sacrificed in the making of the tens of thousands of copies, well it brings a tear to my eye and I'm no tree-hugger I assure you. As so many others have commented, Martina Cole seems to have nothing at all in the way of new ideas for a storyline or character creation; while delving into her own portrayal of the criminal underworld she (once again) offers no balance by stereotyping the police as useless airheads, clearly demonstrating her lack of knowledge of police procedure and instead depending heavily on the characters she manufactures. And early on in the tale the reader wonders if some or all of these characters are nothing more than re-workings of very similar characters in previous Martina Cole stories. The men tend to be seedy, repellent and abusive and whatever sex takes place is devoid of love or erotica, indeed incest seems to be a running theme through several Cole novels of late. It was horribly fascinating the first time, but when it's recycled as it has been in this novel, it holds absolutely no appeal whatsoever and gives me the impression that this once admired writer has lost all sense of direction and creativity. I would strongly urge you not to buy it new or second-hand, nor even borrow it from your local library. Your time spent reading it, no matter how short, would be totally wasted.
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on 28 September 2017
I just love Martina's style of writing. The local landmarks make every book special.
You start with confusion lots of characters that weavers web catching you and drawing you in. Just as you think you have fathomed it out it changes and more events unfold.
A truly believable script with a perfect ending.
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on 1 September 2017
I always enjoy Martina's books but she has one fault she tends to repeat herself she must describe the characters in every chapter stories good though
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on 22 November 2015
The whole plot of the book was based on a single event which developed into many subplots along the way. The book is well written with the grit and sadness associated to the lives of the characters. The twist towards the end of the book was quite apparent early on in the story, especially if you read or watch crime and thrillers, however the predictability of the end did not spoil the book as the journey towards the end was filled with substance. Epilogue at the end gave the reader all that was wanted - justice!
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on 8 July 2015
First off I was enjoying this book. Until there was so many different characters even two with same name. I got fed up. Started getting bored half way through so rushed read to end as I hate not finishing a book. Not worst book I've read but not the best. It was much to long also. I read another book from author before this which was better but both very repetitive. Overall worth a read if you have a lot of spare time as its very longggg.
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on 22 April 2008
This has got to be one of the worst audio books I have ever listened to. Although the storyline is good, whoever abriged it for an audio book should have listened to how it comes accross. It's as though someone said ok, abridge this book for me, but you can only have one line from each page, or if vital, a paragraph. So Lily works in a factory, bad life at home, meets Patrick, gets married, has baby, and that's in the first chapter. When you listen to a Martina Cole audio book, it's nice to know what makes the characters tick, how they've come to be who and what they are. The Take abridged works ok, but not this book. I tried to sell it on eBay and nobody wanted it, even at a bargain price! That says it all!
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on 11 March 2009
Found it a little difficult to have sympathy for Marie through this book but I did like her.
Her plight to save her daughter from evil Patrick was saddening but gripping. Tiffany also does not illicit much sympathy from me but this is because of how she is portrayed in the book; selfish silly girl who gets hooked on drugs and conveniently forgets all about her little daughter.

I found particularly riveting how her parents and sister are portrayed in the book, it was so exciting following Louise's hatred of her daughter and obsession with her dead son.
This book is similar to Martina's other books but just as fantastic to read and the end blew me away! Definite page turner!
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on 9 November 2015
Martina Cole always amazes me. With down to earth story's. On her research. Which seems so reAl to society. You could be a reading true story. About any person in any city. You always find these characters. Getting up to their scams. In society. It's thrilling stuff. I love it. I will look forward to next Martina Cole next read.
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on 10 May 2014
I am currently going through a phase of reading Martine Cole's books. Whilst I thought faceless was just going to be about the life of prostitutes, as always, Martina delivered far past any expectations.
What an eye opener. As I sat reading this book, snuggled up on my comfy sofa, after coming home from my 9-5 job, I was humbled. Knowing that Martina writes about real life in her fictional books, I feel ashamed about my previous sweeping opinions of drug addicts and prostitution.
This books highlights how just one mistake in life can define your life.
Thank you Martina for opening my eyes and a fab book. :)
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on 5 October 2017
Usual Martina Cole novel. Found the 1st quarter of the book quite wordy and often difficult to follow. However, I'm so glad I persevered. If you like Martina Cole novels, then it's a must.
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