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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2011
If you have read a Karen Rose book before you can expect her usual high standard of suspense, murder investigation and romance, with likable characters and believable storylines. It is a story involving a Medical Examiner with a past and a police detective investigating the murders. The only link to previous books is that of Clay Maynard (the PI). I am not sure if this is the start of another linked series but cannot wait until her next book! If you are considering this book - please buy, especially if this is your type of genre as you will enjoy it im sure!! Then you can read all her others......
P.S. One criticism to the publisher - why not available on e-book or kindle??
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on 14 January 2011
This is the new book from KR. It contains all the usual factors that make up a KR book. However it felt different because in a long time new characters were introduced. It's also different because the trademark KR close loving family scene was missing.note that I said different not bad.however I do have one criticism of the book. Why was the time span so short. I mean everything takes place in two and a half day. Body count is high but some how everything there is to know about the victim is found out , autopsies and all the tests are done and the killer is found.departmental meeting are taking place early hours of the morning and vast amount of information is gathered from(the Internet using a cell phone). It just felt a bit unreal to me. Other than that it's a decent book. Give it a try.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 January 2011
When I received KR's latest book I wasn't surprised to see it was a humdinger of a hardback at 480 pages. This was actually something I relished, a meaty book that I could get my teeth into.

In the past Karen Rose has been criticised for her style of writing with some saying that the romance element shouldn't be there. I disagree and see nothing wrong in a crime or thriller novel having a splash of love about it.

In this particular book it took me no time at all to get straight into the heart of the story. The opening few chapters throw us into the world of Lucy Trask and the grisly discovery of a body. Lucy does follow a tried and tested type of character, a strong and independent woman with a murky past. I must say though, although it may seem a tires type of character, Karen Rose does it perfectly. Lucy Trask was a great character and a lot of the gripping elements of the story relate to her past and her current hidden secrets.

JD Fitzpatrick is also a strong and cleverly written lead character. I wouldn't be spoiling the plot by saying that the love interest is not hard to work out in this book but it was done subtly.

As ever Karen Rose' strongest attribute is the crimes themselves. As usual we have a gritty and sometimes disturbing plot with a very high body count and a race against time before more people become victims. The crime scenes themselves are very descriptive and the tension runs pretty high too and I found myself sitting up a little more, and nudging my tush further towards the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen.

The story doesn't let up pace throughout the whole book and the ending was a pretty good round up too. Overall it took me around three days to finish the book which isn't surprising with the size of it. However, I didn't once get tired of reading it and the story remained fresh throughout. I think her stories only get better and she manages to keep it interesting with the characters she creates.

Overall, another great book by Karen Rose and one that I would highly recommend.
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VINE VOICEon 1 February 2012
I am not going to give a summary of the content - other reviewers have done that to a sufficient degree and very well.

What we have here is a prime example of excellent story-telling. Karen Rose is one of my favourite authors and has, again, delivered the goods. This book marks the beginning of a new series of books connected by re-appearing characters. Karen Rose's writing style is fluid, exciting and her stories are fast-paced. I enjoyed the interaction between hero and heroine, but I what I liked best is the fact that Rose does not only write from the hero/heroine's point of view Rather, we actually get an insight into the killer's motivation and background. That fact brings the book to life even more and it creates a wonderfully multi-faceted story.
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on 23 August 2011
I've a weak spot for forensic pathologists. Starting with Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta, Bones' Cam, Castle's Lauren and Tess Gerritsen's Dr. Maura Isles, I love them one and all. So when I read the blurb for You Belong to Me, I was immediately intrigued. And for good reason, as it turns out. Once Ms Rose's latest novel grabbed me, it didn't let go again until I finished it. You Belong to Me moves at a frantic pace, with the action, the prologue and epilogue excepted, taking place in the space of just two days.

The book is both a crime novel and a romance. The crime part is compelling. While the book is - at its core - your typical revenge story, the how, what, and who is interesting and so well written, I couldn't put the book down. I loved the detective team of JD Fitzpatrick and Stevie Mazzetti. They had an interesting mix of partnership and "off the job"-back story. They're comfortable with each other, without there having to be a spark between them, other than friendship. A nice addition to the police procedural (which actually makes it less of a straight one) is Clay Maynard, ex-cop/private detective. Clay is a cool character, he's your typical gruff and rough PI, who at the same time cares deeply for those he feels responsible for. He comes at the case from the other side of the fence, trying to find out what happened to his partner and his search adds an interesting angle to the overall mystery. Plus, not being a cop, Clay gets to do things in a way that JD and Stevie can't afford to do, without jeopardising their case. I particularly liked his conversations with Mazzetti, as they're very funny and play to the stereotypes of the usual portrayal of cop versus PI interactions.

The romance half, while somewhat unbelievable because of the time frame and a case of insta-love/lust, is also rather sweet and adds some counterpoint tension to the mystery. The main characters of the book are JD and Lucy. Their chemistry is great and one of the reasons I wasn't as bothered by the insta-love as I normally would have been. Instead, what is in fact a whirlwind romance, reads as if the relationship has time to slowly bloom into something more than just animal attraction. There were some pretty tender scenes there, that drew me in and actually made me root for these two to get through it and get together. Lucy is a strong female character, with some interesting background. By day the icily professional forensic pathologist, at night she transforms (no, not into a vampire!) and it's this secret life that makes her so appealing. Her need for absolute compartmentalisation of the different facets of her life is both intriguing - not just to the reader, but to JD as well - and a hindrance to the cops in solving the case. Seeing JD struggle to open up the different compartments in her life, to win her trust and her heart and to find the missing pieces to solve his case, is fascinating and Ms Rose succeeds in showing us said struggle without giving us too many frustrated *headdesk*-moments because you just want these two to talk to one another already, which is a feat in itself.

The resolution of the whodunnit, the unveiling of the murderer, took me completely by surprise. I hadn't expected this culprit's identity at all. But, while unexpected, it was not necessarily a blind sight, in retrospect there were clues, but due to the plot's misdirections, I just hadn't put them together. You Belong to Me is a page turner and a definite recommendation, just make sure you have a long stretch of time free as you won't want to put it down.

This book was sent to me for review by the publisher.
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on 29 June 2015
A good steady Romantic Thriller. I did keep forgetting who was who though with some of the lesser characters, too many victims!! I presume that the new heroes will all find their loves in the next clutch of books.
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VINE VOICEon 16 June 2011
This again was another excellent thriller from Karen Rose, it kept me up till the early hours not wanting to put the book down. You think you know the answer but so many red herrings you are so wrong. If you like Karen this is another thriller
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on 25 June 2014
Superb read, I have become addicted to Karen Rose books, although they all run along the same sort of theme, I have got to know all the characters and they are all very likeable. I am working my way through all of her books and really don't know what I will do when I have read them all.
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on 27 January 2011
I have loved all Karen Rose's books to date but with this one I just didn't feel the same suspense as I have in the others and I didn't think it had the same darker undertones that some of the others did, or at least not as complex a plot. The end felt a bit rushed and the guy didn't seem as clever as previous villains. The PI subplot seemed a bit pointless and 'thrown in' although I felt like she was setting it up to bring the guy into a future book with the female cop. Another reviewer also mentioned the formulaic troubled female/hunky male scenario and I have to say I agree, the pattern sticks out like a sore thumb and it's getting a bit boring now, I'm a troubled female, where is my hunky cop ;-)
I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the book, it was a decent enough read but just not my favourite and I really hope KR isn't going to start churning out substandard books for the sake of sales like many of my ex-favourite authors.
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on 22 November 2012
I hadn't heard of Karen Rose before, but I got this book on Kindle at a bargain rate and on balance it was worth reading. Needless to say the lead characters are all single (including two widowed) with "difficult" backgrounds. There's also a mixture of police, legal and medical soapery. It took me some time to get through the book, because it's not exactly a page-turner: it's too long and possibly too involved. For example, some of the sex and schmalz could be reduced. Also, the plot does not come across as entirely realistic, although once you get going it's interesting, indeed intriguing. That's why I finished the book. But even the ending is unduly long.
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