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on 13 September 2009
I took one look at this book and knew I must have it! But having taken it home and sat down to read and look at the wonderful pictures of Michael's life. I was disappointed to see in the first few lines a mistake that as a avid fan I cannot accept. The mistake was the date of his passing. The author had it down as July 2009 and any true fan knows that Michael Jackson died on the 25th June. It makes me wonder if you can't even get the date of his death right, what other information is actually correct or just made up because you can't be bothered to research the correct details.

I was very disappointed and will be trying to get my money back for this mistake alone.

It may be trivial to some people and they may feel like the pictures make up for the mistake, but it feels to me that this book rather than trying to give a respectful account of Michael and his life is only interested in cashing in on one of the most gifted musicians of my life.

I would say spend your money eslewhere. Where the person writing knows his subject or is aleast a fan!
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on 25 October 2009
I bought a copy of this because it had some wonderful pictures on a large page, hard back book - these were thrilling. Some people have already mentioned the inaccuracies, which I was willing to forgive; however, I was less keen on the some of the speculation on Jackson himself and the dwelling less on his achievements than the stories about him or the comments some detractors have made.

Here's a good example: the book mentions Jackson's performance at the Brit Awards and mentions that it was interrupted by Jarvis Cocker - how this needs to be in a tribute to Michael is beyond me (I still find Cocker's behaviour repugnant not only because of it's lack or respect for a fellow artist but for it's bald hypocrisy when he, himself, was held aloft during his set in a singular spotlight, arms outstretched in a messianic pose - yes I watched it that year - so having a go at Michael when the man has superlative ACTUAL achievement AND experience to justify any view he had of himself - not to mention mistaking a performer's performance for an unequivocal attitude of a performer without considering their attitude offstage, or them as a person). He then goes on to mention that Pulp record sales rose WITHOUT mentioning that Earth Song - the song Michael performed that night - went on to be number one in the UK for SIX weeks - only finally being knocked off by the Spice Girls - and becoming his most successful single there.

And so the book goes until it starts to seem like a series of facts, some inaccuracies, and a significant series of back-handed compliments.

Frankly I wish they'd either re-issue Moonwalker in a large coffee-table book format with loads of pictures and the text integrated into them and/or publish a Michael Jackson fashion book in the same format with high quality pictures. Something with limited words because it seems that most of the books out there are just fan bait and not really positive or informative.

As is, it's rather tricky, as a fan, finding 'tributes' that are actually positive and deal with the facts rather than speculation, or don't drown you in the unsavoury reactions of detractors.

This book is great for pictures, not so great for the words. It's even better if you can get it at half price, in which case you can look at the pictures and ignore the backwardedness of some of it. I'd give it 2.5 stars if I could, as is, it got three to at least be fair.
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on 20 July 2009
I really enjoyed reading this book and accompanied with some brilliant photos. Not being a massive Jackson fan I was trying to get an honest insight into the life of a great artist and this book hit the mark. Being a very popular subject it is stands out well against other books on Michael Jackson helping the reader understand why he this man is considered a legend while being an excellent tribute to a great artist.
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on 21 July 2009
For any Michael Jackson fan that has been a fan since the early 80s (or even earlier), it's always difficult to pick out which reading material to recommend and which to avoid. Michael was one of the most divisive public figures in recent history and reading matter on him was positive and negative.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It promises to be a tribute to Michael and that's exactly what it is. No rumours, no innuendo, no nonsense. It's a beautifully laid out book and some of the photos are absolutely unbelievable. There are photos of him at his peak, during the 80s Victory and Bad tours, which are simply incredible and bring back great memories of the man in his prime.

The book takes you through Michael's career, from the start with his brothers to his stratospheric climb to solo megastardom. For many fans, one of the great fears was always 'how would history remember Michael Jackson' and, for most fans, they would have wanted history to remember him like this book remembers him - the greatest, most consummate artist of all time. A phenomenal songwriter - he wrote Don't Stop Till You Get Enough before he was 21 and Billie Jean before he was 24!! An incredible vocalist. An incredible dancer. An incredible showman. At his peak, he was everything. So it's nice to read him remembered for being just that. The book discusses Michael's final years but doesn't leave the reader with that as the final thought. After taking us through to Michael's untimely passing, the book goes back to "Michael Jackson The Performer" and reminds us all WHO and WHAT Michael Jackson was.

It's also full of trivia that, even as a seasoned fan, I'd either forgotten or wasn't aware of like what song from Off The Wall Michael referred to as sounding like a ''a conch shell's insides on a beach' and what Stevie Wonder song the Jackson 5 recorded backing vocals on (and was the last time they got to number one as the Jackson 5).

There are many tributes from fans around the world which shows the lengths that the publishers went to in order to reach out to the fans. Some of them will reduce you to tears... reading how much Michael Jackson meant to people around the world.

If you love Michael Jackson and care about his legacy and how he is remembered, this is the perfect book. Highly recommended. A beautiful book.
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on 20 July 2009
The photos are brilliant and such a great looking book. The tributes were very touching and made a fitting ending. As a Jackson fan it's great to read something that's obviously been put together by people who care so much about this publication.

Thanks to all involved.
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on 2 November 2009
Although this book has some great photos, it does contain some substantial errors. Evidently thrown together as quickly as possible to cash in on MJ's death, the author makes the mistake of telling us that MJ passed away in July 2009. Surely this most basic of facts should have been impossible to get wrong? By this book for the pictures but don't rely on the narrative!
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on 16 August 2009
After MJ's dead all kind of different media want to write or to have de exclusive content on their work. Well this is a good example of that, few days after the "sad notice" the book went out for sale.
In general way, the book offers a nice vision of MJ's work (music, humanitarian legacy, extraordinary dancer and business man) for somebody who wants to do his first contact with the King of Pop. But also comes with some mistakes especially in dates and pictures (for example, cant believe "THE" mistake saying that Jackson's dead was on ¡July! just beginning the book and, an imitator picture on the book's back).
But after all, its a nice book, perhaps if it had emerged after could be much better.
PS. The best, best... great pictures.
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2009
This is a good souvenir for any Michael Jackson fan, the pictures are wonderful and it presents a balanced retrospective. You really get a feel for what a fabulous artist he was and any MJ fan will want to add this to their collection.

One star deducted for the factual inaccuracies, its annoying that the care that obviously went into selecting the pictures, text and excerpts from fan's tributes couldn't have been supported by attention to detail on the proofs.

Despite this, no one is getting my copy back! As well as a keepsake for long term fans it would be a great introduction for anyone wondering why we are all mourning this man so much.
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on 26 February 2013
This book contains many photos of Michael Jackson through the years. They are interesting and present a good photographic portrayal of his unique life.
However, the narrative about MJ in the book is nothing profound or especially revealing. I would describe it as "adequate" for a book of 192 pages, but I had hoped for more.
I recommend Dr. Karen Moriarty's book, "Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy," which is well-written, thorough, thought-provoking, and different from the others that I've read. It is a very caring presentation of MJ with unique insights into his life & personality. I also recommend Frank Cascio's book about MJ; the author & his family were good friends of Michael for years.
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on 23 August 2014
he his a great entertainer off all time....I love the way he does his lyrics etc.. and the way he moves too...and he sings too,.. which means it all comes from the heart,and soul...hes the ultimate true live performance the one and only true king of pop rock and soul..!!!!!!!! from kellie nash....
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