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on 10 December 2017
This has been my favourite book of the series so far! So much action, so much suspense and so much romance! I really love the addition of the new wereleopard and Anita's Nimir-raj, Micah. The relationship between them is beautiful; from the moment they met there was a connection and despite only knowing each other for a few days, by the end of the book they share a love that is simple but powerful. But then there's that little problem called Richard.... now i have tried very hard to like Richard but have never been sure whether i like him or not. After read this book i've decided that i really don't like him! He's hurtful, spoilt and he is bad for Anita. Despite being King of the Werewolves, he cannot see the reality of the world he lives in and makes Anita feel rubbish for being more logical and practically about it all than he is. He just needs to get out of her life but there's the problem that he, Anita and Jean-Claude are eternally bound to each other. Just have to wait for the next book to see how that big ol' mess works out.

In this book we also got to see how much Nathaniel has changed since he was first introduced in Burnt Offerings. He's becoming a stronger and more independent person and just how much he is like Anita (scary thought!). I really love this character especially as his character develops more and more. He is a survivor and although he has been through a lot in his young life, he is still a sweet, caring and loyal man and i find his deep but platonic relationship with Anita extremely endearing.

I also have to give Laurell L Hamilton some major praise because she created one of the scariest villains for the franchise so far and yet he wasn't even in the book that much. I found the reveal of the villain completely surprising (never would have guessed it in a million years) and also the fact that he was so terrifying and just pure evil! *shivers*

Can't wait for book 12, Cerulean Sins!
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on 6 October 2016
Reading Anita Blake for the first time is a little like falling in love, there is the sense that here is something intriguing, mysterious and intensely thrilling. Something that feels deliciously sinful and so addictive it will leave you wanting more.
Exactly how I would imagine being rolled by Jean Claude would feel.
I found my first Anita Blake (Skin Trade) in a charity shop earlier this year and within the first few chapters I realised I needed to have more of these books in my life and on my shelves.
I have always been a fan of the horror/Sci-fie/fantasy/thriller genre so was pleased to find another writer of the Tolkien/Koontz/King/Herbert/Heinlen calibre, so I ordered the whole Anita Blake series with the intention of having an escape for the winter months.
Depending on your perspective and as a result of 2 broken thumbs and wrist, I have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to have been able to immerse myself completely in the Anita Blake series over the last 6 weeks unstead. Which has allowed me the considerable pleasure of being able to read, from start to finish and one after the other Guilty Pleasures right through to finishing Flirt just now.
For 6 weeks I have been Anita Blake as she fought Vampires, Witches, Shapeshifters, Lycans and Demons, but mostly herself. I have taken immense delight in her inner strength, despaired over her self doubt, become indignant on her (and other women's) behalf at the 'casual sexism' portrayed (and in real life) and warmed at her ability to love and care as deeply as she does, despite her inner Demons. I have come to know Jean Claude, Micah, Nathaniel, Jason almost as well as Anita and have admired her ability to inspire fierce, uncompromising loyalty in those around her.
I am now beside myself as I am nearly finished the series and still with more weeks of recovery to go have no idea what I will do to entertain myself. My knitting and sewing skills seem rather mundane now.
I cannot rate Laurell K Hamilton highly enough as an author and writer and her ability to write about metaphysics the way the rest of us mundanes write a grocery list is a true gift.
If you have any love for the undead then this lady should be high on your literary list.
5 stars is not enough.
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on 16 June 2014
I have read a lot of Laurell K. Hamilton books and have read this one before I bought this on as a replacement for the copy that I had that got ripped and I could no longer read it. The story can be read on its own but I have found that it is best to read the books in order as there is references to other books and people in the books and you can keep a better track of the different people and story lines as well. I this book we find out new information about the vampires and the were-animals that we did not know in the other books. I really enjoy reading them. But I find if I try and read the back of the book or read reviews I can be but off books as I let other people colour my views. Just let me say that I love these books and have replaced a few of them in the past and more than likely in the future to. So judge for yourself what you think of the book and not what other people think.
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on 15 February 2012
So, the last book of the series left me feeling a bit out of sorts. Yes, i enjoyed it, but it just seemed to be missing its usual Anita Blake flare. This book feels the same way, but for different reasons.

Richard and Jean-Claude re appear in this book, but from there the story seems to spiral a little out of control. I think that's what made this book so different from the rest. Previously the stories have all been very well structured, intricate but interlinked, so it felt like you were getting somewhere gradually but definitively. This book didn't have the same feel. The story i think had too many elements working together to make it as clearly defined.

First theres the marriage of the marks between Anita, Richard and Jean-Claude, then theres the question of Anita being lycanthrope infected, then there's the ardour and introduction of an entirely new character, then the relationship questions, then the whole plot with disappearing Weres. I think it was just too much to carry well in a single book. Yes, some of it was titillating and kept me reading, but there were moments when i suddenly raised my head and thought "What on earth is the writer thinking?".

It was a decent read but, for me at least, the weakest of the series so far. I truly hope the following books can untangle some of the mess this book made.
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on 25 January 2011
Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter 10)
I've read the last 9 Anita Blake books and have found them enjoyable, a bit self indulgent, but o.k. But, I can now see what all the other readers have been saying about this series.

Laurell K. Hamilton has got rather perverse in her writing, and seems to think that no matter how long the dialect and wierd the scenes she's trying to set up, us readers will understand what she's going on about.

I think this book makes Anita Blake look needy, incredibly boring, with no sense of humour and also, worst of all, an ego maniac. There's no way anyone could honestly feel any affection for such a self centred woman, unless they wanted something from her. Which is where the author seems to be missing the point, Anita Blake's only use is the power she now wields, which makes the sex/love scenes very animal, not passionate, and I for one like to have a build up before the hot, sweaty scenes. Also, I agree with another reviewer, I can't keep up with all the characters, there's too many and they all think Anite Blake is the second coming. These books are beginning to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Unfortunately, I bought a few more episodes before the reviews started getting really bad, wish me luck!
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on 9 August 2010
I am a big fan of Anita Blake and have enjoyed reading of her adventures in the world of the preternatural. Some of her many talents involve zombie raising, assisting the police in their preternatural cases and being a vampire executioner and an all round bad ass. Now she has another skill to add to her list.............. Nymphomaniac!!!! This book has no decent storyline; it's just Anita getting naked and sleeping her way through the entire male population of St Louis with a loose background story that is only there to give Anita chance to meet more men with bigger penises!!! And what is with all the crying that's going on? This series has moved from urban fantasy to Erotic Fantasy, I will keep reading but only because I bought the entire series and will be hoping that Hamilton turns on the old charm that was in the earlier books.
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on 7 November 2016
As this series goes on Anita's love life enlarges, the detail becomes more graphic but the violence seems to reduce a little. As the erotic content increases the graphic violence decreases, I'm not sure if I like that, we will see as the series continues!
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on 6 January 2018
I really enjoyed her previous books but thus book i struggled to read it and get into it. It just seemed more to focus on Anitas sex life and her antics in bed. And am really starting to not like Anita as well she is becoming a bit too full of her self and very self centred and throws a tantrum if someone doesn't agree with her. Also she is starting to make Jean Claude and Richard as weak.
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on 19 May 2017
Best story yet and not just for the blood. I enjoyed the story and the development.

Richard can go duck himself. I hope he ends up happy an all but I am done with his drama!
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on 30 December 2017
RICHARD still lives! Why OH why do you feel the need to drag out the torture? Please for the love of God please end it.
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