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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 7 November 2016
As this series goes on Anita's love life enlarges, the detail becomes more graphic but the violence seems to reduce a little. As the erotic content increases the graphic violence decreases, I'm not sure if I like that, we will see as the series continues!
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on 19 May 2017
Best story yet and not just for the blood. I enjoyed the story and the development.

Richard can go duck himself. I hope he ends up happy an all but I am done with his drama!
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on 24 June 2017
bought to add to daughters collection
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on 30 April 2017
Very good read especially if you like the Anita Blake series
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on 9 August 2010
I am a big fan of Anita Blake and have enjoyed reading of her adventures in the world of the preternatural. Some of her many talents involve zombie raising, assisting the police in their preternatural cases and being a vampire executioner and an all round bad ass. Now she has another skill to add to her list.............. Nymphomaniac!!!! This book has no decent storyline; it's just Anita getting naked and sleeping her way through the entire male population of St Louis with a loose background story that is only there to give Anita chance to meet more men with bigger penises!!! And what is with all the crying that's going on? This series has moved from urban fantasy to Erotic Fantasy, I will keep reading but only because I bought the entire series and will be hoping that Hamilton turns on the old charm that was in the earlier books.
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on 5 May 2003
This book, out of all her books so far, is the best, because we get more into the intricate details of the shapeshifter politics, and helps you fit together many facts (like why there're no baby shapeshifters running around.)
But there is several very frustrating aspects of the book too. Like why there is so much sex in this book? Anita's resistance to sex has always been an aspect of the series, but this is ridiculous! Also, how deep can Richard and Jean Claude be??? They seem to keep coming up with secrets, talents and skills that are never mentioned in earlier books!
I haven't read Cerulean sins yet, but i hope Hamiltons toned down the sex a bit, and is back on track about explained the details of her world!
Don't mistake me though,it's still a good read!
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on 5 October 2001
For those of you who haven't met Anita Blake before,you need to start off at the beginning with 'Guilty Pleasures' to fully understand how the heroine has developed into her zombie raising and vampire servant powers. This is an interesting progression of the series. Several of the other books seem to have got no further in explaining the relationships Anita has, but in this one it is almost as though Laurell K Hamilton is saying goodbye. There's fighting (there's always fighting!) and there's also a new man on the scene, but there's more than just that. Maybe there is another book in production, but by the end of this book, a lot, if not all, of the problems that have beset Anita from the very beginning are sorted out. Anita's life will never be simple, but she seems to be resigning herself to certain parts of herself that she's struggled against for too long. The monsters are still there, but Anita is finding what her place is among them at last.
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on 31 August 2010
This book in the series of Anita Blake is by far my favourite! After reading some previous reviews on Anita Blake I was convinced that I would be in for a great disappoinment, especially as I was under the impression that books 1-9 are 'the best'. Yes, ok, books 10 onwards have more sex in them, but its not like Anita Can help it or help herself!
I enjoyed the arrival of Micah, a new love interest for Anita perhaps? Even though Richard's outburst of how he's really feeling left Anita hurt, you just sense that its still not over between them.
Jean Claude shows a side to him that I think is what Anita needs to take responsibilty for her morals/actions.
Definately worth reading just to discover that Anita is a new woman, she's become more comfortable around her pard (which im glad!)and learned to control her powers better.
Lets just say the only thing she has not improved on is her blushing!
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Narcissus was a legendary young man who fell in love with his own reflection, and starved to death while adoring himself. It seems somehow appropriate that Laurell K. Hamilton's worst Anita Blake novel to date is called "Narcissus in Chains" -- a tepid, kinky exercise in literary self-worship, chained by adoration of the author's lookalike lead.

Anita Blake returns from a six-month sojourn, but her love life is no simpler than it was before. And that her pal Nathaniel has been snared into a dangerous S&M club. To save him, she calls on her sort-of-lovers Richard the werewolf and Jean-Claude the vampire. And they "marry the marks," making Anita more powerful than she ever dreamed.

But a fight in the club leads to Anita being in danger of becoming a wereleopard, and Jean Claude is arrested. Richard captures the wereleopard. So when Anita wakes, she not only finds that her friends are in (or causing) trouble, but that she now has the intense craving for constant sex called the "ardeur" from Jean Claude.

Of all literary devices in fantasy, "ardeur" may be the absolute worst. After a relatively solid fantasy/horror series, Hamilton delves into a device that porn writers would be embarrassed to use. But unfortunately, long pages of clinical sex scenes are only a few of the problems that "Narcissus in Chains" has. It's simply a poorly written book.

Hamilton appears to have thrown her writing ability out the window, in favor of constant Anita-worship. (This seems even weirder when you see that Anita strongly resembles the author) The dialogue loses its sting in favor of descriptions of Anita's clothes, weapons, the genitalia of her assorted sex partners, and the passionless pages of coitus that she bounces through. The prose is turgid and slow-paced, as if Hamilton didn't bother having it edited.

Anita herself fast becomes an annoyance -- not only is she endowed with powers as big as Micah's member, but she has a newfound arrogance that grates on the reader. Not to mention an apparent willingness to be quasi-raped by her apparent soulmate. Jean-Claude and Richard start off strong, but as the ardeur strikes they begin acting oddly. Leopard king Micah is basically a gigolo for Anita's personal pleasure.

"Narcissus in Chains" lacks the qualities of good fiction -- even of good romance. Hamilton stumbles through a silly, turgid plot, leaving tatters of the characters' personalities in her wake. A ghastly mess.
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on 27 February 2003
Apart from the middle third of this book - which draws a fascinating picture of shapeshifter politics in Anita Blake's world - this book continues the decline in Hamilton's writing which has been going on for some time. Frankly, I found it really hard work - lacklustre, turgid and downright boring. If you want soft porn, with plenty of violence then go ahead and buy it. If, on the other hand, you enjoyed Hamilton as a storyteller and builder of a truly unique and fascinating mythos in the past, then don't waste your money. I don't think I will be buying any more of her books - which is a real shame, but this happens occasionally.
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