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on 29 July 1999
This is my favorite Lipman novel so far. Definitely has the most substance of all of them. Great characters, great story. You won't be able to put down this book. Lipman is without a doubt the modern day Jane Austen.
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on 23 August 1998
This book was "Highly Recommended" in last Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle, and the story sounded just up my alley, so I was very excited to read it. I read the book in just over two days--a very easy read, and I found that while I enjoyed the story, there was little depth to any of the characters, and everything was very, very predictable. The most poignant moment was in the acknowledgements at the back of the book where the author thanked her mother for remembering a letter that she had received long ago. The book had the potential to be quite wonderful--it's an interesting subject and was set in an interesting time. It just didn't do too much for me.
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on 13 October 1998
Lipman outdoes herself in her latest outing! I was disappointed in "Isabel's Bed", and have been waiting for her to equal the wonderful "Then She Found Me". Here she seems to have rediscovered her voice, luckily for us.
If you're expecting Checkov, forget it. Lipman's novels are light and humerous, and here she manages to say a lot in a thoroughly readable,enoyable way. Her details are right on (if you've ever been to a Catskills resort in the 60's you'll have to agree). And if the ending is a bit fluffy? It's just what's called for. So stop kvetching already and enjoy!
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on 14 July 1998
Like many of the other readers here, I agree that the book was stronger at the beginning; however, if you're looking for that perfect vacation read, this is an excellent choice. Natalie Marx is quirky without being cliche, and Lipman sticks to her premise without running it into the ground. There are a couple of characters that I would have liked more had they been better developed, (i.e. Robin) but for the most part, I found the descriptions and dialogue to be witty and highly readable. So make some lemonade, pull out that lawn chair, and pretend that you, too, have an "Inn" of your own.
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on 30 June 2014
This was really enjoyable and quick and easy to read, as many others have noted. I did get sucked in a bit and enjoyed the Jewish storyline- my husband is Jewish and I'm not so can relate to a lot of the bits. However, I just found that it only really touched very lightly both on the religious issues and even the love story. Better than too much melodrama, but I wanted it to get a bit, I don't know...grittier or something. This was my first Elinor Lipman, so perhaps that's just her stuff. I enjoyed this enough though that I would try some others.
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on 5 October 1998
I really enjoyed this novel. I have been an Elinor Lipman fan for years, but I was disappointed with "Isabel's Bed". This current novel puts her right back up on my favorite authors list. At times I laughed out loud. I took this interesting book everywhere with me. Yes, it IS a light read, but sometimes that's just what hits the spot. I really began to enjoy her characters, and their witty conversations. And it was so very funny. This one is a definate thumbs up!!!!
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on 14 February 1999
This book was great...It was a quick read and had many funny points...However, towards the end, it takes a turn towards the fanciful (sp?)...For those of you how have read it, remember the mushroom fiasco? The worst couldn't have happened because that would have totally ruined the point of the book...Truthfully, I think the book would have been just as good without that whole ordeal... Despite this one minor flaw, I found the book to be an enjoyable read...Pick it up...
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on 13 August 1998
I'm a fan of Elinor Lipman's books "Isabel's Bed" and especially "Then She Found Me" which I thought was wonderful. This one was kind of disappointing. The characters did not seem as complex and the plot was kind of thin. I was annoyed by the romances and friendships which all seemed to lack real emotion. The parts I liked the best took place when the narrator was a young girl - that's when she was the most real and the most entertaining to me.
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on 31 July 1998
I disagree with the customers commenting that the ending is disappointing or the book formulaic. This is a perfectly pitched light romantic comedy. The initial darkness is more than satisfactorily resolved with marriages and everyone in their appropriate places. That's the nature of the genre, and Lipman handles it all with style, grace, and deceptive ease.
Lev Raphael, "Mysteries" Columnist, Detroit Free Press; Reviewer, Michigan Radio
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on 2 November 1998
Maybe you had to be a Jewish girl in a nice, middle-class family in the 60's to really like this book -- but I was and I did. The contrast in cuisine alone between the uptight Vermont WASPs and the groaning tables of the Catskills is worth the price of the book. Lipman does a good, if somewhat superficial, job with her main characters. Definitely recommended for airports, beaches, and your mother-in-law of the other persuasion.
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