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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2003
As usual I am not dissapointed with a Louise Bagshawe novel. The pace is fast and exciting and you do not want to put this book down. You travel from England to New York and even LA. The main Characters Topaz Rossi and Rowena Gordon are superbly written. The story is full of excitement, betrayal, revenge and of course romance that makes you want for more. You may even shed a tear whilst reading it. A definate 5 star read.
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on 26 October 2000
Louise Bagshawe is a great young Chick Lit novelist who was around long before the twentysomething female writer was fashionable. The good result of this is that she doesn't write first-person, wingeing, I'm-on-a-diet drivel. Her first 3 books were sexy bonkbusters in an 80s tradition, though the heroines were young and 90s in their tastes and sympathies. Then she did 'Venus Envy' - her go at a Bridget Jones-style girl-about-town book, but thankfully here she has gone back to her traditional roots and produced another blockbuster.
The book reminded me very much of her brilliant first novel, 'Career Girls.' The plot is fast-paced, the heroine is gorgeous and she falls for the classic Bagshawe hero - he is dark, handsome, magnetic, powerful and dominating. The chemistry between them simply sizzles, though Bagshawe, perhaps responding to a few criticisms of her earlier work, has reduced her sex scenes to 3 per book (rather than the 30 or so you get in her early work). Also woven into the plot is a gripping read about publishing politics and business board-room cliff-hangers.
The book somehow isn't quite as sparky or energetic as 'Career Girls'. Her style has matured but it has also become more subdued and her pace slower. Even so, it's still a great read. What shines out is the author's ability to draw you in and keep you turning pages - she is utterly addictive.
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on 27 September 2002
I thought A Kept Woman was dreadful and marked the beginning of a decline in the standards of Louise Bagshawe's writing. After Venus Envy I was looking forward to another good read of the same calibre as her first four books but was left sorely disappointed with this effort; so much so that I nearly didn't buy When She Was Bad which was a marked improvement.
The most common theme throughout Louise Bagshawes's novels are two girls - one from high society and one from the wrong side of the tracks who invariably start off not knowing eachother then meeting making deadly enemies of eachother to then discovering they can both help eachother and become friends. There is always a sexy hero (normally American) and a slimy villain (normally English) who provide catalysts throughout the book for the heroine(s)' growth and development. I find this formula has become increasingly boring and tiring as Louise Bagshawe tends to use it throughout and merely adjusts the backdrop against which the story is set. Rarely does the hero drive a clapped out old banger with no tax or the heroine shop for her make-up in Boots. They are all Prada clad with perfect Christian Dior pouts and live a lifestyle very few of us will ever get the chance to experience. I feel it is about time Louise Bagshawe took a different approach and gave her readers something fresh and exciting.
Diana Foxton was not a likeable or believable character, her two dimensioned personality and complete lack of knowledge of the real world was annoying in the extreme while Michael Cicero merely came across as a male chauvanist who took pleasure in making her squirm.
I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone and unfortunately will not be reading Louise Bagshawe again.
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on 14 June 2007
when i first picked up this book in my local library i wasn't too impressed with the synopsis. But, although it starts quite slow, it is really worth it when you get into it. you have to love jack and the character of sam as well. it was written brilliantly and in a funny and original style. i would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves romantic fiction. its not completely original, (the storyline has been revamped a lot), but it is original at the same time in the way it has been writeen and the path the story takes to the inevitable ending. a must-read.
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VINE VOICEon 23 April 2007
I really enjoyed reading this book. It was my first Susan Donovan book and I was not disapointed. It was an excellent read and I finished it within the day. A lovely romantic story between the two main characters and the families.

If you like these kinda stories, you will love it.

I have now gone out and bought a few more of her books :)
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on 8 August 2012
This book is a very good book i've read it before in paperback but since having a kindle i have read it again. The imagination and the places the author uses are fantastic i've read this so many times i know she has other books but the main characters in the book are fantastic and i hope she continues them on in more books about the ups and downs in a relationship i know there are a few of them but they are brilliant Would recommend to anyone
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on 27 January 2007
This was good. Some of it was laugh out loud good, some of it was really touching, but all in all it was good!! The kids were not just 'incidental' - they were part of the story. It was fun, lighthearted and frothy, and very enjoyable!
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on 11 March 2004
Another pacy enjoyable Bagshawe novel. She writes about a glamourous world populated by beautiful people. It's pure escapism and a great book to take on holiday or when you just want a bit of light, easy, enjoyable reading.
The previous reviewer argued that this was yet another reworking of Bagshawe's previous plots. It's true, there are similarities but that can be said of a lot of authors and in fact, is part of the attraction of such books. You know exactly what you're going to get; beautiful people, glamourous locations, some feuding, some sex and a happy ending. If that's not what you're looking for then maybe you should try another author, but if it is, then you're in for a great, fun read.
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on 7 November 2000
I enjoyed Career Girls very much as a light, fun and entertaining work. This book sadly doesn't compare. It is much slower and quite frankly boring in parts. The author seems to be better suited to writing about young single heroines trying to make it, rather than married woman trying to have another shot. The heroine was entirely unsympathetic. Be warned that this book begins with the embarrassing author's acknowledgment '[the hero] is inspired by [my husband] so you'll be able to read for yourselves just how cool my husband is'. Oh dear.
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on 12 February 2014
This book is the SAME book as 'A Kept Woman', so be careful if you are planning to buy or you could end up with two copies of the same story...not sure why its been retitled but there should be a note from amazon advising that its been published under another title.
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