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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2001
Until now I thought Perfect Timing was my favourite Jill Mansell book - but Millie's Fling has just taken pole position! Just when I thought that Jill's characters couldn't get any better, or her novels any more unputdownable, she introduces us to Millie, Hester, and Orla - all warm and funny and real women - who will make you laugh out loud and become your best friends. And to Hugh, Nat, Lucas - what a trio of gorgeous men! - who will make you want to set up home with them!
Millie's Fling is page-turning, truly funny and heart-warming - but with serious issues, too. These aren't treated in a flip way, and all help to make you really care what happens to the characters. I loved this book - and will read it again and again - and can't wait for the next one. Thank you, Jill, for being brilliant.
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on 23 January 2012
Unfortunately I cannot say that this book was impossible to put down as I did on several occasions so I have awarded it a respectable 4*s. The book itself had a good storyline and interesting characters that you could really connect to but the first third of the book lacked something to hold my attention. The final two thirds on the other hand had me gripped throughout.

The book centres on Millie and Hester. Although Millie is meant to be the main character I do think Hester was as involved. This could be due to the book being written entirely in third person but I am unsure. Basically the two friends find a wallet on the way home from a night out. Unsure what to do the girls decide the prank call the owner of the wallet which leads to an incredibly faux pas but a budding friendship with the wallet's owner. The book then delves into the life of Orla. Orla is a successful romantic novelist who is known for her raunchy blockbusters but one bad review and marriage trouble leads her to write a new book about a normal girl as opposed to mega rich movie stars and this is where Millie comes in. Hester is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Nat - who unfortunately works away up in Glasgow. Their relationship is already rocky when Lucas - a gorgeous crush that Hester never got over - comes back into their lives, and leaves Hester very confused. You then have small cameos such as Millie's parents, her boss's relationship and Con the sexy theatre turned movie star actor who all contribute to making this book full of drama.

The book itself was extremely well written and although there were a lot of side stories to keep up with, Jill managed to link them all with ease. The first third was not easy reading but it is defiantly worth it the further you delve into the book. I would highly recommend it.
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on 7 September 2001
Having first bought Good at Games by Jill Mansell I was hooked to her light and humourous style. Since then I have bought Miranda's Big Mistake and Millie's Fling (both excellent) and can't wait for my next installment. The storylines are light and sassy. Not always down to earth - Millie befriends a famous novellist, goes to huge elite parties and gets to date strings of eligible batchelors!! The thing I like best when reading a Jill Mansell book is you get to have fun - you get to enjoy the events of the characters and you always end up smiling.
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on 25 July 2015
This has the trappings of a good story. A young woman called Millie keeps putting her foot in it, despite being kind-hearted and eager to help. But I didn’t particularly enjoy it. This is partly because viewpoints changed so often that I never got to know any of the characters. There’s a lot of action but also a lot of unnecessary and sometimes annoying introspection; I felt that the book could have done with significant editing.

Also depressing is the assumption that people who feel physical attraction for each other will leap into bed at the first opportunity. Perhaps this is meant to humorous, but I didn’t find it amusing; it doesn’t match with anybody I’ve ever met. I found it almost impossible to relate to people who could be so shallow.

It’s a pity, because the growing friendship between Millie a chance acquaintance called Hugh is nicely done, with some verbal sparring and kinship that's much more interesting than the ‘chemistry’ between them. On the positive side, the author closes the door on all bedroom scenes. There’s little or no bad language, either, which is refreshing in this kind of 'chick-lit' book.

Still, it's a lightweight novel (metaphorically speaking; it's quite long) and I completed it in just a few days. It would probably make good holiday reading.
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on 8 September 2001
Lots of appealing friendly characters, this book keeps you wanting to read. Ideal if you've not got lots of time to devote to reading in one go. Easy to pick up and put down without losing the plot or your interest in the characters and what happens next.
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VINE VOICEon 15 October 2001
I love Jill Mansell novels. They're always a fun, light-hearted read and I think Millie's Fling is set to become one of my favourites.
It's has all the usual ingredients - an attractive, normal, non-neurotic heroine; a gorgeous hero; a couple of fun sub-plots and mini-romances and of course a rocky path to true love.
Okay so Millie didn't come across as being 25, but come on, who can resist "will lonely, but very attractive widower find love again...?"
The best bit, not wanting to give too much away, (although these aren't really the sort of books where you're likely to be suprised) is when Hugh calls Millie after the party. In that pool of light under the lamp-post at 3am, mobile in hand, consumed with jealousy (and something else best not to mention) Millie inside staring out at him....wearing that lovely Harry Enfield t-shirt. Fantastic!!
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on 17 July 2011
Millie's boyfriend Neil tries to convince her to move in with him, but she is not really interested, while she is in the car, she sees Orla standing on the cliff wanting to commit suicide, as , her husband Giles is being unfaithful to her again, so Millie talks her out of jumping, and they become very good friends. Orla is a best selling author, and she invites Millie into her home, and wants Millie to tell her everything about herself and all her female and male friends what goes on so she can put this all into her latest novel. Millie does not divulge all the information that Orla requires, Orla cannot wait for something exciting to happen to Millie, so she sets her up with different men, but there is only one man for Millie, which Orla has no idea about.

Millie shares a house with her best friend Hester, and when they go clubbing one evening they find a wallet under the hedge, and Millie finds a telephone number, address photo of Hugh and a girl in the wallet, so she decides to ring Hugh, who the wallet belongs to, Millie makes a fool of herself, when she makes a prank call, claiming about having an affair with him and now she is pregnant, during the conversation she discovers that Hugh's wife was dead. Later on Hugh offers by way of a thank you and takes Millie out for a drink, with no strings attached, Hugh does not want to get involved with anyone as he fears that he will end up losing them like he did his wife, but there is an instant attraction between them.

There are quite a few problems on the way with Hester and her long term boyfriend Nat, who works in Scotland as a chef. There is Lucas back on the seen, who becomes Millie boss, and Hester has had a crush on him for years. Millie's parents and her dad's girlfriend. There is a hatred between Orla and another best selling author Christie Carson.

I love Jill Mansell books, they are so easy to read, and this particular book, I loved all the characters, Millie, Orla, Hester, and the dishy men, Hugh, Nat and Lucas
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on 9 September 2014
My favourite Jill Mansell book. Unputdownable. Stayed up until 3 am to finish it, good job I'm on holiday. Both Millie and Hugh are such loveable characters and you just want there to be an happy ending. Jill always creates such likeable characters. Read and enjoy.
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on 11 September 2001
Having read Jill Mansell before, I opened this book with great anticipation and I wasn't disappointed. Once again transported into another world full of characters so easy to relate to, I couldn't put the book down and was thoroughly disappointed when the book came to an end. A really great read.
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on 23 July 2001
The best thing about Jill Mansell is that she never makes the heroine of the story perfect, but chooses characters in which evryone can relate to. The style in which Mansell writes is brilliant using funny anecdotes juxtaposed with serious situations, for example where Hester and Millie ring up Hugh for the first time. Mansell makes sures she includes the sterotypical males and at least one crazy woman in all of her novels, and once again she has taken the ficitonal fantasies of probably every woman and put it in to one chunky novel which is impossible to put down. The story becomes funny, romantic and poignoint as you sink in deeper to the world of Millie and find a bit of yourself in every character.
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