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Bad Heir Day
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 13 August 2017
I did not feel drawn into the book. I had to keep rereading to try to understand what was going on. I gave up and handed them all to the local doctors surgery in the end! It may just be me because other people seem to enjoy them.
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on 19 March 2018
Another so far fetched but it could happen .....I can't wait to read another of Wendy Holden's books. Absolutely hilarious.
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on 21 February 2011
Hilarious, clever, brilliant! I read this book ages ago and bought this particular copy for my German friend to help her with her English. Her verdict was it was so funny that she got funny looks on the train because she kept bursting out laughing! That would be my verdict too. From the witty to the down right acerbic nature of some of the characters this book is funny, romantic and based on real life in a sense with idealistic overtones. So what do you need for a rainy day at home when you can't be bothered washing up or cooking?: A cup of tea, some hobnobs, a blanket and Wendy Holden (and the take away menu for later!) Enjoy!
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on 9 May 2016
funny heart warming story really enjoyed it
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on 21 February 2013
Such a lovely and funny book! My husband enjoyed it even if is a book for women mainly. Quality was good, too, looked like new.
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on 6 August 2014
Good book
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on 29 May 2015
Great read
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on 20 November 2010
I chose to read this book because I had enjoyed "The Wives of Bath" and to begin with I thought it was less good. However I was soon drawn in. The main character, Anna, is so likeable that it's hard not to emphasise with her and care what happens to her. She's aimiable, insecure but breezily philosophical with a touch of wry humour, and such a real person that reading about her makes the readers feel as if they are with her observing all this madness. There is the occasional straight character thrown in for good measure to prevent the novel from becoming ridiculous, but otherwise they are all completely "over the top" caricatures, to a greater or lesser extent, with the "nanny brigade" providing a bridge between Anna's sanity and the socialites' lunacy.

I would describe this book as being the first I have read of its genre - or perhaps it's a genre all of its own. It's too clever to be merely a funny book. It's not quite "chick lit" either. In fact there is something of the comic novel genre about it. I would call it a "trashy comic novel", if the word "trashy" wasn't so negative. Comic novels have a place in literature. "Trashy" novels do not. Yet reading this book I got the feeling that this author could easily turn her talents to literary works, comic or otherwise, but much prefers to write this kind of enjoyable satirical romp.

There are only two negative things I could say about it. Firstly, the prose is clunky in places and sometimes you have to read sections twice before they make sense. Secondly, she clearly hasn't researched life in Scotland properly as there are a couple of inaccuracies - the horrible Scottish "midgie", for example. As someone who grew up fighting the creatures, I know her description of their attack on her is not how they operate. I can't remember the other inaccuracy, but it jarred.

But these are small points. Read this book and enjoy.
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on 27 October 2000
Delicious observation of life in the upper circles is served, as the author entertainingly, ungraciously, introduces the scenery and characters . The play of words are wonderful, and inspiring. At least throughout the first half of the book. As the mastery of wicked words and bent sentences occupies the main part of the pages' prints, the action seems to be standing waiting in line, like in front of a too-hot-to-trot night-club, not really approaching the entrance.
I found the author's first book "Simply Divine" better. Even though the question pops up here too; will the too-typical-BC-trademark; titles and money surprisingly accidentally follows when the heroine goes for her heart's voice (BC being short for Barbara Cartland), still prevail, the "Simply Divine" had it's several moments of surprise in the action, as well as action.
Action, an ingredient I personally fancy, but then, who am I, coming from a country with the freshest air and cleanest waters, not a trace of good or bad heir pollutants or their reminiscent to be found anywhere, except from some occasional few incidents accompanying the rain from the west in the salmon fishing season, who am I to criticise a person who actually achieved the ultimate goal, of her characters and a great deal of her readers, myself included, - to hitch up a literal agent?
If you enjoyed the concept of the last sentence a hint, I bet you will enjoy the book!
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on 26 September 2008
This is my favourite of WH's books so far, largely for some of the brilliant mini-scenes. I have to agree 100% with the reviewer who wanted to give Alice a bloody good shake: yep, she's wetter than a British summer but it's not the sort of book you're meant to take seriously. Plus, having said that, I've met plenty of women who really do seem to live their lives like that, waiting for some bloke to rescue them - in the real world. Neither does this make Jilly Cooper look like Oscar Wilde. JC comes up with some of the most ludicrous plots on the planet but they're fun too. It all depends on what you want, what mood you're in and where you're reading this. I don't want to be ploughing my way through something too worthy on a beach or plane (and I "do" worthy as well) and this is ideal. Of course you know what's going to happen (the plump one always shifts the weight to start with) - you just see how it all happens. This is certainly worth more than one star.
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