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on 8 May 2006
This seemed like a book just cobbled together - two main themes running through and one of them was sewn up LONG before the end!!! When this series started the writing and stories were excellent - somewhere along the way James Patterson has sold out to laziness (using a joint writer) and in this book it really shows. I won't be buying any more in the series.
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VINE VOICEon 17 February 2006
Well another book written by 2 people and it shows. Bring back the days of Jack & Jill and the early days. The books are an incredible fast read but these days its because the chapters are so short rather then the book being exciting. The story revolves around an extremely rich hospital trying to fight a court battle against unexplained deaths and then out of the blue the story changes to a Pscyhco killer who dresses his victims up in expensive clothes and poses them as if they were still alive.
There is not enough here to fill a half hour tv show let alone subject matter for a film and the ending well lets just say was Patterson bored cause it gets solved on the last page, how I will never know. James please take more time over your books and go it alone, The Lifeguard was brilliant but formula is getting tired, sorry.
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on 11 May 2007
I found this book a struggle. It did not interest me very much at all and I love crime novels. The short chapters suggest the reader has a very short attention span. I then assumed that the only reason for the short chapters was to bulk up the book to make it look longer than it was. The story was mildly interesting, I did finish the book but only because I wanted to move on to another book as I hate half finished books.
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on 10 October 2009
As others have commented, this book is disjointed and poorly written. I'm not looking for high literature but this fails even as basic entertainment. It is very hard to suspend disbelief - despite the will to do so.

I don't think it would necessarily matter that the two stories are not linked if the characters were more believable, and as a reader, I was more invested in them. However, the book fails in so many ways it's simply difficult to care.

I also feel that the incredibly short chapters (sometimes only a page or so) increases the sensation of a disjointed read and is clearly a ploy to increase apparent length without any actual substance. The fact that the book is written from different characters' point of view again should not necessarily condemn it - in fact the idea of giving more insight into the main characters is a great idea - but it doesn't work. Largely this is because of the short chapters and the small amount of time given to any one viewpoint - it chops and changes far too much.

The 'main' storyline also ends incredibly abruptly, with a very short chapter wrapping things up. It was as if the authors thought 'right, we've done our X number of words, let's wrap it up now'. I felt cheated after reading this and with great sadness probably won't buy any more of this series, which showed so much promise at the start. Unfortunately I bought the 5th and 6th in the series together. The reason why this gets 2 stars is because the 6th is even worse - if that is possible.
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on 30 April 2006
I am a big fan of the womens murder club however I feel the series has been going down hill. To me and it could just be my opinion but it seems that Since James has started writing with another writer his books have not been the same. The last 2 books to me seem less and less about the womens murder club and even Boxer. The 2 stories in one made it confusing and not as interesting for me.
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on 8 May 2013
Having read the previous four books, this one was a bit disappointing. There were too many separate killers and as a result their characters were not explored in the authors usual style. For example, why the Transexual lady killer? That made no sense psychologically and added nothing to the overall direction of the novel. The epilogue reveals the final killer but we have no idea why "the night " kills, how she gets away with it or how she gets caught.

Personally I found the plots unconvincing and unlike the others in this series, this book did not leave me guessing. Or even trying to.
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on 3 December 2016
I'm a big fan of James Patterson but have to say that this is by far the worst book of his that I've read. It feels like this was rushed and unlike most of his books has no pace or tension. The ending just felt like it was thrown together. I will keep reading his books and hope that this was a one off
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on 21 August 2011
Very disappointed in this book. I've read up to No. 9 in this series and this one was very bitty. O'h so many chapters. Usually 2 to 3 pages to each chapter so you are jumping everywhere and forget where you were. I do love James Patterson but only when he writes on his own not in collaboration with another writer. Some of the books in this series are better than others this one is the worst in my opinion. It's claimed he is the best thriller writer but he is nowhere near as good as Jo Nesbo whoso book about Harry Hole are BRILLIANT. I bought these off Amazon too.
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