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3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2004
As a scientist and atheist I purchased this book based on recommendations from my peers. Although many may find its contents disturbing, or that it challenges their systems of belief, it is no reason to judge this book as nonsense. The information contained in this book is thoroughly researched, and is based on a peer reviewed paper which was submitted to a renowned mathematical journal. It is a fascinating read, suitable only for the open-minded who are prepared to accept the contents for what they entertaining book which is based on fact. Any reader is aware that a view expressed n a book may be biased, but I do find that this is not the case. I would recommend this book as it is one that is not only fascinating, but an excellent topic for conversation and debate. Excellent.
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on 18 December 2003
When the original book came out it received an enormous attention. Thankfully some people took to the task to actually analyze and try to explain what Michel Drosnin is doing - fooling his audience using mathematics. Michael Drosnin challenged his opponents with the famous quote "When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby Dick, I'll believe them." (Newsweek, Jun 9, 1997). And boy did he get what he asked for. See for yourself:
So, it's sad to see Drosnin is able to release a new book and continue to fool people like this. And this book does nothing to try to explain the basic combinatorics at work, instead it's more fantastic "predictions" and omnious "findings" like 9/11 that naturally will cause grief and anger.
Do yourself a favour and save your money, don't feed people that (obviously) knowlingly try to sell people vapour. Why not buy a real bible, or a book on basic combinatorics and probability and check out the following web page that explains all about this:
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2004
As a story, this makes for an interesting read. As a piece of science, it is pure nonsense. Drosnin combines pseudo-science with religion (never a good idea) and claims to produce evidence that the Bible contains within its text, coded messages about the future (predictions) that have either subsequently come to pass, or have yet to occur. The only problem is, they are all complete baloney.
The reason is obvious to anyone with even a basic grasp of statistics. Using a cypher system known as a skip code (of which the Bible Code is a specific example), it is possible to encode a hidden message into a text. Used in reverse, it is also possible to find certain words/phrases in a text by using a skip code search algorithm. The problem is, it is not only likely to find your chosen word, it is a statistical impossibility NOT to find the word. Infact, a basic search for a simple word like 'towers', in a body of text only a couple of pages long, will yield several hundred results. You may argue what is the harm in doing this? The truth is, there is none. But by the same token, what is the value of doing this? The truth is, again, there is none. Unless the WHOLE sentence or message is revealed by the skip code, then it is meaningless. What Drosner does is to find specific words (of his choosing), that are connected in some context (like 'towers' 'twin' 'airplane' 'new york'), but he is equally likely to find all of these phrases, since there is a 100% probability of finding every word he looks for. Drosner claims that by cross-referencing the hidden skip-code terms with lines of actual text, the messages somehow become truthful and meaningful 'predictions'. But the significance of his results are a by-product of the selection process that Drosner himself creates.
But what is truly objectionable is the way that Drosner purports to tell you trueisms that are simply not what they appear to be. By making sensational claims and attempting to give them credence by linking them with the Bible, Drosner devalues the Bible itself, ignores scientific reasoning, and insults our intellegence.
And if all this doesn't convince you not to waste your money, why not give skip codes a bash yourself? It's easy to find programs on the net that let you search any text you want. It's fun and it's interesting, but it's NOT Nostradamus... it's just maths.
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on 22 February 2015
Purchased Hard Cover Edition
- Denis J
The Bible Code seems to challenge Western Thinking in how we perceive concepts related to our reality. We can easily discount the information as simply "pie in the sky", but i am always curious as to anything that may be telling us that we may not have all the answers at this most important juncture in human history. I believe at our stage of human evolutionary growth, we cannot see into the future and support the view put forward by Richard Feynman - Nobel Laureate Physicist - that "the only thing that can be predicted is the probability of different events." These different events occur because we are always in life at choice and activate continually the Universal Law of "Cause and Effect" to impact our live

The Bible Code 2 predicts the world would end in 2006? Well we're still around! Have someone time locked the wrong coordinates into the Bible Code? Note, even though the date is passed its due date, i am wary of its significance in a mysterious gut feel i cannot explain? With Europe in turmoil, Middle East in flames with further turmoil of Islamic State confrontations, together with Nato head locked with Russia regarding Ukraine and we do not need to be an Einstein to observe the scale of dangerous events unfolding before all of us. I also acknowledge that the Mayan prophecy
of "end days" has also surpassed - 23 December 2012. Aha, the Mayan's got their figures wrong as well! Or did they? Time will tell?
The Bible code 2 is well written and laid out for readers to understand the thread of what it is trying to convey to us. A warning in the corridors of time, that if we do not change our thinking and beliefs - that it is inevitable that we are heading for destruction - then we will receive that which we do
not want to experience. The 240 pages of actual reading material, excluding chapter notes and appendices, incorporate some 134 computer codings that do not add any value to my comprehension of the book. I am not a computer geek and found the hieroglyphs non-sensical; although i sense the requirement to add proof of the codes significance to highlight important textual information.

I would recommend the book to people as a good read. To bring to people's attention, that there could be coded information that if we were to fully
comprehend, could change everything. Readers need to have an open mind with this book and observe events happening now; that may have a link to ancient 3000 year old textual warnings for us to choose to ignore or do something about. Wisdom says: We are all at choice in this.
- Denis. J
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on 7 December 2004
Another day, another forcast of doom. Unfortunately, for all its claims to scientific credibility, the Bible Code suffers the same shortcoming as other soothsayers, astrologers, fortune tellers, psychics, etc., in that they can only predict events after they have already happened - 9/11 being the most obvious example (the death of Yassar Arafat from natural causes also seems to have slipped past this one). So, judging by the accuracy rate for all previous predictions of the imminent end of the world, the chances for mankind making it past 2006 look pretty good.
PS. Whatever happened to Nostradamus' Comet (Impact - August 2004!)? Did I miss it?
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on 11 November 2003
I consider myself an open minded individual and as a result was very taken in by this book. Drosnin does a good job of convincing the reader and there will always be those sceptics among us whom will under no circumstances believe a word of it. I ask those people to provide definitive evidence that these translations are untrue and do not represent the truth of an apocolyptic end. No one wants to believe the End of Days will be in 2006 and that is why it is important for all those sceptics to disprove it. Mathmatics in this case proves Drosnins discoveries and something as realistic and substantial must disprove it - saying it is merely ridiculous is not proof because that is what people in 1914 said to the possibility of a World War that originated from the Balkans. I hope for everyones sake it is all a hoax.
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VINE VOICEon 6 December 2003
Is this going to be the start of a series of sequels like "Police Academy" ? I hope not and if Drosnins theory is right (that the world will end in 2006) then he mightn't have time for Part 3.
Drosnin is like the soothsayer in "Julius Caesar" crying out "Beware the Ides of March" to the modern day political and military Colossi, convinced that he has discovered , er, the secret of life itself. Sharon and Bush weren't in a rush to meet him , although Arafat and the Pentagon indulged him.
I think that it is not up for debate that there is a Code running through the Old Testament and that it is a multi-dimensional computer program , but why is there none in the New Testament ? He also seems alarmed that the End of Days is pencilled in for 2006 (needn't worry about that pension plan then). Personally I think its about time last orders were called on this sad planet, but Drosnin thinks it is important that he runs around the Middle East and USA trying to Save The World.
In "Bible Code 2" Drosnin explains how he has "interrogated" the Bible Code to find its "Key" (this enables the reading of the Bible Code as a whole and in the process understand Life , the Universe and Everything). This research leads him to identify the physical location of this "Key" and the possible origin of human life itself through the "Bible Code". However anyone expecting a clear answer to this mystery may end up disappointed.
Drosnin expects the reader to be enthralled by his One Trick Pony , but after reading the original "Bible Code" and accepting its premises , the novelty wears off in Part 2. I found myself sympathising with Sharon and Bush as they sent their minions to deal with Drosnins persistent requests for meetings.
I hope Drosnin finally solves his Russian Doll like mystery before we all snuff it in 2006.
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on 16 January 2004
This book is a must for all seekers of knowledge unknown. If it is true, then you must enjoy yourselves over the next 2 years as that may be the only time we've got left!
The author writes convincingly, however, I'm still not certain of the methods used to decipher the codes so, I suppose, until they are explained clearly the door to the skeptic is left widely open.
Worth buying for the money and certainly opens your mind to the possibility of forces unknown.
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on 11 February 2006
I read the first book a year or so after 9/11 terror attacks and found it gripping (and scary). Everything in the 1st book seemed plausable and appeared to give some insight into the Middle East conflict......however the dates referred to in that book have passed and some of the people indicated are dead which means it was inaccurate.
Also this book is very talks about aliens, hidden keys underground and other wierd stuff and to be truthful it just plain doesn't add up anymore.
Don't waste your cash on this.....there's no point. The events and dates and people are the so called prophesy is wrong right from the off.
Also looking back there are other subtle things that stick out, such as the "decoding" of certain words having the American spelling of words (e.g. aerplane when referring to 9/11) and that strikes me as odd that the code would translate to American rather than universal English from an ancient Hebrew script.
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on 8 November 2005
I was really excited to get this book in my hands because it sounded really interesting at the time, but after a good few pages in, Drosnin started talking about his search for these obelisks left in some steel ark's by a superior intelligence many years ago. I was put off reading the rest of the book by what he was saying because it ended up sounding VERY fictional just like something from an Indiana Jones film.
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