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on 18 March 2011
Daffodil Girls worked for me on so many levels. It appealed because we read so much about our soldiers, but don't hear about the lives of the wives, partners and mothers who they leave behind - and who worry every moment that their loved ones are in a war zone. So I was - quite simply - curious. The world of a garrison town is closed off - and the MOD doesn't allow much access. This aspect of the book is fascinating. But then there is the sisterhood - the group of women, all types, all ages, all social classes - who help each other out on 'the patch'. Sometimes this is so moving - like when the two officers' wives go into the clear the house of the young wife whose response to news of her husband's death was to get the hell out and back to Wales.
(Oh yes - Daffodil Girls is the affectionate nickname the author gives to the women behind the 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh. Welsh daffodils, you see?)
The lives of the women skilfully unfold through the book, like the story lines of a TV series, and once you get to know who they all are (there's a helpful list at the start) you become totally involved in their world - smiling, sometimes laughing out loud, and - yes- getting very teary as well. There's love and laughs and loss in this book. And the birth of a baby too.
Last of all, Kitty Dimbleby tells her own story. She was obviously a reluctant army wife, but one who can therefore explain this world to outsiders - the rest of us. She might be from a well-known family but she can obviously muck in with the best of them, and earn the confidences of the toughest soldier's lady. She's written an unexpectedly gripping and rather uplifting book which tells us much about army life, about the way women interact with each other, and about the resilience of the human spirit. Excellent.
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on 29 May 2011
Daffodil Girls: Meet the Women Behind Our HeroesWow!!! I have just been taken on an emotional rollacoaster. The book starts off quite light and is full of back ground information about army life from the point of view of the wives left behind when their husbands go to war. But then you are smacked in the face with the realities of our modern conflicts and how the soldiers nearest and dearest have to cope.
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on 21 March 2011
This wonderful book arrived on my doormat on Saturday morning and by Saturday evening I had finished it having not seen the outside world for a whole day! The stories from the women behind our soldiers are both inspiring and moving. Kitty has woven these stories together in such a way that it makes it impossible to put the book down!
Having heard about the book through the fantastic charity Help for Heroes I was keen to read more - intrigued to find out more about the world which an army wife experiences. I will be highly recommending this book to my friends.
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on 4 October 2011
The subject matter makes essential reading and the book does open our eyes to the huge sacrifices made by our armed forces and their families. However, it is repetitive, not well written, and contains several errors/'typos'. Fiona Stanford's book 'Don't Say Goodbye' does it all so much better.
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on 5 May 2011
In befriending wives, mums and daughters from regimental life on the patch, Kitty has been able to find common ground with the 'Daffodil Girls' through the shared emotions and experiences thrust upon women from all walks of life.

While interviewing the long-standing and well travelled pillars of the wives community has given Kitty a greater understanding of regimental life and the hugely important role they play 'on the patch', 'Daffodil Girls' has also served as a reminder that these women do not choose the isolated, dread-filled lifestyle they must often lead... It is simply a side-effect of falling in love with a man who happens to be a soldier.

Kitty writes with respect and admiration for the loyality shown by so many women in Britain today, dutifully supporting their husbands, sons, boyfriends and dads as they serve in the dangerous unknown simply by staying strong for them. And Kitty can cound herself among one of these women.

'Daffodil Girls' is an inspiring read and with royalties from the sales going to help wounded service personnel through the fantastic charity 'Help for Heroes', this book is truly thought-provoking and an amazing tribute through and through.
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on 24 October 2014
im a new army wife and among a few others, read this book to maybe give me abit of an insiders look into the life of a married couple in the army and everything that comes with it, love the way this one was written and felt it related to me abit more as although my other halfs regiment is different to the one featured in this book, we do live on tidworth.
From reading this book i do feel abit more confident tackling such things as mess do's, charity functions etc where from an outsider who's never been to anything like that it can be quite daunting! And your husband/partner being sent on tour, i don't think theres enough literature in the world that would prepare you for that but this book has provided evidence that you can get through it and come out the other side and the woman next door is going through exactly the same as you, your not alone in it!
Fabulous read, aside from the actual book, it was delivered on time and packaged perfectly.
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on 24 March 2011
This book is simply beautiful. It shows the path every army woman takes in their life with the army. From a girlfried, a daughter, a wife, a sister and a mother. Every aspect is covered from the moment they leave for their tour to the moment they come home. It lets you see all the emotions any army lady would feel. It shows soldiers coming home on R&R, coming home at the end of their tour and some not coming home. It is truely touching. My other half came back from his tour and reading the book made me feel like everything I had felt and done whilst he was away was normal. Having good days and bad, sending him letters and emails everyday, decoration and wanting him home. It is a perfect read for anyone, related or not related to the army in any way. I would recommend it to anyone, it is a rare book that can make you laugh, giggle and cry, x
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on 17 September 2011
I was advised to read this book by a wife to a soldier in the same battalion as my partner, she said it would give me a frank but truthful look into what my future will hold. I will be grateful to her forever. This book is so accuate and truthful, its an amazing. It really hit home to me that I am not alone in what I go through as a military girlfriend, I will be supported in the future and life isn't always going to be as hard as it seems at the minute!
Thank you Kitty Dimbleby! You have reassured me that my love for my soldier will get me through, and love really is enough!
A great read for anyone with a partner in the army or just a civvi wanting to know what goes on behind them barbed wire gates (which really are as scary as they seem, even to a well experienced girlfriend!)
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on 5 May 2011
Just finished this wonderful book through many tears, felt every high and low as i too am a long serving WAG (24 years) and my other half is in Afghanistan as i write this with just under 3 months to go after being there for 6 months already. (He is with the Aus army now where 9 months is the norm). My dad actually read a review in one of the UK papers and mentioned to me in one of my calls home (he thought i might like it!!!). He was right i loved it. Army or Defence wives (as we are known here) are a very special breed of women, we manage to find the inner strength that we need to cope with the long days and lonely nights. Well done Kitty, you have done a fab job and i will be passing this on to my other great WAGs, excellent read.
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on 2 September 2012
I have just finished this fantastic book , as a mother of a soldier , I have been on a real
rollercoaster of emotions. This book although written mainly from the point of view of wives, nevertheless the emotions felt by the mothers are represented. I would recommened this book as an insight to the feelings , the highs and the lows , of those loved ones that count the days to the end of tours and R&R.
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