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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 25 August 2007
My comments are on the original books, not the new reprints, although this does sound like a really good idea to me, and I might even be tempted to buy one to see how good a job they've done. If there was one thing the books suffered from (all mine were purchased in the 70s) it was the printing quality. I remember one in particular, Cleopatora, that was in double vision, just like the former short lived newspaper 'Today', and it made me a bit dizzy after reading it all. I can confirm that this and other reprints I've bought are crisp and excellent.

They gave me a love for history, and more importantly, a love for language, as they are beautifully written indeed, and quite challenging even for literate 10 year olds, as the author did love a multisyllabic word or two. The latin references and play on words are plenty, and they are drenched in witty, wordy humour. They are also quite satirical and loved poking gentle fun at the inhabitants of the country they were set in. Also, importantly, they were never infected with any of this politically correct nonsense (unless they've been re-edited, which I hope sincerely hope not). Not that they are in any way harsh or mean at all, they just loved the humour of being culturally aware, if you like. The books are very proudly French, don't forget, and are quite an insight into what they, comically, think of other nationalities. 'Spain' had a gentle dig at their neighbour's laziness, and 'Britain' portayed us all as simple minded eccentrics with bizarre rituals like tea time. If you want to know their view of the Germans, then The Goths will not disappoint or surprise you.

They are very collectable, and most of them very re-readable. Also, as you will see from the reviews, judging them is a personal and subjective thing, as some people's number one favourite has surprised me greatly, while one or two I think are great aren't getting 5 stars. But this just adds to the fun of owning them and having to re-read them. An essential collection for kids, and especially ones who love learning and are inquisitive about the world. They are great fun for all children, with their colourful characters but they are so well written and beautifully drawn they will probably be most appreciated by the more homely, bookish type of kid.

This book was my own favourite, a great story with magical scenes, a lot of humour, funny modern day references and parodies, and always sat on top of the pile just above Switzerland, and The Golden Sickle.
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on 14 August 2004
'Asterix and the Big Fight' is the 7th of 31 adventures published between 1961and 2001; This adventure is from 1966. Set in and around the village, Chief Vitalstatistix is challenged to single combat for control of the Gaulish village. Druid Getafix has lost his memory and cannot brew the magic potion. Highlights include the boxing match between Vitalstatistix and Cassius Ceramix; The very funny attempts to brew magic potion by random chance; The unfortunate Roman spy Infirmofpurpus and his accompanying Owl (who thinks he is a tree); The patient of Druid Psychoanalytix who thinks he is Napoleon. This is a good story, presented in a new re-inked and re-coloured edition. Tidied up in this edition are inconsistencies in Vitalstatistix's clothing and a general polish of ink and colour.
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on 10 September 2015
One of the very best Asterix books.
This is the 'new' re-coloured edition and I must say what a difference!
The added shading, tonal variations and overall look make this book look as if it has only recently been created.
I noticed the lighting colours particularly.
When Asterix and Obelix are in the forest, they are shaded darker. As they are leaving the forest, the shading changes gradually and in some frames, the figures are lighter on one surface, and darker on another. They literally look 3D. Superb.
Also, when they are in the druids hut, the lighting from the single lamp is fantastic.
A massive upgrade to the original.
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VINE VOICEon 26 September 2014
This is the seventh Asterix adventure and possibly one of the best.

There is one village in Gaul that holds out against Roman rule. The Romans hatch a plan. "There's one custom that might come in very useful... it's called THE BIG FIGHT!" The big fight happens when the chief of one village wants to take over another village. He challenges the chief of that village to a big fight, like a boxing match, and the winner takes charge of the other's village. The Romans line up "collaborator and as colossal as the Colosseum" Cassius Ceramix of the village Linoleum for the job.

But because of the magic potion, brewed by druid Getafix, chief Vitalstatistix is invincible, so Cassius Ceramix refuses. The Romans then take out the druid, inadvertently as he gets knocked out by a menhir and loses his memory. Therefore the big fight goes ahead.

Of course it is down to Asterix to get things right again and there is a lot of fun and jokes along the way, as well as the normal clever puns and wordplay. All-in-all another great Asterix story.
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on 25 February 2014
My 5 and 7 year olds are both crazy in love with Asterix and will hardly let me read them anything else. I'm happy to do it, because for me it is a wonderful trip down memory lane, as I loved Asterix as a boy. The pleasure is all the more intense when reading an absolute classic like this.
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on 17 September 2007
I've positive memories of the Asterix series - which I raced through as a wee kid - and after having flicked through the modern printing of this adventure, having bought it for someone else, I can honestly say this is an ideal way to get reluctant kids started on reading if my own experience is anything to go by. You might also want to consider buying it for learners of English. There's abundant colour on each page, and the visual storyline will in most cases keep kids positively distracted. The print quality of the modern edition is better than what I remember it to be, which at times could leave a powdery feel across your fingers. I'm really thinking of the hardback compendiums here, but there are no problems with the current print run.
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on 14 February 2009
i read it long ago i use to have the whole collection and this one is the most funny ever i was crying with laughter
in comic asterix is one of the finest with great humour that mihgt get lost a bit in the translation , it got friendship adventure, sadness , happiness, but most of all humour and an image of the french a bit stereotyped as fighter , like to eat n drink , and quarrel or discuss against any authority which is quite true actually
asterix is great because you can read it as a kid and as adult you ll discover more levels of humour and citation like from those pirate that speak a rough latin (alea jactae est)
so anyway if you are starting with asterix start by this most funny album
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on 25 October 2011
My 8 year old grandson loved this Asterix story. He began reading them 2 years ago and this was one not in the family collection. He chortled his way through from beginning to end and it's now one of his favourites.
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on 4 February 2009
Purchas and delivery was hassle free. Can't review the book as I don't read Asterix. I buy them for my 7 year old son. He loves them. Asterix books have lots of cartoons and some text with a touch of humour. Bought the book on 6/12/08 prompted to write review 2 months later, 4/2/09! Can't remember much, since it was that long ago, other than I didn't have any problem in the purchase and delivery. (It wasn't a market place item, as I re-call).
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on 25 June 2014
Love art work in these books. Where a childhood favourite of mine and reading them again as an adult it's clear why I have such a love of reading.
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