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on 10 September 2007
Where to start...

I could keep this review very short and sum up in two words. Since Ive exhausted that avenue with the review title I suppose I am obliged to explain why.

If you ignore the mindless trawling of inconsequential, irrelevant and - frankly - utterly boring conversations with family members and the often unfathomable skimming over of the more interesting aspects of Graham Chapmans life, what you're left with is two covers and a dedication page.
It really is that bad.

Graham Chapman was blessed with an interesting (if occasionally turbulent) existence. This book does not do the man justice and instead of being a "fascinating insight" approaches the subject matter in way which suggests McCabe should perhaps consider a career in accountancy or the civil service.

Inexpertly written, devoid of excitement or fun, this book belongs in the "save for use as toilet paper" hall of fame. I am relieved that I picked this book out of the bargain bucket in a discount book store. Frankly I resent the money I paid for it as it is, but had I paid full price I would be livid.

There are few books Ive read that I would consider a waste of my time, but this definately fits into that category.

In short, steer clear and save your money for any of the other many GC and Monty Python memorabilia.
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on 11 October 2010
Wow, I am really surprised to read the other reviews of this, as I really quite liked this book. However although I have read several books on Monty Python I haven't read any others on Graham Chapman himself, so maybe this is not as good compared to others. But from the point of view of this book, this is good!

It is the authorised biography of Graham Chapman, late of The Pythons and one of the best comedians in this country. I'm sure most people know who he is - started training to be a doctor, but gave it up to join Monty Python, and didn't look back. Also known for being an alcoholic and gay! This was an amusing book, and I felt that the author had done his research and wasn't just pulling stories out of the newspapers. I felt that it did mainly concentrate on Graham being gay and an alcoholic, but I suppose aside from comedy, that was the main parts of his life (unfortunately in the part of the alcoholism!). It showed that he was a generous, funny person, who just wanted to help others. It was interesting to read about his relationships with the rest of the Pythons, and how he came to be in the comedy business at all. I'd definitely recommend it if you're interested in Monty Python.
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on 25 December 2010
Having collected a lot of Python material over recent years, I was particularly happy when I found this book on the market, and purchased it with high expectations. Frankly, even low expectations would have been dashed.

Aside from the fact that this book is devoid of content (the only "information", and most of the quotes being lifted verbatim from "Python's Autobiography", the remainder being quotes from the Author's interviews, notable only for their pointlessness), the major grate is that it appears to have been written by a primary-school student, struggling gamely but in vain to knock together a coherent piece of work.

I very, very rarely give negative reviews, and this is the first one-star rating I have given any book, but it is thoroughly deserved. No content, presented in a drawn-out and confusing way: not worth buying at any price.
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on 31 October 2013
Graham Chapman was a very funny fellow. You wouldn't realise this from this scrappy biography though. The author seems blinded by two things: Chapman was a homosexual and an alcoholic. This stifles the narrative and nothing else is allowed space to breathe. The impression I got was that the author had based the overwhelming content of his book on just two interviews, one with Graham's brother and the other his former lover. Both are quoted at length. His comedic partners barely warrant a mention. A disappointing read.
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on 20 April 2013
I was so looking forward to reading this book but what a let down. No substance at all and has a cobbled together in 10 minutes feel. Graham Chapman deserves better!
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on 11 February 2010
All of the above.I can not add any more to the other two reviews; this book is awful.
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