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on 20 October 2002
'A Girl's Best Friend is Her Money' should be required reading for every young woman - it should be part of her reading list for GCSE in the UK. There's something in it for every woman from 9 to 90. It fills a need which has been apparent for a very long time. It's written in a light, humorous style and yet it manages to get across some very important facts and truths.
It might be asked 'Why the need for a personal finance book for women? Isn't personal finance something which is equally basic and essential for both genders?' Yes, this is true - but as the authors point out, women still tend to lose out in money terms over the years. They tend to work for for a shorter number of years so build up less pension yet they live longer, they tend to lose out in divorce - and divorce, the authors tell us, is now running at 40% of all marriages. There's the minefield of living with one's partner and having children, even having house property, yet not having the legal protection of marriage.
The authors deal most capably with the 'Knight in Shining Armour' syndrome - the expectation that 'someday my prince will come along' and will provide for a 'happy ever after'. This syndrome has been around for a very long time and although proven to be a fallacy, it is very difficult to kill off. The authors also deal with a new variation on an old theme 'The Surrendered Wife' and they show how this argument is deeply-flawed and dangerous.
I enjoyed the book and I wish most sincerely that there had been anything like it in my youth, the middle of the 20th century. Personal finance is a minefield and the complexities can be a big 'turn-off' to the very people who stand to lose most by ignorance. Inform yourself with this book - you'll never regret the purchase price, and may well save yourself from making expensive mistakes!
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on 22 October 2004
This could quite possibly be the most useful book I have ever bought - seriously!
A friend of mine laughed heartily when I announced I had just bought a book that was going to sort my finances out once and for all, followed by the derisive remark;
"But how are you saving money when you've just spent it on a book you'll get bored with half way through and then leave to rot?!"
Not so. I responded with the old chestnut of having to speculate to accumulate and was rewarded with a smug look and roll of the eyes. I can guarantee you, however, that I have had the last laugh.....
This book covers everything you could ever wish to know about money; from ISA's to pensions, to the minefield that is the stock market. Not only that, but the authors have managed to make it humorous and easy to understand; even for those of us who break out in a cold sweat at the very thought of all things financial. If you're in debt up to your eye balls and snowed under with the endless round of loan offers promising to sort you out, chuck all the forms in the nearest bin and spend your last ten quid on this - you won't regret it.
Any woman at any stage of her life should read this book; even if there's nothing you want to act on immediately. Having the confidence to make your own financial decisions in this day and age is invaluable and paves the way towards a richer more stable future. What sensible woman in her right mind doesn't want to feel confident and in control? That's exactly what this book aims to provide with a no-nonsense fore-armed is fore-warned strategy, and a light hearted and honest approach to the things that really matter to women where cash is concerned.
As for myself, after what turned out to be a surprisingly enjoyable and interesting read, I find myself in a much happier and more financially sound situation. I have no debts, a nicely performing ISA and a solid pension plan. Of course, this book didn't just wave a wand and give it all to me, but it did give me the confidence and know-how to go and get it for myself. As for the friend who laughed, she still has three sizeable credit card bills, a loan, no savings, and serious amounts of interest accruing as we speak. My problem now, is trying not to look too smug....
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on 15 February 2005
This books is great - buy it.. and buy it for all your girly friends. It is essential reading for all women and you'll get through it in one evening because its easy to read and funny, and not a bit boring like you might expect from a book on finance.
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on 4 February 2013
I can't believe this book only has 4 reviews!

I bought this in 2005 when I had just graduated and found the advice invaluable: It sets you up for managing your money as a new earner fabulously and I believe will also work well if you've swept your finances under the carpet and want to take control!
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on 18 August 2016
Brilliant book. It really emphasises the benefits of compound interest and demystifies investing - information that should be on the national curriculum. Google Motley Fool Compound Interest for a good précis. I read this book and lots of posts on the Motley Fool UK discussion boards in the 2000s and it made a huge difference to my financial wellbeing and attitude to money/savings/investments. I am not a high earner by any stretch of the imagination, but one of the key facts is that small amounts saved regularly build up to a substantial sum and I can testify that this is absolutely true and the younger you start the better. I am so grateful that I found the Fool. I'm still just using low cost index trackers, but plan to take the plunge and start up my own HYP (high yield portfolio) at some point.
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on 31 October 2008
My dad bought me this book for Christmas several years ago. As I saw the title I was deeply offended - after all, I was a single twenty something with an affordable mortgage, no other debts, a good job and a good pension plan. Wasn't I good with money?! What did I need help for?!

When I started reading though, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I even read the bits that didn't apply to me. It has advice for every situation, whether you are in debt or need a new way to make any spare disposable income work for you. As a result of this book I have several thousand pounds saved that I probably wouldn't have otherwise - although I might have a few more pairs of shoes!

I now need to dip into this book again as I am about to go on maternity leave and then hopefully return to work part-time, as there is excellent advice for this time of my life too.

Whether you are young or old, in debt or wealthy or somewhere in between, single, married or divorced, there is something in this book for you.
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