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on 1 January 2000
Something about Bester is fascinating. In the series we actually found out very little about him and despite the fact that you know how this story will end, (it takes you up to Bester's first appearance in the TV series) it makes compulsive reading. It's great to have the character fleshed out so he isn't just a pariah but a man with passions and flaws. The ancestors of the TV series characters are easier to spot in this one and the familiarity of the Babylon 5 universe makes up for the fact that the book has essentially a single plot told from a single point of view. WARNING: You will want to buy the last book in the trilogy (you've got to - it's got Garibaldi on the front!)
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on 8 August 2000
He's one of the most sinister, liked and hated men in the B5 series but we don't know much about him (except for the one feature episode). This book tells the story of most of his life, starting from his school years in the Corp. (Which once again, like the first book in the trilogy, shows how the Corp operates, with some nice surprises). The story continues through most of Bester's life, including tie-ins with the series' episodes. It gives a good insight into just what telepaths can do, especially to mundanes. If you've read the first one, don't stop now it just keeps getting better. Once again brilliant!
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on 1 September 1999
This book gives a full & detailed background history to one or the shows best loved? carecters It shows Bester growing from boy to man over aprox 30 years, it gives fuller details of incidents hinted at in the T V show and readers can finally see what made him the man he is today, you sometimes can't help feeling sorry for him even though he is a nasty piece of worki.
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Deadly Relations opens as Bester is 6 years old, growing up in the Psi Corps center in Switzerland. The book follows his life as he struggles with his ambition and his desire to be loved. Interestingly for fans of the Babylon 5 TV show, Lyta and Byron have cameos and this book ends with Bester about to leave for his first trip to the station.
Fans of the series will enjoy this book. J. Gregory Keyes has done a good job of capturing Bester and making him sympathetic. Bester truly becomes a well-rounded character whose motives we can understand, even if we don't agree with them. This is something I enjoyed about the show itself, and I'm glad to see it continued here.
However, this book suffers from the same problem as the first in the trilogy - no real plot. It follows Bester for 68 years, and as such reads more like a biography. There is no real climax; it just ends. The other characters just serve the purpose of helping us understand Bester and are not super interesting on their own.
Any fan of Babylon 5 will enjoy this novel because of the information on Bester. New comers to the series will be more interested once they've viewed the show.
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on 17 September 1999
If you've seen B5 and especially if you were hooked by the idea of telepaths and the Psi Corps, you really should get this, and the other book in the series. (I'm eagerly awaiting book three.)
I love the way the book(s) reveal the characters from B5 and show how they ended up in the B5 universe. Bester is a wonderful character in B5, totally detestable, and you *almost* feel a *little* sorry for him! But it's not all about Bester, watch out for many other characters.
I would warn against people who haven't seen all five series of B5 reading this until they have watched all episodes. There would be some real spoilers.
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on 12 November 2014
Once again up to the high standard we have come to expect from the series.
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on 14 March 1999
Fantastic book, delivered Wednesday and not been put down since. The book puts some meat on the old and young Al Bester that we all know and love from Babylon 5. It explains some of the reasons why he is, how he is... Alfred is described exactly as we know him on the screen, a very well written and enthralling book... My advise is to buy it and read it very soon.
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on 6 July 2015
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