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on 12 July 2013
I read the book but it was a struggle and I had to rush through the diary sections of the old aunt, I got feb up of reading them. The storyline was ok but I felt it dragged on a little and I found myself getting sleepy after 2 pages and due to that it took me weeks to finish it. I was glad when I reached the end. The characters were likable and the ending rather predictable but still not a bad read on the whole but read lots better.
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on 18 November 2017
Loved this book, couldn't put it down!
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on 16 October 2017
Happy, easy reading. Ideal journey or summer holiday book.
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on 16 February 2015
Rosie Hopkins was fairly happy with her life in London. She never thought about leaving and was reluctant to do so, but her frail Aunt Lillian needs her help and since there is no other family in the area, Rosie must head off to the country to sort out Lillian's sweet shop.
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on 30 March 2015
Sweet! Usual quality read.
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on 9 May 2016
I loved this book from start to finish. Lillian's back story was very touching and gelled well with the modern day Rosie's story. The descriptions of Lillian's cottage and village life were perfectly created and I almost felt I was living there in the middle of it all! This was a very cosy, comforting read and I'm going to order the next in the Rosie series straight away. I think this book has ousted The Cupcake Café books to be my favourite Jenny Colgan read yet!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 October 2013
I am a pretty recent covert to the Jenny Colgan books and was a huge fan of the Cupcake books. I'm currently working through her other books and realising that the sequel to this is due out in a couple of months I figured now was a good time to read it. As with her other books it didn't take me long to get into the story and straight away really liked Rosie as the lead character. When Rosie is asked to go and help her elderly aunt Lilian in the countryside she is really unsure. Her boyfriend Gerard (who was awful I must say) would be left behind while she sorted out the family issues at hand.

As soon as the story moved with Rosie to the Countryside it improved dramatically. With the introduction to her aunt Lilian who I absolutely loved, it seemed like her and Rosie worked really well together as characters. Lilian's little sweet shop has been closed for years and with her Aunt's declining health, Rosie needs to sort out the sale of the shop and finding a home for her aunt. The other element of this story was not only Rosie's but of Lilian's past and how she found herself to be where she is today. As the reader we get to see snippets of Lilian's history and her own life being brought up in a time when war was as the forefront of everybody's mind. This was such a nice way to layer the story as you find yourself understanding why Lilian is the way she is now.

There are many village characters that also add sparkle to this story and I found myself wishing Rosie on as all she seems to do for the first half of the book is land herself in hot water. I particularly liked the stroppy and awkward character Stephen who seems to be determined to do things his way! I read this book very quickly and absolutely loved it. As usual with Jenny Colgan books you get the added addition of something extra and in this books case it was sweets. You get taken back in time with all the nostalgic mentions of sweets from days gone past, as well as sweet recipes at the start of each chapter! I have to say that the Cupcake books are still my favourite but this is a definite second. I can't wait to see what's in store for the follow up of this due out in November 2013.
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on 9 February 2015
On the whole 'Rosie Hopkin's Sweet Shop of Dreams' was a lovely enjoyable read that was twee, yes, but still a great book for lulling yourself off to bed with. A few parts of the read jarred with me; namely, the slight obsession the author had with the word 'harrumph' all the time, the bit when the protagonist and her love interest finally get together; the sex seemed just too 'shades of grey' after a smooth, relatively unsexy read, and lastly, I didn't like how Rosie felt it was her place to 'call social services' just because a vegan mother had different child rearing ideals to her; after all, from what I read, the child in question, Edison, seemed a lovely gentle caring boy; I doubt the social services would have seen that as a child in any kind of danger. Other than those points, I have purchased the Christmas version of this book, and hoping it's not quite as opinionated *lol*
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VINE VOICEon 9 December 2012
I love how Jenny Colgan is now writing about cakes and sweets and chocolate. Very in at the moment and right up my street. This book is about Rosie, who has to go and look after her great aunt Lilian and get her old sweetshop ready for sale. Lilian is getting on and really needs to go into a home. Inevitably, Rosie finds herself growing fond of Lilian and revitalising the shop, which became too much for Lilian to manage some years earlier, although nobody realised.

This book taps into everybody's childhood memories of sweetshops, although I don't think there was nearly enough about sweets and the shop in it. It's a lovely read, a bit cliched and I did know what was going to happen, but it's light, frothy, fun and a very pleasant way to spend my time.
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on 29 March 2012
After reading (and loving) my first Jenny Colgan novel last year, Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe, I was really, really keen to read to read her brand new novel, especially as it sounded like it was going to be about sweets... how could you go wrong?! The cover is fantastic, red with the teal foil highlights for the lettering, and I think it is certainly going to be a book that people will want to pick up and find out more about, especially thanks to that tantalising title! I have to say I found this book better than Colgan's last release, and that's certainly saying something considering how great that book was, and I ploughed through this book in just a few days because I was in love with the characters, and the interesting way in which it was written, it really did keep me hooked. I have to say as well, whether you're a fan of sweets or not, do read this book because it's a joy!

The book tells the tale, funnily enough, of Rosie Hopkins, and her sudden move from London to the countryside where her ailing, elderly Aunt Lilian is living alone, and needs Rosie's help. Rosie is reluctant to leave her job as auxiliary nurse in a busy city hospital, and boyfriend Gerard behind, but does so for her family, especially mother Angie. When she gets there, she finds Lilian's sweet shop closed and it looks like it hasn't been open for a while, and Lilian is in a fairly bad way too. Rosie struggles to get used to country life, every knowing everyone elses business, but befriends the local doctor, and ends up with stroppy local patient Stephen to tend to. Rosie is determined to get Lilian's shop ready for selling, and sets about making it look brand new, but ends up falling in love with it herself. I loved Rosie straight away, she's the perfect heroine for a book, and is so loveable, there's nothing at all to fault about her!

Rosie is all about her family, which is a good message to send out, and helps Lilian out even though the pair barely know each other. I liked that Rosie didn't take any nonsense from her elderly Aunt, and found the pair to be quite the comedy duo as the book went on, with both girls giving as good as they got! I especially enjoyed reading about Rosie's escapades with the locals in the village, some hilarious moments did make me laugh out loud, and I found it so easy to read. Lilian herself was a great character, clearly troubled by events that happened in her past, but reading her unfolding relationship with her niece was fantastic, and I really liked the stroppy old woman by the end of it! These two were definitely the main characters, but there were a few others who were important too, such as Rosie's hideous boyfriend Gerard, just an awful character and I could not understand for the life of me why Rosie let him treat her that way! Moray the local doc was lovely, a really friendly face for Rosie in the book, and I loved their scenes together, and the medical issues that came up were well written too, I enjoyed the realism of those.

Now to the sweet shop. Well what can you say? Colgan has clearly done her research (lucky her!) about all manner of sweets, old and new and so many make an appearance in the book that it makes for fantastic reading! As well as mentioning the sweets in the shop, Colgan has introduced extracts from a book Lilian wrote about sweets, which has real recipes in it too if you fancy trying those out, and they sound amazing! I found the extracts at the beginning of the chapter were funny and enlightening, and added something a bit different to the book. I also really enjoyed the descriptions of the sweet shop, from the fancy chocolate boxes to the big glass jars lined up on the shelves... it sounded like heaven! Another thing I want to mention about this book was the way it was told. The majority of it was in the present day with Rosie and Lilian, but throughout the book, there were flashbacks to Lilian's youth in the 1940's, and what exactly went on there is nothing short of heart-breaking, and very emotional to read. Colgan easily manages to transport you back many years into that time period, and it was great to have a background for Lilian to explain her in the present day, I found these parts of the book so touching and incredibly well written.

Overall, this book was a joy to read, and I really can't recommend it enough. From the enticing, bright front cover that immediately draws you in, you're then sucked into the world of Rosie and Lilian and the glorious sweet shop, as well as the things in the women's lives too. There is a great cast of characters, from the youngest villagers through to the oldest, and a moody young man thrown in to boot, and I loved every single page. Colgan manages to combine this story with Lilian's youth with ease, and I enjoyed each part of the book equally. This book delves deep into the heart of family, love and sweeties, and I defy you not to crave at least half of the things mentioned in the book, especially in a candy striped paper bag as you're reading along! I miss the days of proper pick n mix, and this book will definitely bring that all back in your mind, and more! A fantastic novel that I know will be a surefire success, and it thoroughly deserves to be! A real treat of a read!
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