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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 30 December 2011
This book started off with great promise and had me hooked from the first few pages but then it became a bit heavy and slow while it set the background to the plot. But once it got going again it was pure genius.

I'm not that up on technical gadgets so I'm not sure how easy it is to send someone self-deleting texts and emails, and I found it a bit hard to believe that a home could be fitted with ultra hi-tec surveillance equipment, buried in the walls and under floorboards, without the occupants even realising anyone had entered the property. A lot was left unexplained as to how it was done so you just have to trust the author that it's possible.

All in all a good read with plenty of twists that left me reading far later into the night than I should have because I wanted to find out what happened next!
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on 6 November 2010
To my shame, I nearly abandoned this novel after about 60 or so pages. Although it had the semblance of a plot emerging, it was moving very s-l-o-w-l-y,too many characters were introduced too quickly and (unless you live in Southern California)there was not enough background information given. In short, it didn't seem to be going anywhere.

Disappointed, because "We Know", the only Gregg Hurwitz novel I had read before rocketed away from page one, I flung this one onto a shelf. The next day I thought I would give it another chance and, my goodness, I'm glad I did.

From the first word of chapter 13 it was almost like a different author (the Hurwitz from before),the story raced away, the plot twisting and turning and the book was glued to my fingers. From there I finished it in 24 hours. Unheard of for me!

Buy it, read it, persevere with the frst few chapters. You won't be disappointed. It's brilliant!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 11 April 2011
Patrick is an aspiring screenwriter who thinks he has it made when he finally has a script go into production, starring hot new rising star Keith Conner. However a fall out with Conner leads to Patrick being sacked and facing a lawsuit to boot. On top of this, his wife has had an affair with the neighbour. Patrick thinks he's hit rock bottom, but life is about to get considerably worse for him. A DVD arrives at the house and he realises that he is under surveillance - but by whom? And why?

This is a reasonable thriller - I ripped through it in a couple of days. It starts well but then the momentum slows right down. At about the halfway mark I was looking ruefully at how many pages there were still to go, but then it kicked into a new gear and I tore through the next 100 pages without pause. Hurwitz has a highly readable writing style that's similar to Linwood Barclay or Harlen Coben. Two stars for the first half, four stars for the second half: averaging out at three.

This book was published in the US under the title "They're Watching".
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on 28 December 2010
He's done it again! After the brilliant 'We Know', Hurwitz has delivered another fantastic thriller, full of surprises, twists and turns to catch out the reader. This is one book I couldn't put down.

Hurwitz is really making a name for himself in this genre - make sure you jump on board and come along for the ride!
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on 26 April 2010
I cant believe this book only has 2 reviews!! I wont give the plot away but I thought it was a really good read from cover to cover. Fast paced with some very clever twists. It kept you guesing how Patrick would outwit the next move from a hidden enemy. Some good believable characters and excellent description of a marriage fallen apart and the longing to be back together at all costs. The spy technology was believeable and up to date which heightend the books pace. A very clever concept and plot all through the book. I dont want to give any plot details away, but if you have a free weekend i would recomend it.
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This is by no means th best Gregg Hurwitz novel I've read - not by a long chalk. I mention chalk as we're talking teacher here. To be really a nitpicker, the book gets off to a rocky start: page 5 has the wife's hair in chestnut waves, on page 6 it is almost black; I didn't notice a hairdresser's appointment in between.

Nothwithstanding, Patrick Davies is a screenwriter who's fiery temperament gets him the sack so he becomes a teacher whereupon his fiery termperament gets him the sack. So he beccomes a sleuth or, as was pointed out by a friend, an Inspector Clouseau - without the laughs.

In and amongst, he has fallen foul of the leading man so, as it's America, law suits abound. Worse still, someone is watching his every move and sending him CDs with mind-boringly numb detail on them but, with follow-up telephone calls to set him on a road to carry out certain tasks. Frankly, this becomes wasted paper. His wife has a brief affair wth the next door neighbour, everyone falls out, weeping over spilt milk, the tasks lead to a murder and, surprise, surprise, Davies is the main suspect, especially as the victim is very high profile.

It gets worse. Husband and wife get back together again so more weeping, this time of joy, the police are subjugated to the FBI, the FBI don't do much and still the guy is pursued by whomever is behind the circumstances.

There is a denouement and I only continued to read the book to find out what could possbly be worth the effort. Well, I won't spoil it for you; thankfully, I've enjoyed some of his other books so I'll still look out for more but this one? No thanks.
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on 29 September 2009
I read this book having read "I See You" both of which I would highly recommend. Greg Hurwitz's style of writing is, quite simply, very clever. If you want to read something that doesn't particularly make you think then you should go and read something else.

In "Or She Dies" the main character is Patrick who, with his wife (although mainly directed at him) start to receive anonymous messages and such things as DVD's containing footage of them going about their normal everyday business. Without giving anything away in terms of the sort of contact and messages they receive, as the reader (or certainly me) you consider whether such contact is from the Government although why choose Patrick? and what is it all leading to?

I know I haven't explained the plot in any detail whatsoever but, quite simply, if you have read "I See You" and you enjoyed it, then read this. It is equally as good and I can't wait to read "We Know".
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 August 2013
So I am finally getting around to catching up on some older reads of mine that I never reviewed online and I thought I'd start with a book from one of my favourite "suspense" authors Gregg Hurwitz. Or She Dies AKA They're Watching is another twisted tale this time following Patrick Davis a man on the edge, with marriage and work issues, who discovers he is being watched. Emails arrive that seem to offer some hope of reprieve but as Patrick takes on the challenges he faces greater and greater danger.
This is not my favourite of Mr Hurwitz's novels hence the 3* rather than 4 or 5 but it is still a great edge of the seat read. I felt the standard dropped somewhat towards the end and it all became a bit of a mish mash - but up until that point I was as intrigued as I ever am when reading one of his novels. With the ending being less than satisfactory on a personal level I would say that this is definitely worth the time, but if you havent read Mr Hurwitz before then I would recommend starting with "Trust No-one" which shows this author at his best and leave this one for the time being until you have fallen in love with his writing.
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on 23 May 2011
I really did try and reading the other reviews i wonder now if I should have given it more time but i was so bored by the time the third dvd turned up i could not have cared who was stalking them, sorry but i did read the other one we know and it was just really the same i got through that one but you have to have a very patient nature as the first 60 pages just go on and on and on...zzzzzzzzz
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on 14 April 2011
This book was very good, however very slow to pick up and get moving. It was almost obvious how the plot unfolded. Unfortuantely I have read other GregG Hurwitz book's and could not help comparing to these.

Would recomend to users, however his other's are more exciting to follow....
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