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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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This book is seriously life changing. Once you have read it, you will want to go straight out and buy a copy of it for everyone dear to you and anyone you know or know of that may be suffering from one illness or another. Andrew Weil has the ability to communicate succinctly and clearly the workings of the human body and is hugely motivational in the process. It is an empowering experience as you realise that we all have the potential to ensure we have longevity in our lives and we have the power to fight illness and ensure optimum well being. He does not reject conventional medicine but educates you as to where you can supplement it with alternative medicine and gives a practical and easy to follow guide to help you change your habits. None of it is rocket science - but we all need to be reminded and re educated. Cannot recommend this highly enough!
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on 27 June 1999
This book is amazing!! Personally being on many types of conventional medicines, I found this book to be very enlightening in the many ways to heal your body...naturally and safely! It's an extremely easy read and Dr. Weil explains everything in careful detail. After reading this, I am changing the way i view my body and mind and i'm passing this knowledge onto my friends. i reccomend this book HIGHLY to anyone who is seeking an alternative to conventional medicine.
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on 24 September 1997
For 1 year and 16 medical specialists no one has been able to diagnose where my mid-section pain (24 hours a day) was coming from. A friend gave me Dr. Weil's book and said "read it, try the remedies, they can't hurt you and maybe they may help your cancer problem et. al. I was a skeptic who never believed vitamin and other health food supplements could possibly help prevent or cure a disease such as HIV, Hepatitis or Cancer.
But I am writing this on August 11, 1997 to tell you our visitors and clients... I AM A BELIEVER NOW. Having spent the months of may, June and July virtually an invalid from my pain. Never going out for fear of catching germs or cutting myself etc. I started to follow some of Dr. Weil's recommendations. Then on Wed. Aug. 6 I suddenly felt better, got dressed, went out to see my dentist for extraction of a front tooth. I hate Dentist's, because I am very sensitive to novacaine or pain. Well I went through 8 hours in the dental chair with no ill effects. Thursday afternoon I had an appointment with my Onclogist. As soon as I stepped into the room where they do the blood tests. Every nurse remark how different I was then just 30 days before, my previous vist.
My weight, 20 lb. loss after Cancer Chemo, was now back to normal. I felt good, sounded good and my pain went from a 9 to a 5. My wife said Ken you're back on Dexadrine (an upper). I said absolutely untrue. All I'm on is my pain killers, vitamins and Ginseng Gold. Called my friend in Delaware and she said, see the vitamins and Ginseng have given you a lift in energy, appetite etc. I AM NOW A BELIEVER. IF YOU'VE HAD IT WITH DOCTORS,..READ THIS BOOK. My life did a 180 degree turn in just 3 weeks. My doctors won't believe it, but everyone that knows me thinks I've undergone a miraculous cure. But I still have the cancers, but they are under control BY MY IMMUNE SYSTEM.
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on 22 June 1997
I want to thank Dr. Weil for writing such an amazing book. I was recently diagnosed with
chronic Hepatitis C and I was terrified when the doctors told me that the only treatment available was Interferon and it only works in 10-15% of the patients. I have no symptoms of any illness and with the help of Dr. Weil's Book I am determined to keep myself healthy for a long time to come .
This book has inspired me so much that I am buying it as presents for my friends and relatives.
With all my heart thank you so much Dr. Andrew Weil.I'm already reading some of your other treasures. Sincerely Beatrix M.
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on 4 April 1998
An EXCELLENT book. At last someone presents a new point of view. Having been the "victim" of countless western medicine proponents, this book was the answer to my prayers. I began his 8 week program (also found on his website) and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my physical well being, not to mention my attitude about life in general.Dr. Weil points out that in order to achieve this state of well being, you yourself must first undergo a change. It is not an easy task; it requires a lifestyle change as well as a belief and spirit in yourself that what you are doing will yield positive long term benefits. Unfortunately, our society promotes drugs to ease our ills. Our medical community promotes this for their own benefit. Dr. Weil offers alternatives which are safer, less expensive and much more beneficial in the long run. If you REALLY want to feel your best then read this book.It is beyond me how some people just don't "get it". I think many of those people who criticize this book are getting something out of their suffering.
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on 2 January 1997
dispenses wise advise for the experts and laymen alike. SPONTANEOUS
HEALING goes in depth to talk about the body as a whole and
what we can do to maintain good health. From our physical well
being to our mind and spirit we learn the secrets to longevity.
The testimonials in the beginning of his book will make a believer
out of the most skeptical. This book packs a punch and makes one
really stand back and take a long, hard look at thier own health.
Everything from removing toxins in your body to ways to transition
your diet, he tells you. Read it to learn about your bodies own
inborne abilities to heal itself.
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on 10 August 1998
Weil's "Spontaneous Healing" discusses the power of natural medicine and the spirit over certain medical practices. The author presents powerful testimonials from patients who have conquered their illnesses with their own techniques. The book also present a guide to various illnesses, including cancer and AIDs, as well as a glossary of natural remedies. You will not only read this book once, you will refer to it throughout your life.
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on 24 October 1996
Dr. Weil shows us fascinating truths about the nature of our
bodies. Trurhs which he shows are being ignored by medical
doctors all over the world. Why? Why do MD's ignore the most
natural way to heal? Why do some people survive and win the
battle against their cancer?

Dr. Weil suggests the answers as well as ideas how to make
our body withstand all but the most brutal of external
hazards. After showing us stories, one by one, of people who
overcame crippling illnesses, and explaining to us what made
the difference in each case, Dr. Weil summarizes this and
gives wonderful suggestions about nutrition and health. Ones
which are not very costly, and not too restrictive.

For the more enthusiastic of readers, Dr. Weil complements
the book with an 8-week program to gradually start living
the life that will last longer, be healthier and of course,
make you overcome any illness faster than before.

A remarkable book!
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on 19 December 1996
Dr. Weil has written a brutally honest book on how to hone the body, mind, and spirit so they can ward off disease, unpleasant thoughts, stress, etc., thereby enabling this temple - as the body is referred to in the Bible - to be pure. The reason why I said Dr. Weil was honest is that he doesn't take a pro-alternative medicine stand, or an anti-allopathic stand. He simply explains, from his wealth of valuable experience, what works best. If it happens to be conventional medicine, then so-be-it. If not, then he says so. Too many alternative medicine practitioners shun any and everything conventional medicine has to offer. (Reminding me that Abraham Lincoln once said that few things are black or white. They are usually varying shades of gray.) From my experience, most chiropractors are charlatons. I have gone to approximatley 20 chiropractors over the past 12 years. I would recommend only 3. One wanted me to see him everyday for the next 6 months. Another devoted a total of less than 2 minuted to me each time I visited him. Find a good osteopath, or an excellent chirpractor. Dr. Weil is right on target in this respect. This is an all-encompossing book that gives great detail to the many different avenues of healing. In addition, it is not padded with much of the filler information to be found in other health books. This book packs a mean wallop and is a must-read for anyone seriously concerned about his or her health. Thank you, Doug Henderson.
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on 17 June 1999
I have a hard time taking this guy at face value. His ego and self-centeredness just scream off the pages. Most of the information is second hand, and not terribly compelling. There are a lot of great new books on health these days. I cannot say that I can honestly recommend this one. Sorry.
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