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on 17 October 2012
The up side of this book is in the details given about the remaining details of the bases. The downside has to be the questions never even attempted and these can be summarised.

1) Just why was the V2 rocket built in the first place? It seems a highly expensive, inaccurate and highly unreliable method of delivering a ton of explosive no more than 200 miles.

2) Apart from at Antwerp, why was the V2 only used on the UK, the most junior of the Allies. Why was in never used on Russia?

3) Just where where the Nazis going to obtain the necessary Uranium ore? The windfall of a few hundered tons of Belgian Congo Uranium ore at the outbreak of WW2 doesn't add up to much refined Uranium. The only other likely Nazi source of (low grade) Uranium ore was a small mine in Bohemia, which was only available after the invasion of Russia anyway.

The Manhatten Project consumed one quarter of all American WW2 resources but the other three quarters still out produced Germany, Italy and Japan combined. Truly a weapon of a superpower and definitely not the middle rank players of Germany and Japan.

By the time the fragmentary details are added together, whether technical, scientific or artifacts and even the German nuclear theory seems to have been wrong with several even plausible explanations just why. It seems fairly obvious that Nazi Germany never really knew how, considered or even got close to producing a nuclear weapon.

There has to be some other explanation for the vast concrete constructions in wartime France, especially at a time when such resources are desperately needed in Germany as a result of Allied bombing, which has yet to be discovered and published.

This author has gone looking for, and found, a nuclear programme which does not seem to have ever existed, without aver considering any other alternatives.
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on 3 January 2016
The detailing of the V sites is quite good, but the hypothesis concerning the 'modified' V2 is (to quote Stephen Fry): '...complete loose stool water. It is arse-gravy of the worst kind'

Am I the only person to spot that the supposed payload bay (that gets inserted between the fuel tank and the motor) has no fuel pipes running through it? Even the much vaunted Nazi mass-murderers who got the original V2 airborne would find it tricky to launch the modified one with no fuel reaching the motor. As for the idea that it'd would 'break away and roll clear' in the event of a failed launch...
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on 23 May 2009
Very interesting insite into the V rockets and just how close Hitler was to possible clearing large parts of England and the USA, with his V rockets. If it had not been for the bombings of these sites we might all be speaking German!!!
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