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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2014
*******SPOILER ALERT! ********

I am a huge fan of the early BDB books...although after Rehv's book I started to become disenchanted with the series, so I really wanted this book to be the one that made me fall back in love with the series but it feels like JR Ward has lost her way; too many characters, not enough interesting story lines, too much waffle and unfortunately, that hasn't changed with this book.

I didn't think I’d ever say this about the BDB series but the book was far too long. I actually skipped through sections…the three other story lines - Selena/Trez, Xcor/Layla and Sola/Assail - added absolutely nothing to the story and I got bored with them quite quickly as there was no real relevance or depth to the characters.
I found Xcor's turnaround unbelievable and as there was no resolution to any of these stories, I’m guessing that’s where the next book is headed but it felt like there really isn't much further to go with the stories; that they were so close to being finished that she will be dragging them out if she wants to carry on with them. I mean, with Trez and Xcor they clearly want the females and the females know that but won't get them initially, then after lots of waffle and introspection, they'll get their HEA. Snooze!

The main story line of Beth and Wrath was so protracted that I got to the point where I didn't care what happened to them, which as the “First Couple” (in the series and as King and Queen!) was a shame.
I know they had issues to work through - her wanting a baby, him not and the threat to the throne - but it felt all so drawn out and I think could've been covered in a novella. I just wanted the book to end!!
Then, the last few chapters where she has the baby, he dissolves the monarchy and then is elected king after spending time with the commoners was so rushed and felt like JR had had enough of the book and just wanted to wrap everything up in a nice, cosy ending that just felt sloppy. This was a monumental situation; the very fabric of the vampire race has been changed yet it was so rushed and almost felt like an afterthought!
Also, what was all that stuff about JM and the seizures about? I thought it was the point where him being the reincarnation of Darius was going to be brought up but it hardly got mentioned again. Again, suppose that will be in the next book. Not sure I could handle another JM book though, he’s one of my least favourite characters!

One of the things I loved about the BDB is that some of the guys spoke in a cool and relevant way... it was just V and Butch originally but now they're all talking as if they were raised in the Bronx and it's just not right!!
Payne, Manny, Selena, Beth, Wrath have suddenly all developed a ghetto turn of phrase that seemed out of character and I had to double check who was talking. Felt like JR had lost sight of her characters so made them all to speak in one kind of voice.

I also got so fed up with the pop culture references - not being American a few of them passed straight over my head but referencing Kanye, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus in the first few chapters was way over the top and seemed to be out of place in this vampire world, who care little about the human world - who was JR aiming these references at, is she writing for a younger audience now?

So all in all, I’m disappointed with this book and feel that my BDB journey may well be at an end. Which is a shame, true? 3.5 stars.
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on 26 April 2014
First off I would just like to say that this is one of my favourite series of books. Saying that I wait with much anticipation for the next book like most BDB fans do. I was how ever left feeling very disappointed with this book. In my honest opinion it just did not deliver.

The reason I love these books are the great story lines that so far seem to have all fit and connected. I love each vampire who has had his story line. The Lessers are a major part of these books as they are the main enemy and that brings me to another great reason and that is, the action in the books. You have a great set of books with hot vampires, great leading ladies, all out fight scene and some really great erotic scenes to tie it all together to make a great book.

The king just did not fit the bill. Where was the fights, where was the interaction with the other brothers and even the sex scenes in this book were lame compared to the others. Where is the lessoning society. Only mentioned a few times in the book as a dead one was found and Butch needed calling. I appreciate where this book was heading but to me it is going to far off the beaten track that its loosing the feel of the brotherhood. You now have so many loose ends that she has left open for other books that I feel have no relevance to the BDB. The whole point of the series I thought was the good and bad - You have Omega (bad) not even in the book and the Scribe virgin (good) not even in the book. We all waited for the last book for Blay and Qhuinn story and it so delivered because of the build up for so many books. Now this book had no build up and totally left me feeling flat and not even in the slightest wanting to read the next book which I believe is about Iam.
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The King is the 12th book in the popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series by American author, J.R. Ward. While the main plot concerns the King, Wrath, son of Wrath and his Queen, Beth, much of the narrative is also devoted to Assail and Sola Morte (Marisol), Wrath’s parents, Wrath and Anha, Shadow Trez and Selena, and Xcor and Layla. As well as the threat to his rule from the glymera and Xcor’s Band of Bastards, Wrath is trying to deal with Beth’s wish for a baby, something that he is against for several reasons. Sola Morte discovers another side to ruthless drug lord and cold-blooded killer Assail when he sets out rescue her. Shadow iAm’s character is expanded on with a few surprises. Trez finds that his plan to foil his destiny with the s’Hisbe backfires on him when he wants to get closer to Chosen Selena. And the pregnant Chosen Layla makes a secret deal with Xcor. Beth’s cat Boo takes a liking to a household member. A gutsy Sola Morte solves a security thumbprint dilemma with aplomb. The seventeenth century narrative about Wrath and Anha also elucidates the history of the association between the Brotherhood and the King. Lessers and the Band of Bastards make very few appearances in this installment and the noticeable lack of fights will certainly please some readers. A rather atypical member of the glymera who is (somewhat unfortunately) named Abalone (though he is not at all shellfish, sorry, selfish) is instrumental to a rather neat solution to the battle for Wrath’s leadership. This instalment has kidnapping, pregnancy with associated food cravings, birth, a traditional wedding, morning sickness, ultrasounds, a sedative dart, a poison chalice, an epileptic seizure, migraine, vengeance, sparring, a divorce, blackmail, and quite a lot of ice cream. There are a few twists in the plot and while some of the narrative strands are nicely tied up, there is plenty of scope for further novels in the series with several unresolved threads. As always, this is an addictive read and fans will look forward to the 13th book, The Shadows.
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on 5 April 2014
I found this book disappointing on so many levels. I wasn't in the slightest bit interested in the side stories. The series is called the BLack Dagger Brotherhood but now there are far too many additional characters who have no relation to the original characters or their purpose in being. The conflict resolution was just bizarre. The ending was rushed and I had the feeling that Ward was both bored with the characters and winding down the series. I won't be pre-ordering the next book in the series and unless it's a lot better than this offering, I won't be buying at all.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 April 2014
I can't say I've enjoyed the last few books. For me, the earlier books were the best. For a start they weren't as long and they featured more of the love story aspect and included all the brothers. I think JRW was rather crafty promoting this one as a story about Wrath and Beth but instead, she's padded it out with loads of other plotlines and it fell short for me.

My biggest problem is how much Beth has changed. I've just picked up Dark Lover to read Beth's internal thoughts and they are as I remember them. Beth has always been a calm, lovely character. In The King, she has started talking like a Brother! Her internal thoughts consist of such un-Beth like words such as 'Man', 'Christ', 'Jesus' etc, etc. It sounded more like Wrath's thoughts than Beth's! Then there's the new addition of 'Hubs' for Wrath. This comes from the other brothers and Beth herself. Then 'wife' was used a lot. What happened to Hellren and Shellan? At one point Wrath thinks to himself how Beth never swears but then next minute she's swearing all the time even in her internal thoughts.

This is the first JRW book that never made me feel emotional. Wrath and Beth soon resolve their 'problem'. The rest of the book features Assail and Sola. I admit I skipped their parts as I was just not interested. I quite liked Trez and Selena's story but again, very little emotion involved. Even the sex scenes in this book were lacking and normally JRW writes a good sex scene. I'm still not interested in Zcor and Layla. Oh and Layla appears to have lost her 'Chosen' accent and talks normal for most of the book.

As for the Brothers and their Shellans. They don't feature much as usual which I find annoying. There is a scene where everyone comes together and we are told of who is there but then still, a lot of people are left out of the mention especially Mary who I think gets mentioned once in this book. Qhuinn and Blay having had their story in the previous book are barely in this book.

Another problem for me was the timeline. It's apparently only been two and a half years since Dark Lover to this book? That seems odd to me. At one point, Beth is telling Wrath how when she looked after baby Nahla a year ago, it made her broody. Considering Bella was pregnant for 18 months, that doesn't seem right?

I have read a few reviews with people thinking this is the last book. Not sure how they come to that conclusion as other than Beth and Wrath's story, none of the others were resolved. I have also read JRW said she will keep writing about the BDB, if people keep buying them. I'm not sure I will. I gave in with this one because I thought it would be about Wrath and Beth and maybe involve all the Brothers and their Shellans but I was really disappointed in it. Apparently she's announcing the next book this weekend but I think this is the end of the road for me unless she writes that promised Novella about Rhage and Mary. Where is that Novella? I've heard it mentioned for a few years now but it still hasn't materialised.

UPDATE: JRW has announced today that the next book will be about the Shadows - Trez and iAm which confirms to me that this is the end of the road for me for the BDB.
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on 5 May 2014
So far I have really enjoyed reading the Brotherhood but I found the King tedious. Too much going on. Admittedly it must have been hard to write, can't be easy to keep up with so many different stories going on at the same time. Usually I read these books within two sittings or three at most. This is the longest it has taken me to read any of these books. Did not feel so enthusiastic about picking up again as I did not know which character would be next. I really don't have much else to say, apart that the cost is about £3.00 cheaper than when I preordered. The question now is "is it worth preordering"? I order two books a month on average. I am now thinking about the savings too. I have just received a couple of my other preorders and will make sure to check cost when I review and if they are cheaper, no more preorders. A couple of weeks waiting won't hurt as I have always enough reading material. Why is it always that faithful and regulars who pay the price? I know I have gone off topic but appropriate in view of the cost of this book. Not much more to say. Disappointment all round.
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on 3 May 2014
I was a bit disappointed with this book. Here we are told the story of how the Council tied and failed to over throw Wrath Blah blah blah.As usual there were many sub plots : Sola and Assail (Iiked their story a bit niffed that it did not end well. I thought a bonded male could not live without his mate?) Trez and IAm and Selena, Layla and Xcor ,Xcor and Throe ,Trez and the queen's daughter ,the executioner and Trez ,who is the father of the queen's pregnancy? All the makings of another book.

The end was so soppy it was sweet (not in a good way!)

I had a great relationship with JR Ward and with any relationship there have been ups:Dark Lover,Lover Eternal (my favourite) and downs ;Lover Enshrined ,Lover Mine and Lover at last now that it is done I feel my journey with her has come to an end. I will not be waiting with bated breath for her next book
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 September 2014
The King, the much anticipated book by J.R. Ward did not disappoint! Bringing a long-running plot to what looks like a final close, we get to witness Wrath's battle for the throne and all the emotions that go with it, as loyalties and allegiances are made, broken or reinforced. There will be times when it's impossible to put the book down as you experience the emotional turmoil faced by characters you've grown to know and love, throughout what is truly the master of all paranormal romance series.

And with three sub-plots running effortlessly alongside the main story, not to mention a trip back in time to meet Wrath's parents, fans of the Black Dagger Brotherhood can remain calm in the knowledge that Ms Ward obviously has plans to keep going. Because there are loose ends left fluttering in the wake of this book for Trez and Selena, Assail and Marisol, and of course Xcor and Layla ... not to mention the fact that of course we want to witness the birth of a new era for Wrath and the BDB. As well as be there for the bith of Layla and Quinn's young, especially when it comes to Layla's impending birth of the child she conceived with Quinn.

600+ pages will undoubtedly fly by for fans of this series. However, if you are new to BDB ... well, you need to read them all in order first so you can truly enjoy this book. And you'll be awfully glad you did.
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on 6 January 2015
This book was quite boring until about 60% of the way through then the story started coming together and became interesting and readable but some of the subplots were a bit boring and that was assail and marisols it seemed pointless especially since it seemed to want to make a point t say assaul was working with the lesseninf society selling drugs. I enjoyed wrath and beths stories and trez, iams and selinas storiesand xcor and laylas stories but there wasnt much about xcor and layla and the BoBs.

The characters were all good and the stories were hot but it was a bit boring and i was disapointed with it until it finally hooked me in at 60%. I still cant wait to read the next instaĺlment the shadows and i hope layla and xcor get a story soon and hear more of the BoBs.
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on 28 September 2014
Should of been The King plus 3, Assail/Sola, Trez/Saleena and Xcor/Layla all had a story and was left up in the air. Hope they each get a book of their own, Ooo well The King didn't.
Disappointed the only action was Assail dash to rescue Sola. Were the Lessers on holiday, well all except the one Xcor came across.
Nice to meet Wrath's parents, and learn a little of their history.
The marriage but the hilarious Lassiter saved the day, he rocks. Finally the birth of LW, had to have some trauma, but all ended well.
Not my favourite Brotherhood story, as found it a little slow to start.
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