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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2012
I adore this whole series (both the novels and the linked novellas!), but I was a little nervous about whether I'd enjoy this new book quite as much since it was a change from the pattern of the earlier books - instead of featuring a new romance, it was a continuation story for a (fabulous) earlier couple.

I was totally wrong to be nervous, though. Once I'd adjusted (which only took a chapter or so), I absolutely loved it. I would be thrilled to read many, many more Pia-and-Dragos books! This one was totally absorbing, exciting, fun, and deeply romantic - and I just love reading a paranormal romance where the fantasy elements feel truly *magical*. I can't wait for more books in this series! And I'll be re-reading this one again very soon.
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Dragos Cuelebre, Lord of the Wyrkind, has been mated to Pia Giovanni since last May. In his human form Dragos is intimidating enough, but when he shifts into his massive dragon form he is downright frightening. Well, except to Pia. Her Wyr form may not be a dragon, gryphon, harpy, or anything that would ever strike fear into her enemies, but her form is rare and would inspire awe. And no matter what form Dragos is in, Pia's human for can (and does) stand up to him.

As the book opens, Pia is en route to South Carolina. Her mission is to repair the Wyr treaty with the Elven Lord. But Pia also hopes to have a nice visit and perhaps hear some stories about her late mother. When Pia arrives she learns that Elven High Lord Calondir is not home. Beluviel, his consort, invites Pia and her Wyr bodyguards to travel with her into Lirithriel Wood, where Calondir is meeting with an emissary from Numenlaur. (Numenlaur is the Other land connected to Europe and the seat of the oldest Elven demesne in the world.)

Meanwhile back home, Dragos is overseeing the Sentinel Games. Dragos lost two of his seven sentinels in quick succession last summer. The Games will determine the seven mightiest Wyr to be in his elite group of Sentinels. The five current sentinels must also compete in order to prove themselves worthy to remain in their positions. The Sentinel Games are brutal. Much as the gladiators in an arena, the Wyr duel each other until, by the week's end, only seven remain. The battles are not to the death, but no every participant survives.

When Dragos is unable to reach Pia via dreamwalking, he must decide on whether to wait for Pia to contact him another way (and fear for her safety the entire time, or again break the Wyr/Elven treaty that she is trying so hard to repair. Once they are reunited, everyone learns that an ancient power is being used which may destroy everything. To have any chance of defeating their common for, Wyr and Elf must fight side-by-side and somehow learn to trust each other.

**** FOUR STARS! If you have not read the previous titles in the series, you will still enjoy this story. However, I urge you to read them prior to opening this book because (most of) all the previous main characters have at least a small cameo to play in this episode. Pia's Wyr form is not revealed in this tale either, so if you did not read the first book (Dragon Bound) you will remain in the dark.

My main problem with this story is how the common enemy of the Wyr and Elves is defeated. Most of the story builds up the tension as it explains the powerful device and its mighty user. After all, two armies have to unite against it and many warriors die. Yet its defeat is easy. Way too easy. Other than that, the story is awesome! For those wondering, Pia does deliver her baby in this story. But that is all I can say about it. Perhaps he will get his own story told someday. Come to think of it, I would not mind reading Quentin Caeravorn's either. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 November 2013
Don't expect a new couple to bond and fall in love in the fifth book of this series. Instead TH centres again on Dragos and Pia; the leading lovers from book 1 "Dragon Bound". Whilst Pia is trying to heal relationships with the Elves (after Dragos broke several treaties), he is dealing with the worldwide televised Sentinel Games; a competition in which Wyr battle each other for the privilege of becoming one of his seven Sentinels.

An interesting array of characters are introduced; Pia has a bunch of body guards protecting her (whom she nicknames her psychos), whilst further Wyr make a name for themselves in the Games (I hope Pegasus Alexander gets his own book soon). There is plenty going on plot wise as the prophecy that the Oracle voiced in book 4 comes into fruition, and Pia and Dragos play a large part in saving the day. My only gripe; I wish more action had been centred around the Sentinel Games. There are only a few battles described (Grym the Gargoyle's is particularly amusing) before the action moves predominantly into the Elves territory and the threat faced there.
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on 9 August 2014
This book just reinforces the relationship between Dragos and Pia. Their relationship is examplar. I have enjoyed every other book in the Elder Races series and this one is just as enticing and can't wait for the next book. Thea Harrison always manages to captivate the emotions of all the characters in the book, which in turn keeps me captivated.

I love everything about this book and if you are a fan of Thea Harrison and the paranormal genre, you will enjoy reading this one too.
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on 15 January 2013
If you've read and enjoyed Ms Harrison's work before (and if you haven't I strongly recommend you do at least read Dragonbound before trying this one) you will most definitely enjoy Lord's Fall.

I've found that many romance are littered with some of THE most stupid characters, with an inability to communicate and heroines who are stupidly stubborn simply for the sake of being stubborn.

Not here. Dragos, being your run of the mill, older than time, dragon lord, does occasionally struggle to express himself. But the effort is there. Pia is a clever, strong character who knows her own limits.

The plot is gripping and the characters have depth and likeability. I was quite sad when I got to the end of the book and had to put it down. It's gone on my definitely reread pile -with the rest of her novels.
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on 3 December 2012
I was also a little concerned a sequel never does the original any justice. Hell, this one was spot on! It picked up a few months after we last left Pia and Dragos in Dragon Bound. The plot was very well constructed with new scenes and little repetition from the original book. Plenty of new characters and existing character development. I absolutely loved the 'hate-respect' dialogue between Pia and Eva! Paving the way for more Elder Races novels. I should like to see a film of the first book.
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on 4 April 2015
I absolutely loved this book. Thea Harrison is an author that I tend to forget about, then I'll read another one of her books and I'm reminded of just how much I love her stories. She really is one of the better authors in this genre.

This particular book of the Elder Races is about vampires rather than shifters. I loved Xavier. He's your typical sophisticated yet deadly vampire. I liked Tess too and I enjoyed the general set up of the vampire household.

I really look forward to the next Elder Races book.
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on 22 January 2013
I shouldn't even mention that Dragos and Pia managed to stay my favourite couple through the whole 5 books of this series. There is just so much chemistry between them, humour and passion. Somehow I can't help but draw parallels between them and Kate Daniels with Curran - my all time favourite couple EVER.

Their pairing works, even if it's the most problematic among all the characters in the series. What with Pia keeping her heritage secret and being considered Dragos's weakness; her unusual uneasy pregnancy and her quiet ways. Wyr-folk can't figure her out, and this is the root of the problem.

This time Pia has to go on a separate journey from Dragos, who organized his Sentinel Games and has to stay and attend them while his mate tries to mend damaged relationships with Elves.

However Dragos' uneasy feeling about letting his pregnant wife go to an enemy's territory alone turns prophetic when Pia and her contingent of bodyguards get dragged into an ancient God's attempt to conquer elves demesne.

Among the treachery of dark magic, civil war and strong compulsions, Pia has to work fast on figuring out how to stay alive just until Dragos joins her for one epic final battle.

I love that the world created by Thea Harrison is multi-layered and colourful, I love that she writes a strong blend of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, and I won't hesitate to recommend her books to fans of Jeaniene Frost and Nalini Singh - two authors who write in the same mixed genre.
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on 22 January 2013
LORD'S FALL (Elder Races #5) by Thea Harrison

LORD'S FALL is the 5th instalment in Thea Harrison's Novels of the Elder Races. Thea revisits Pia and Dragos as they embark on different paths to save the Wyr.

Dragos is in need of 2 more sentinels. When Rune and Tiago left the Wyr Demesne , Dragos lost two of his best men and the remaining 5 were in desperate need of reinforcements. And with Rune's departure, Dragos lost his best friend. The Sentinel Games would determine the best replacements and further enhance the Wyr Demesne stronghold proving to the others that the Wyr are a force to be reckoned. But with his mate determined to open a path between the Wyr and the Elves, Dragos is reluctant to let his pregnant mate negotiate the uneasy truce. There is a rumor that a once powerful group of Elves is journeying at the same time.

Pia's journey will net a few surprises including a lack of negotiations with the Elven High Lord Calondir, and a new-found friendship and relationship with her very proud and outspoken guardian Eva. Pia's true Wyr identity will come into question on several occasions when her powers are required throughout their visit to the Elven stronghold. The Elven consort Beluviel recognized Pia immediately when it was disclosed that Beluviel and Pia's mother were once friends a long time ago. Eva will witness Pia's abilities first hand but with that information, Eva has sworn to keep secret what she knows about Lord Dragos's mate.

I had almost forgotten about Pia's ½ human ½ Wyr DNA, so much so that I had to check Dragon Bound for a refresher on Elder Race species and mates. It is understandable why Pia and Dragos do not want Pia's true identity revealed especially when she may be the last of her kind. The powers that come naturally to Pia would be prized by the Wyr in every Demesne.

Eva is a feisty wolf-shifter whose attitude towards PIa is blatantly aggressive as well as caustic and rude. But Pia knows, as Dragos's mate, she has more power than most, and it is her handling of Eva's acerbic rhetoric and sarcastic put-downs that force Eva to look at the dragon's mate with respect and a renewed purpose. Why fight amongst yourself when there is an impending war with a more dangerous enemy.

The attack against the Elves, by an ancient and unknown power will place everyone in danger, and force an already unwelcome Dragos to cross into enemy territory to rescue his wife.. Dragos only option in order to save his mate and the lives of the Elves, is to call in his warriors to fight a battle against an ancient power that had long been thought destroyed.

I enjoyed the connection between Pia and Dragos. With their power to communicate telepathically as well as Dragos ability to unite with Pia in dream sleep revealed a man who truly loved his mate. His need as well as his love for Pia is never questioned, and their sexual chemistry together is `hawt'.

The aftermath of the battle is difficult We are aware that an ancient power is responsible for the actions of most of the Elves, but to know that the damage to one's friend and one's family will only increase when the power is finally removed, does not make Dragos's only recourse any less daunting or easier to accept. And with that pronouncement, the already forced alliance between the Elves and the Wyr, will fracture a little more.

LORD'S FALL is an exciting and wonderful storyline that brought several of the Wyr back together including an uneasy meeting between Dragos and a former friend. Thea's ability to draw the reader into the storyline with her detailed scenarios and thought worthy script, had me thinking about what ifs and what for. Lord's Fall is a sensual journey into the world of the Wyr.

see all of my reviews at : thereadingcafe(dot) com
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on 5 January 2013
I resisted buying this simply because it was a continuation of a previous couple, rather than a new couple's story. What a nerkin I was!
It was an excellent read - funny in places, deeply romantic, lovely characters, great magic elements. There were a few weak points, which is why I didn't give it 5 stars: the war being resolved so 'easily' didn't really work for me. After spending pages and pages building the danger up, to have it sorted out by Draco just whispering and wheedling seemed trite somehow. I also didn't really like the 'future' dream sequences with 'Peanut/Liam', although I loved Draco's response to them.
Overall a great read, but first time readers will have to at least read the first novel in the series 'Dragon Bound' to get a grip on who the characters are. Mind you, the whole series is fab, including the novellas, so just read all of them!
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