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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Devil May Cry (The Dark-Hunter World)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 November 2014
Sherrilyn Kenyon does it again with another fantastic book in her Dark Hunter series. I loved this story in particular as it revealed a number of relationships between some of the series' most prolific characters, including Katra's true parentage.

The two main characters, Kat and Sun are strong and vividly painted, with a past that has defined them. And for the first time, SK introduces a little Sumerian mythology into the mix, bringing a host of new gods and demons to help keep the series fresh. It definitely works. This book was one of the most enjoyable in the series so far.
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on 18 July 2017
As always this is amazing. I love the dark hunter books and this is the third time I have read this. In fact I just recently started them all again. I hope sherrilyn keeps writing about the dark hunters.
Thank you for taking me into a world of action, excitement and alpha men :)
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on 21 May 2017
I thoughrally enjoyed reading Sin + Kat's story for the umpteenth time . Think I need to read the dream God one before I get stuck into Acheron again. Phew. Xxxxx
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on 19 August 2007
A Reader - I applaud your review, it's very informative and I cannot really add much to it, except that as an avid fan of this series, this book was truly needed as I found the Dream Hunter and Dark Side of the Moon lacking in some aspects, and as a fan of Acheron, this book finally answers some serious questions!

I have always been fond of Katra, and was relieved to find that Sherri wrote her story and gave her the heroine role. Sin is a troubled ex sumerian god whos powers have been taken away by the incorrigle Artemis (who I can't help but love - sorry!), but we learn more about Artemis and Acheron's past (oh yes... very interesting) and we see more of Apollymi in this book too which I loved.

This book is a fan's book. In other words, don't just read this if you have never picked up a Dark Hunter book before, you won't have a clue what is going on! I only emphasise how good this series is, and I recommend it to anyone so please start from the beginning. You can find the reading order at: [...]

Bedroom acrobats was also slightly toned down in this book, which worked well as the story itself was a real focal point, and I think it was needed.

Acheron is just too adorable in this book and you fall in love with him all over again. Any Simi fans out there? You will see her without Ash in most of this book, looks like he's letting her spread her wings a little more, with the help of her Sister Xirena.

Sin is a wonderful male lead, he finds it hard to trust and like all the other Dark Hunters, has a troubled past but him and Katra fit well together and the sarcasm worked in her role as she does have god powers and so I found them rather funny instead of tacky and lacking in character, as she has the muscle to back it up,(Unlike Susan did in Dark Side of the Moon).

We meet new demons in this book, and we also meet the wonderful Dream Hunter trio and...... HADES! 'squeeeellll', (I know, I'm a kid, can't help it) The only person missing in this book who I wanted to read more about and see where he was at was Nick, but he is finally going to get his own story anyway so I guess it's no biggy.

Acheron's book is out 2008, so if a midnight queue opportunity arises, I'll be there!

This is a Fantastic book, still reeling over it, so in that case it gets a worthy 5 stars!
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on 12 August 2007
I have been a big fan of the Dark Hunter books since discovering Night Pleasures. Devil May Cry introduces a new hero, Sin and matches him with Kat who appeared in a couple of the earlier books. Kat is a good feisty heroine although as an immortal, her powers help get them out of a lot of tight corners. Sin is a fun lead but not a stand out like some earlier ones, he is bit too "nice" allround with not the depth that, for example, Zarek or Vane had. There was less of the humour that I found in some earlier books and some readers may find the throw away sarcastic remarks that the playes say, usually in the midst of a fight, a bit annoying. There are a host of new characters, some which will have their own book like Xpher.
More is learned about Ash and his family, which I am not so sure is a good thing as one of the things I love about Ash is his mysterious past. His book is due out in 2008.
All in all, a good read that moves things along but not a standout.
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on 18 August 2007
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series of books has been extremely successful and has now stretched to this, the twelfth instalment. However for me this wasn't a very satisfying story taken on its own and is probably one for long-time fans of the series rather than new readers.

The Dark Hunter series brings together various ancient gods (Greek gods and, in this story, the gods of ancient Sumer too) who fight amongst themselves. There are also various demon and other creatures that cause mayhem and the Dark Hunters' role is to protect humanity.

This story focuses far more on the supernatural element. We meet Sin, one of the ancient Sumerian gods, who has been carrying out a one-man mission to prevent global annihilation for thousands of years. He holds a huge grudge against the goddess Artemis who stripped him of his powers. However when Artemis sends her daughter, Katra, to kill Sin she discovers the work that he is doing to save humanity and joins him in it. Of course Sin isn't aware of who she is initially and even when he finds out she's the daughter of Artemis there are more secrets that she holds from him, things that he might not be able to handle.

There are a lot of secrets in this story. The secret of Kat's existence, unknown to her father Acheron, is one; there are many other things revealed as the book progresses but the most notable thing about this book is the enormous cast of characters and different gods, demons, races. For someone who hasn't read all the other stories there was far too much going on in this story and the backstory was lamentably thin. As the story continued there were more and more supernatural beings added to the mix with their apparently limitless powers and it became extremely difficult to follow the underlying story, that of Kat and Sin. Our hero and heroine were slightly disappointing in that their characters didn't really develop beyond an attraction to each other and I didn't feel particularly sympathetic to them.

Of course when the big secret is unveiled, the one that could separate them forever... it was rather a damp squib. Their mission to save the world is important but they seemed to get sidetracked periodically - including by the bedroom - and the momentum of the plot was rather jerky. Fight scenes are over quickly, people are able to flash from place to place instantly and the gods powers seem to always encompass just what they need to get out of a particular situation. Overall this was a very disappointing book and the cast list was far too wide for someone who hasn't kept up with the series to understand what's going on.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book, [...] © Helen Hancox 2007
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 August 2007
Sin may be on the Dark-Hunter payroll but he certainly isn't part of the DH brotherhood. An ancient Sumerian God of fertility and the moon, his powers were drained and absorbed by everyone's favourite Goddess Artemis 3000 years ago and he has since spent countless centuries plotting his revenge against her.

Katra Agrotera, handmaiden to Artemis, has been "asked" by the goddess to kill Sin after he steals an artefact capable of draining a God's powers. Tracking him to Las Vegas, Kat is left disgusted when she finds him chopping off heads and burning bodies; unaware he battles the previously unheard of Gallu demons. Sin in turn believes Kat to be none other than Artemis herself and so knocks her unconscious and restrains her; determined to force her to return his powers as without them he stands little chance of averting an imminent Armageddon.

I did have reservations concerning this book after receiving its early previews and discovering Sin would be matched to Kat; an immortal who has appeared in several earlier DH books. I always assumed she would end up with the wonderful Acheron; however SK certainly clears up my completely incorrect interpretation of their relationship as well as expanding on those between Kat and Artemis and also the Destroyer herself; Apollymi. The new setting of Las Vegas is definitely Sin's City as he takes on new enemies the Gallu demons (very much like vampires who can infect humans with a single bite) and battles to avert the impending release of the seven demon sisters; the Dimme. It appears even the Pantheons will not survive let alone humankind if they break free of their eternal prison.

"Devil May Cry" is definitely on par with earlier books in this series such as "Night Embrace", "Seize the Night" and "Dance with the Devil". The dialogue is witty and the plot line incredibly fast paced; moving from one battle to another, with brief but passionate bedroom stops as Kat and Sin's relationship deepens. We are also introduced to further great characters including Xypher (a resurrected Skoti demon,) a fellow Skotos Kytara (a friend of Kats), Damien, (Sin's Apollite casino manager) and Khish (a somewhat immortal human). I now eagerly await the release of "Upon on Midnight Clear" (due for pub. Oct 07); a book to feature the first Dream Hunter heroine, and there will be two further DH novels released in 2008. The first is the story of Xypher, a Skoti demon who reminded me heavily of Zarek (before he met Astrid) and the second will be Acheron's story (finally!). I'm now going to have to reread (again) the previous DH books as SK introduces Acheron's destined match in one of them. Now who could she be......?
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on 1 September 2011
This is one of the best book iv ever read and a simple must read and carry on through the series til you have read them all including the inside guide just look for:
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This is the twelfth book in the series and features the ex Sumarian God Sin and and Artemis' handmaiden Katra (Kat). I loved the fact that this book explains a lot about not just Kat but Acheron and Artemis' relationship as well. It fills in a lot of the blanks and also confirms the suspicions I had over a lot of points. This book also introduces a new enemy which I assume will feature in future books, a Gallu demon named Kessar. This book wasn't my favourite so far but it certainly wasn't my least favourite and I am still a Dark Hunter fan but I hope that the series veers back towards the Dark Hunters soon. I would agree with other reviews I have read in that if you haven't read the previous books then this one probably wouldn't make all that much sense to you so I would definitely advise to read the others first. I really do like Kat's character and we have seen her pop into a couple of other books so far so she quite rightly deserved her own story. Sin sounds absolutely 'sinful', the description of him and his twin brother left my mouth watering! A fresh new twist on the stories with the introduction of the Gallu demons and I look forward to reading the next book.

It took me quite a while to get around to discovering this series as when you look up Sherrilyn Kenyon on Amazon and these books in list order it actually shows Dragonswan as being the first book (but it's not) and Dragonswan is never ever available to buy! As a girl who likes to read all books in a series and most definitely the first one in a series, thinking that I couldn't get the first book did actually stop me starting the series. I have only just discovered that the first book is actually Fantasy Lover, read this and have now proceeded to order the rest of the series:) Sherrilyn has now joined the ranks on Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole on my favourite authors list and I can't wait to read the next one.
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on 10 October 2007
With Sin, the Sumarian ex-god, I got introduced to a whole new pantheon with its own evil lurking to spread their menace on Earth. There is betrayal, torture, pain and in the end thoughts of revenge but Sin meets his match in the form of Katra. They are both linked to the world of the gods and the goddesses which creates equal grounds for them to play on and this gives interesting moments! Together they tell a well paced tale where passion burns, action thrives and the evil guys just gotten a bit more evil, destructive and harder to kill.

In this installment of the dark-hunter series it mainly focuses on the pantheon related characters, this gives the readers a large dose of tortured ego's, stripping of powers and punishment, planned revenge and intrigues. Although this change of venue was entertaining to read I longed for the dark-hunters and wondered if they were going to make an appearance. True, that secrets are revealed that filled pages with heartwarming dialogue, a romance that sparkled with their energy and evolves into a bond of strength and passion with some kick ass moments in fighting off the evil creatures. The enemies have some serious plans going on in the come-back department that kept me intrigued whether they would succeed with Kessar at the lead.

This novel eat-breaths and hums with the flair of Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing and with that makes it a pleasure to read. For me it feels though as if this is a novel in service of the series connecting and explaining things. Which isn't a bad thing as questions, in time, need to be answered but after all the dream and were-hunter violence we've had I longed for those hunters that set this series on fire. The story gives us the pantheons with its gods and goddesses, we're brought deeper into their world, their intriguing behavior as they are always on the prowl for more power and seek domination but in the end it's human feelings that win the day. Sin and Katra are incredible together between all the drama going on and then the cast of secondary characters like: Ash, Damien, Zakar, Xypher, Simi and her sister Xirena each add their own voice to it within the end the heifer goddess still remaining the heifer goddess.

With Devil may cry Sherrilyn Kenyon has written a novel where events no longer remain in the dark, she definitely sets the stage for Ash's books. We get to see a glimpse of his history and torture but also his relationship with Artemis is highlighted here and there. When the last pages were read I truly felt that this story had to be told, for this series is heading in new directions. In the last chapter, when two people meet, I know the things to come are going to be diabolical and this wets my appetite! Overall I enjoyed the read but a shadow was cast for I longed to read a true dark-hunter novel and that craving wasn't fulfilled, it was too much pantheon oriented. So a duality in feelings torment me as I close the book, series wise I truly enjoyed the book but as a novel I missed the whole selling-my-soul-for-one-act-of-revenge and the path to regaining freedom.

3,5 realm stars
Courtesy of Realms on our Bookshelves
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